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{{Template:Userboxtop|BluDude15|right|bordercolor = blue
{{Template:Userboxtop|BluDude15|right|bordercolor = blue
|backgroundcolor = black
|backgroundcolor = black
|textcolor = blue}}{{Template:Userbox:500Edits}}{{Template:Userbox:age|17}}{{Template:Userbox:PS3}}{{Template:Userbox:Rockstar games}}{{Template:Userbox:GTA}}{{Template:Userbox:GTAIV}}{{Userbox|border-c=green|border-s=2|id-c=#000|id-s=14|id-fc=#030|info-c=#CFC|info-fc=#030|id=[[Image:V.png|55px]]|info=This user can't wait to play [[Grand Theft Auto V]].}}{{Template:Userbox:Niko}}{{Template:Userbox:Deal}}{{Template:Userbox:M4}}{{Template:Userbox:LRR}}{{Template:Userbox:Lost MC}}{{Template:Userbox:Chrome}}{{Template:Userbox:8}}{{Template:Userbox:USA}}{{Template:Userbox:Atheist}}
|textcolor = blue}}{{Template:Userbox:500Edits}}{{Template:Userbox:age|17}}{{Template:Userbox:PS3}}{{Template:Userbox:Rockstar games}}{{Template:Userbox:GTA}}{{Template:Userbox:GTAIV}}{{Template:Userbox:Niko}}{{Template:Userbox:Deal}}{{Template:Userbox:M4}}{{Template:Userbox:LRR}}{{Template:Userbox:Lost MC}}{{Template:Userbox:Chrome}}{{Template:Userbox:8}}{{Template:Userbox:USA}}{{Template:Userbox:Atheist}}

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