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  • I live in San Fierro, San Andreas
  • I was born on February 25
  • My occupation is a gamer
  • I am a Boomer
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==GTA Experience==
'''This user has been banned from editing the GTA Wiki.'''</div>
I am Boomer 8. I play GTA IV,TBOGT,TLAD and GTA San Andreas. I mainly play the GTA IV era but I also play GTA SA as well. I have at least finished GTA IV 14 times (I've lost count!),TBOGT 5 times, TLAD 3 times, and SA only once! I started playing GTA five years ago when I was nine. My older brother couldn't pass a mission in GTA IV so I gave it a shot. I made it pass the mission and ever since then I have been hooked on GTA.
[[File:Skylift-TBOGT-front.jpg|thumb|262px]]I mainly play GTA IV and I have gotten many unobtainable vehicles and I am a master glitcher. I once thought the skylift was unobtainable but I finally got it. It is HUGE! And very rewarding, like a trophy. It is bragging rights to people who know anything about GTA. If you have any questions about glitches in GTA IV leave me a message on my talk page and I'll get back to you.{{Clr}}
'''I LOVE GTA !!!'''
== Friends ==
*[[User:Mikey_Klebbitz|Mikey Klebbitz]]
*[[User:Ilan xd|Ilan xd]]
*[[User:Tony 4-2-8-1-9-9-8|Tony 4-2-8-1-9-9-8]]
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