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June 27, 2013
  • I live in NJ
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Hi, my name is Justin. I am most interested in trivia entries. I dislike people who abuse their advantages. I also dislike passive-agressive people, and I'm slightly passive-agressive as well. If you don't like me, just say it, you're not fooling me. But anyways, I have played RDR, GTA IV, Midnightclub: Los Angelos (Complete Edition), GTA V. I live on the East Coast, I feel that GTAO prices for ammunition is outrageous, I'm an car enthusiast, and I'm looking forward to what Rockstar is throwing at us next. I'm always looking for feedback and constructive criticism. Many thanks!

My favorite pages

Rating on the games I played (R* relevant)


10/10 Very expanded and fun for a game of its time.


5/10 Wasn't really fond of the game.


8/10 Great with friends.


9/10 Great childhood game.

      Midnightclub 3: Dub Remix

10/10 ohmygodthisgamewastheshit


      Midnightclub: Los Angeles

6/10 Low expectations are required to reach full enjoyment of the game.

      GTA IV

8/10 First GTA I got my hands on. Grey like England, but fun like drunk people.

     GTA V

5/10 You raised my expectations, and fail to meet my standards.


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