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Major Characters

Tommy Vercetti

Tommy Vercetti (September 11, 1955 - ) is one of two protagonists in the series Grand Theft Auto: The Untold Stories. In the series, and also in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Tommy has a personal goal to rise to the top.

His softer side is also shown frequently, one continuity error noted by even the creator himself, as the Tommy we all know and love from GTA: VC is a ruthless, no-mercy "Bad-Ass" (NickName Copyright 1986 Circa Mitch Baker), who has no "softer side".

Tommy is first seen en-route to The Hyman Condo. The owner, Mickey Willows, is selling it for $14,000. After purchasing it, Tommy is assigned a task by Mickey and Jimmy Lincoln: Get all of the Checkpoints in the DirtRing at The Hyman Condo. Tommy is then respected by both men after doing this.

However, all does not go smoothly, as Tommy is nearly killed by some Haitians. Tommy then goes to San Andreas, after learning Giorgio Forelli is after him. Several things happen, including another attempt on Tommy's life, also, this time, putting Kendl Johnson in danger. Brian Johnson is killed as well. On top of that, Carl Johnson is kidnapped, the rescue attempt resulting in the deaths of Frank, and also Tommy's dear friend, Mitch Baker. Forelli also escapes, adding insult to injury. Carl was also tortured, and loses consciousness from his wounds, and Jimmy is seriously wounded with a shot to the neck.

Carl Johnson

Carl Johnson (September 11, 1955 - ) is one of two protagonists in the series Grand Theft Auto: The Untold Stories. In the series, and also in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Carl has a personal goal of protecting those closest to him, no matter what he must endure.

Carl is first seen working for Mickey Willows in Liberty City. He is tasked with locating Jimmy Lincoln in Vice City, and also finds out for Mickey that Tommy Vercetti is buying The Hyman Condo, also in Vice.

However, Sean Johnson calls Carl and tells him that there's trouble with The Ballas back home, in San Andreas. Carl takes a plane back, meanwhile warning Tommy Vercetti, who is revealed to be Carl's best friend, that Giorgio Forelli is coming to kill him. Tommy then also heads to San Andreas.

But, all does not go smoothly. Brian Johnson is killed by the Ballas AND/OR Vagos, on orders from Giorgio. Carl gets revenge by obliterating a Safehouse owned by the Ballas and Vagos, in Ocean Docks, Los Santos. Forelli is then revealed to be the man Antagonist, and had caused Brian's death.

Tommy is now being targeted, but another warning from Carl saves his life. Tommy is nearly killed, along with Kendl Johnson, Carl's sister, whom, unbeknownst to Carl, is in the midst of a Romantic Relationship with Tommy.

Carl, eventually, is kidnapped by Giorgio. The Rescue Operation is successful, but that never stopped it from coming at a high price. Frank, An Innocent Mid-30's San Andreas Taxi Driver who, by mere chance, is pulled into the events of the day, when flagged down by Tommy and a wounded Jimmy, and who decides to help with the Rescue, is killed, by being shot in the head, killing him instantly. Mitch Baker, Tommy's dear friend, is also killed, much to Tommy's dismay, who presumably feels at fault for not protecting both men. Jimmy Lincoln is now in Critical Condition, as he has been shot in the Neck, and Carl collapses from his wounds, which were caused by Giorgio Forelli's Torture, attempting to get Carl to tell him where Tommy is. Giorgio also decides Carl won't talk, so he chooses to silence him. Carl is saved in the nick of time. Just To Add Insult To Injury, AND/OR Injury To Insult, Giorgio Makes A Successful Escape From The Clutches Of Sean, Carl, And Tommy.

Mickey Willows

Mikita "Mickey" Willows is a brainiac in GTA: TUS who has made some very advanced technology in the 80's, such as being able to find the Heat Signature or DNA of a specific person, or to scan the DNA of a select group of people. These are useful in:

  • VC - SA Series, Season 1, Episode 1: Storyline. Mickey has Carl Johnson scan the DNA of everyone with a GPS directing them to The Hyman Condo. This is how he finds out Tommy Vercetti is in Vice City.
  • VC - SA Series, Season 1, Episode 2: Giorgio And Salvatore. Mickey looks on his Laptop to find Tommy Vercetti's DNA/Heat Signature.

Mickey is first seen getting off a plane in Vice City. He calls Carl Johnson in Liberty City, and asks him to do three things:

  • Turn On Surveillance Of Downtown Vice City.
  • Locate Jimmy Lincoln.
  • Scan The DNA Of Everyone Who Is Going To The Hyman Condo.

Afterwards, when it's realized Tommy Vercetti is in town, Mickey and Jimmy Lincoln make a challenge for Tommy. When Tommy completes that challenge successfully, they have more trust in Tommy.

After Vercetti is nearly killed, Mickey gives Tommy a Maverick with Jimmy as Co-Pilot. However, all does not go well as Tommy and Lincoln must switch to a Skimmer that Mickey finds, after the tail of the Maverick is blown right off with a Missile.

Mickey has yet to be seen again.

Mikita, Mickey's actual name, was a detail originally in the series, but was scrapped. He is of Russian descent, but has no accent. It will not likely be mentioned in the series.

Kendl Johnson

Kendl Johnson (born August 13, 1960) is a fictional character in the Grand Theft Auto series. In San Andreas, she takes the role of Carl Johnson's sister. She continues this role in Grand Theft Auto: The Untold Stories, although she is also the apparent love interest of Tommy Vercetti.

Kendl was first introduced chronologically as an infant, briefly shown in one episode of Season 1 of the London, 1961 - London, 1969 series. She was occasionally shown older each time, although she did not appear frequently until she was 8, when the other Johnson siblings except Brian would pick on her. She always ran away to an old playground in Idlewood, where the 13-year old Tommy Vercetti found her, having been asked to by Carl. Although he was good friends with Carl, he had never actually seen Kendl since she was 4. He convinced her to come down from the jungle gym, and sit with him on the swings. She talked to him about it, and she eventually kissed him on the cheek, despite the fact that he was 5 years older than her. When Tommy left later that year, she wanted to say goodbye but he had already left before she was even awake.

After Tommy was arrested and put in prison, he kept in touch with Kendl, and she also visited him once under the guise of visiting a girlfriend in Liberty City. This time he was 26 and she was 21, and they kissed, more passionately. They fell in love and remained fond of eachother.

When Tommy returned in 1986, Kendl was glad he was back and she asked him to drive her to a motel, because she didn't feel safe in Ganton. On the way, she confessed she liked him, but Tommy initially brushed her off, saying that Carl would feel betrayed. However, Tommy eventually gave in and kissed her passionately while at the motel. More would've maybe happened had Ballas not attacked the motel and almost killed them. He escaped with her, only for Carl to have been kidnapped. After this, Tommy left after Carl and Kendl was left at home with her mother.

Other Main Characters

  • Jimmy Lincoln
  • Sean Johnson
  • Brian Johnson
  • Giorgio Forelli
  • Mitch Baker

Minor Characters

  • Frank
  • Kent Paul
  • Salvatore Leone
  • Lance Wilson
  • Melvin Harris

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