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This is a list of all the Deaths in the GTA: TUS Series. This includes deaths from episodes that take place before the ones made, but have not been written yet.

NOTE: The list for episodes that have not been made will almost certainly have additions, once those episodes are made, due to the fact that most of those deaths occur in one episode per season. These are just deaths that ARE definitely going to happen.

Death List

Pre-GTA Series

Season I

Deceased Description Killer Episode
Leon Johnson May not have died. Off-Screen. Stormed out on his family when his second child was born. If he did die, it was likely by suicide, or he was murdered in a Gang-Related Incident, as he was a cop. Unknown Birth Of The Legends (Presumably)

Season II

Deceased Description Killer Episode
Robert Waldow Innocent Civillian. Accidentally killed during a Gang War in Liberty City by Jake Laird. Jake Laird Gang Bang
Jake Laird Killed by a Police Officer while escaping from the scene of the murder of Robert Waldow. Riley McRooney Gang Bang
Riley McRooney Shot clean through the head by Enrique Holio for killing Jake Laird. Enrique Holio Gang Bang
Liles Orvall Killed by Enrique Holio during Gang War. Enemy of Enrique Holio, Christopher Kalli, Jake Laird, and Mick Joppel. Enrique Holio Gang Bang
Christopher Kalli Killed by Officer Miles Popliski during a Gang War. Miles Popliski Gang Bang
Mick Joppel Another Gang Member killed by Miles Popliski suring Gang War. Enrique Holio then in turn shot Popliski multiple times in the chest, however Popliski ultimately survived, at least he wasn't killed instantly. Miles Popliski Gang Bang
Enrique Holio Had his guard down while shooting Miles Popliski. Gunned down ferociously by Hippie Longbord, Usher Pompom, and Khol Unabunga with Tommy Guns. All three then got into a car and started driving off. Hippie Longbord, Usher Pompom, And Khol Unabunga Gang Bang
Hippie Longbord Killed when Miles Popliski threw a Grenade into the car he and two other men were in, making the car explode. Miles Popliski Gang Bang
Khol Unabunga Killed rather by the grenade in the car he was driving exploding, than by the car exploding seconds afterwards. Miles Popliski Gang Bang
Miles Popliski Eventually died from his gunshot wounds from Enrique Holio, who was killed just after shooting Miles. Enrique Holio (Posthumously) Gang Bang
Usher Pompom Died from severe burns, runs away from car wreck on fire all over, then, just after Miles Popliski dies, falls down into some bushes, dead. Miles Popliski (Posthumously) Gang Bang
Lana Starkwood Suicide by hanging. Robert Waldow's girlfriend, who was distraught over Robert's death, hung herself in her apartment. Lana Starkwood Mad World

London: 1961 - London: 1969 Series

Season I

Deceased Description Killer Episode
24/7 Clerk Just after Ilene Vercetti bought some groceries, and then stepped outside the 24/7, and Markus Devon stepped up to the counter, some other gangbangers drove by, gunning for Markus. The clerk was killed first, having been shot in multiple places in the head, first clean through the head, then clean through the eye, then a bunch of times everywhere else in his head. Keith Loll What The Hell Happened?
Jamie Loll Keith's brother. He was doing some shooting, but only managed to hit Markus in the shoulder. Markus shot at him and killed him, by shooting him in the heart. Markus Devon What The Hell Happened?
Ilene Vercetti Shot in the chest multiple times by Keith after Markus killed Jamie, as an act of revenge against Markus, and an attempt to frame him for murder. Markus came by her side and tried to help her, but she died after. Keith Loll What The Hell Happened?
Jackson Richards Car crash. Was driving too fast. Died instantly along with Harold Loll, who was Keith and Jamie's father, and leader of the gang they were in. A stroke of luck by Jack Vercetti to end up killing them, as Keith killed his wife (he did not know it yet, of course), who was driving to pick up Ilene, also taking a prostitute home, and ended up smashing into the other car, as it swerved in front of him. Since it was Jackson who cut in front of Jack, he is at fault. Jackson Richards What The Hell Happened?
Josephine Prostitute who Jack was driving home. Jack was not cheating on Ilene, but Josephine was standing in the rain, and Jack was nice enough to offer her a ride. When he checked on her, she said "Thanks for driving me...", blew Jack a kiss, then died. Tommy Vercetti, unfortunately, was in the car when this happened. Jackson Richards What The Hell Happened?
Harold Loll Gunshot wound to the side of the head. Keith was leaving the wreck of the car, when his father begged him not to leave him there. He managed to turn his head to the left, where, right then, Keith pulled out his Desert Eagle and shot him in the side of the face 5 times. Keith Loll What The Hell Happened?
Keith Loll After the crash, Tommy noticed his mom, crying "Mommy's lying down and some man's helping her up! Mommy! Mommy!" Jack gasped out an "Oh- Oh my god, Ilene!" and ran out to see her. Markus then told him what happened, then saw Keith. Jack went after Keith, who shot him in the shoulder with his Desert Eagle, and appeared to shoot Markus in the head (later revealed to be a window behind him), before Jack beat the shit out of him, and strangled Keith, ultimately snapping his neck. Jack Vercetti What The Hell Happened?
Markus Devon Sniped. Was in his car, leaving the Vercetti's house after having some tea there, when a Sniper Bullet came through the car window, hitting him in the neck, and killing him instantly. Killed by Jamie Loll's best friend, who, ironically, is Madd Dogg's father. Rich Dogg That's One Insanely Rich Dogg

London: 1969 - Vice City Stories Series

Season II

Deceased Description Killer Episode
Jack Vercetti Accidentally killed when he was mistaken for Tommy Vercetti. Ironically, Jack was killed by a Tommy Gun, and died at Tommy's side. Jimbo Sindacco Nightmare
Klide Klivin Shot clean through the head, and out the left eye, by Tommy Vercetti as Klide drove off from the scene of Jack Vercett's murder, causing the vehicle he was driving to crash into a pole. Tommy Vercetti Nightmare
Jole "Sissy" Siccy Died due to being crushed in the car crash. Died instantaneously. Tommy Vercetti Nightmare
Numeri Padrino Last person killed by Tommy Vercetti, shot right in the head. He made an attempt to escape. Meanwhile, Jimbo Sindacco escaped, unharmed. Tommy Vercetti Nightmare
Jimbo Sindacco Sonny Forelli tracked him down, and sent Tommy to do the deed. Tommy shot him in the back of the head. Tommy Vercetti Right To Remain Silent
10 Men Killed by Tommy Vercetti after they shot at him, in retaliation for Jimbo's death. All 10 By Tommy Vercetti Right To Remain Silent

Season VII

Deceased Description Killer Episode
MoFos (Number Unspecified) Off-Screen. Number presumed to be in the hundreds, or even in-between 1,000 and 2,000. Eradicated by Grove Street. After doing this, CJ decides to lay low in Liberty City for a while. GSF, Mainly Sweet, CJ, and Brian Johnson Off Da MoFoIng Walls

Vice City - San Andreas Series

Season I

Deceased Description Killer Episode
Protective Squad Member #1 Sniped in a Maverick, falling right out of the helicopter. Haitian Storyline (Pilot Of Entire GTA: TUS Series)
4 Haitians Shot by Protective Squad Member #2, who was then killed right after. Protective Squad Member #2 Storyline
Protective Squad Member #2 Head blown clean off by Haitian. Haitian Storyline
Haitian Leader, And Unspecified Number Of Other Haitians Killed in explosion, when forces sent from Fort Baxter shot missiles at the bridge they were on. Hunter #1 Pilot, And Hunter #2 Pilot Storyline
Pilot Revealed to be shot in the heart. Haitian (Posthumously) Storyline
Unspecified Number Of Passengers Plane crash. Witnessed by Carl, and it looks like the plane he parachuted out of. Likely cause was nobody closing the door of the plane after CJ jumped out. N/A Giorgio And Salvatore
2 Vagos And 2 Ballas Killed by Carl Johnson for mortally wounding (and eventually killing) Brian Johnson. All 4 By Carl Johnson Giorgio And Salvatore
Biker #1 Shot by Giorgio Forelli after refusing to tell him where Tommy Vercetti was. These details were not revealed in the episode. Giorgio Forelli Giorgio And Salvatore
Biker #2 Chest blown out with a Combat Shotgun. One of Giorgio's men pulled the trigger. Also not revealed in the episode. Giorgio's Lieutenant Giorgio And Salavtore
Biker #3 Managed to shoot Giorgio in the shoulder, however that did nothing as Giorgio then blew his head off with a Desert Eagle at Point-Blank Range, Execution Style. Not revealed in episode. Giorgio Forelli Giorgio And Salvatore
Brian Johnson Succumbed to his gunshot wounds. Vagos AND/OR Ballas (Posthumously) Giorgio And Salvatore
Pilot Shot by Micheal Lombard, an Insanely Depressed man who had lost his wife. Details not revealed in Series. Micheal Lombard 3 Planes
Co-Pilot Also shot by Micheal Lombard. Micheal Lombard 3 Planes
Micheal Lombard Shot himself, due to depression. Micheal Lombard 3 Planes
Unspecified Number Of Vagos And Ballas Carl Johnson and Kent Paul completely blew the building they were in to nothing, with a Hydra. CJ And Kent Paul 3 Planes
Unspecified Number Of Passengers Killed in explosion of the plane Mitch Baker and James Landon were in, just after landing. Mitch and James escaped, James was later revealed in the next episode to have suffered severe injuries. Micheal Lombard (Presumably) (Posthumously) 3 Planes
Liam Shot by a Ballas Sniper at The Jefferson Motel. Balla 3 Planes
Roy Brutally killed by Balla Members. Tommy Vercetti witnessed this. Multiple Ballas 3 Planes
12 Ballas Killed by Tommy Vercetti with a Grenade. All 12 By Tommy Vercetti 3 Planes
Balla Shot by Tommy Vercetti. Tommy Vercetti 3 Planes
4 Ballas Initially thought to by five, all shot by Tommy. The fifth one, however, was only wounded. All 4 By Tommy Vercetti 3 Planes
Mike One of Giorgio Forelli's men. Shot in the face by Giorgio after not finding Carl Johnson or Tommy Vercetti, in a fit of rage. Giorgio Forelli 3 Planes
Rhino Tank #24 Driver Killed when an Arch fell on the Tank, crushing it. Rhino Tank #23 Gunner (Accidentally) Torture, Pain, And A Rescue
Rhino Tank #24 Gunner Also killed when the Tank was crushed. Rhino Tank #23 Gunner (Accidentally) Torture, Pain, And A Rescue
Forelli Guard Snapped Neck. Killed by Tommy Vercetti when he came up to the Roof of the Forelli Safehouse. Was then pushed off into a Trash Dumpster. Tommy Vercetti Torture, Pain, And A Rescue
Patrolling Guard #1 Shot by Jimmy Lincoln. Jimmy Lincoln Torture, Pain, And A Rescue
Patrolling Guards #2 And #3 Both simultaneously shot by Tommy Vercetti. Tommy Vercetti Torture, Pain, And A Rescue
Patrolling Guard #4 Mitch Baker and Frank both shot him in the back of the head once. Mitch Baker And Frank Torture, Pain, And A Rescue
5 Forelli Commanders Shot by Tommy, Jimmy, Mitch, and Frank. 2 By Tommy Vercetti, 1 By Jimmy, 1 By Mitch, 1 By Frank Torture Pain, And A Rescue
Frank Shot clean through the head. Innocent San Andreas Taxi Driver who was unwittingly pulled in to The Day's Events in Episode 3: 3 Planes, and then decided to help out in The Rescue Attemt Of Carl Johnson. The Last 2 Forelli Commanders did this a split second before being killed themselves. Frank's body was then shot up many more times. 2 Forelli Commanders Torture, Pain, And A Rescue
2 Forelli Commanders Tommy, Mitch, and Jimmy killed them brutally, as an act of retribution for Frank's death at their hands. Tommy Vercetti, Jimmy Lincoln, And Mitch Baker Torture, Pain, And A Rescue
Mitch Baker Shot multiple times. As he went up some stairs, he was mortally wounded with over 10 bullets. As he coughs up blood, Tommy pictures his father, who died the exact same way. Mitch attempted to defend Tommy, in a final act of defiance, but then was riddled with bullets by Giorgio's men, killing him instantly. 7 Forelli Soldiers Torture, Pain, And A Rescue
7 Forelli Soldiers Killed by Tommy Vercetti with a grenade, avenging the death of Mitch Baker. All 7 By Tommy Vercetti Torture, Pain, And A Rescue
GSF Member Shot by one of the Forelli Enforcers after busting into a room with a bunch of other GSF Members. Forelli Enforcer Torture, Pain, And A Rescue
5 Forelli Enforcers After Carl smashes a chair over Giorgio Forelli's head, all 5 of these men prepare to execute him. However, at the last second, the walls explode, and GSF Members, including Sweet, Ryder, and Big Smoke, come in and shoot them all dead. Carl collapses from the pain of his wounds, gained from Giorgio Forelli torturing him. Giorgio, meanwhile, narrowly escapes having the fate of being killed or captured. GSF Members, Sweet, Ryder, And Big Smoke Torture, Pain, And A Rescue
7 Forelli Guards Killed by Tommy Vercetti, although they manage to shoot Jimmy Lincoln in the neck, leaving him in Critical Condition. Tommy Vercetti Torture, Pain, And A Rescue

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