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March 12, 2012
  • I live in Suwanee, GA
  • I was born on January 3
  • My occupation is Voice Acting and building Lego people from TV shows and movies.
  • I am 1st Male 5 Three Stooges voices impersonator, Cat Lover, Voice Actor on any TV/Youtube shows (Family Guy, Cartoon Network shows like The Amazing World of Gumball, Teen Titans Go and PMG Network)
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{{Template:Quote|I told you to stop acting like a ass, but you didn't listen to me and now, you got yourself into some deep shit and I ain't helping you to get you outta there, you are on your own buddy, I'm out!|Cloudkit01}}
==My Userpage==
Hello everyone I'm Cloudkit01 also known as HHPMWBH. I'm a Patroller and a Chat Moderator here, I'm also an dispatcher and an informal-imformant to the GTA Wiki Staff here because it is my job to report the staff about the users being as vandals, sockpuppeterys, copycats, have unacceptable username, and editing false information. If there's something wrong, report it to me and I'll report it to the [[Administrator|administrators]].
==User Friends and Allias==
*[[User:Ilan xd|Ilan]] - A good friend and administrator
*[[User:Mikey Klebbitz|Mikey]] - A awesome friend
*[[User:Istalo|Italo]] - A good friend who is also a patroller from Brazil
*[[User:LS11sVaultBoy|LS11]] - A awesome British friend
*[[User:McJeff|Jeff]] - A good friend and bureaucrat
*[[User:Jeansowaty2|Jean]] - A user who always makes mods, I should ask him to help me to make one of them one day.
*[[User:IW-33|IW]] - A user who also lives in the same state as I do, and also knows about cars.
==Character Info==
{{Template:Infobox character
|name = Cloudkit01
|image = Cloudkit01-StaffAvatar.png
|size = 200px
|aka = Hi Hi Puffy Moe Watterson Bosco Howard/JF<br>Bosco<br>HHPMWBH16<br>JF<br>Moe<br>Cloud
|games = [[Grand Theft Auto III]]<br>[[Grand Theft Auto: Vice City]]<br>[[Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas]]<br>[[Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories]]<br>[[Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories]]<br>[[Grand Theft Auto IV]]<br>[[Grand Theft Auto: The Lost and Damned]]<br>[[Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony]] and<br>[[Grand Theft Auto V]] (not yet) except<br>[[Grand Theft Auto 1]]<br>[[Grand Theft Auto: London 1969]]<br>[[Grand Theft Auto: London 1961]]<br>[[Grand Theft Auto II]]<br>[[Grand Theft Auto: Advance]] and<br>[[Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars]]
|pob = Long Island, New York
|home = Suwanee, Georgia
|gender = M
|dob = January 3, [[1996]]
|nationality = [[America]]<br>half [[France|French]], half [[Italy|Italian]], and half Swedish
|status = Still Alive
|vehicles = [[Uranus|1980s Ford Mustang]], [[9F|Audi R8 Spyder]] (not yet), [[Cognoscenti Coupe|Bentley Continental GT]] (not yet), [[Declasse SUV|Chevrolet Suburban]] (not yet}, [[Veyron-inspired Supercar|Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport]] (not yet), [[Vapid Interceptor|Ford Taurus Police Interceptor]] (not yet), [[Vapid Fleet Sedan| 1992-97 Ford Crown Victoria]] (not yet), [[Vapid muscle car|Ford Mustang]], (not yet), [[Unnamed Truck|2009 Ford F-150]] (not yet), [[Huntley Sport|2006-present Range Rover Sport]]
|voice = Himself}}
{{Userboxtop|Cloudkit01||left = Cloudkit01}}
{{Userbox:music|"Blow" and "Waste"}}
{{Userbox:Xbox 360}}
{{Userbox |border-c=#333399|border-s=1|id-c=#333399|id-s=12|id-fc=#000|info-c=#333366|info-s=9|info-fc=#fff|id=[[Image:Untitled621.jpg|60px]]|info='''This user wants to make his own myths'''}}
{{Userbox:Internet Explorer}}
{{Userbox|border-c=blue|border-s=1|id-c=blue|id-s=12 |id-fc=blue|info-c=blue|info-s=9|info-fc=white|id=[[Image:Italia.jpg|60px]]|info='''This user is proud to half Italian'''}}
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{{Userbox:GTA V}}
{{Userbox|border-c=Grey|info-c=Grey|info-fc=#fff|id=[[File:Silver.jpg|120px]]|info=This user has earned a silver badge for doing 1000 edits.}}
{{Userbox:Johnny K.}}
{{Userbox |border-c=green|border-s=2|id-c=#000|id-s=14|id-fc=#030|info-c=#CFC|info-fc=#030|id=[[Image:V.png|55px]]|info=This user can't wait to play [[Grand Theft Auto V]].}}
{{Userbox|border-c=blue|border-s=1|id-c=blue|id-s=12|id-fc=red|info-c=red|info-s=10|info-fc=white|id=[[File:French_flag.jpg|60px]]|info='''This user is proud to be half French'''}}
{{Userbox|#00FFFF|#00FFFF|[[File:TheAmazingWorldofGumball.png|80px]]|This user is a bit fan of '''The Amazing World of Gumball'''}}
==Projects that I'm doing==
I'm adding characters from TV shows as [[Modifications|mods]] on [[Grand Theft Auto III]] and [[Grand Theft Auto: Vice City]] on [[Personal Computer|PC]] such as the characters from [ The Amazing World of Gumball].
<gallery spacing="large" orientation="none">
Nicole_Skin.png|My [[Modifications|mod]] of [ Nicole Watterson] [[Skins|skin]] for [[Grand Theft Auto: Vice City]].
*<strike>Become a Patroller</strike>
*<strike>Get 2500 edits</strike>
*<strike>Become a Chat Moderator</strike>
*Putting some voice actor's names on the character's infobox
*Become a Administrator
*Become a Bureaucrat
*Get 5000 edits
*Divine (GTA 1 )
*Claude (III)
*Niko Bellic
*Johnny Klebitz (TLAD)
*Mike (A)
*Carl Johnson
*Huang Lee
===Non Playerable Characters===
*Maria Latore (III)
*Umberto Robina (VCS)
*Phil Cassidy (VC)
*Catalina (III and SA)
*Mrs. Chonks
*Mary Jo Cassidy
*Denise Robinson
*Sweet Johnson
*Candy Suxxx (VC)
*The Truth
*Miguel (LCS)
*Wade Heston
*Gerald McReary
*Alberto Robina (VC)
*Chan Jaoming
*Louise Cassidy-Williams
*Billy Grey
*El Burro (III)
*Ashley Butler (TLAD)
*Elizabeta Torres (IV and TLAD)
*Gracie Ancelotti (IV)
*Jason Michaels (TLAD)
*Kiki Jenkins
===Songs and Music===
*The Warrior
*Come Back and Stay
*I Ran (So Far Away)
*Bump To The Music
*Get Down
*(Keep Feeling) Fascination
*Easy Lover
*She's On Fire
*In The Air Tonight
*Into Something (C'mon Get Down)
*Crockett's Theme
*Low Rider
*Dark March
*Togheter In Electric Dreams
===People and Gangs===
*Female Beachgoers
*Mystique to appear in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.
*Pedestrians dresses like Moe Howard, Larry Fine, Curly Howard, Joe Besser, Shemp Howard, and Joe DeRita from The Three Stooges.
*Female Police Officers
*Hippie Clothes for Carl Johnson
*Catalina, Beta Misty, Beta Maria Latore, Phil Cassidy, Candy Suxxx, Toni, Mike, Carl Johnson, Sweet Johnson, The Truth, Denise Robinson, Mary Beth Maybell, Catalina, Miguel, Mary Jo Cassidy, Mystique, Umberto Robina, Louise Cassidy-Williams, Niko Bellic, Lola Del Rio, Johnny Klebitz, Ashley Butler, Chan Jaoming, Huang Lee, and Tracy should go to prison.
*Mary-Beth Maybell to appear in Grand Theft Auto: San Anderas.
*Female Protagonists
*Toni (VC) the DJ to appear in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.
*El Burro (III) to appear in Grand Theft Auto III with no tattoos and different appearances like full of hair, clean shaven and wearing the same clothes from the artwork.
*Women's prison to appear in every game.
*Prostitutes to be as a playable character in single player from Grand Theft Auto III to Grand Theft Auto: The Lost and Damned.
*Louise Cassidy-Williams as a playable character in mutilplayer in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.
*Lola De Rio to appear in Grand Theft Auto IV.
*Female Prisoners
*Umberto Robina as a protagonist in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.
*Barbara Schternvart will arresting her boyfriend Carl Johnson.
*Actors and actresses from every TV and cartoon shows to do some voices of characters for Grand Theft Auto V.
*The Truth, without the beard and moustache is going to be arrested by the FBI, SWAT team, police officers, military, army, and Vice Sqaud and will be taken to the federal prison as 19 years old.
*Catalina is going to be arrested in the beginning of Grand Theft Auto III.
*Phil Cassidy as a protagonist in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.
*Sweet Johnson is going to be seen getting arrested in the mission The Green Sabre.
*Candy Suxxx wearing a different color swimsuit.
*Phil Cassidy going to be arrested in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.
*Players marrying female strippers and prostitutes.
*Catalina being placed in the upstate prison in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.
*Umberto Robina is going to be arrested in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.
===Multiplayer Characters===
*Dee Generate
*Pearl Neklass
*Lucy Lastic
*Rick O"Shea
*Jenny Tulls
*Anne Job
*Robin Banks
*Martha Fokker
*Tess Tinkle
*Fay Slift
*Umberto Robina (VCS)
*Toni (VC)
*Mary-Beth Maybell
*Amy Sheckenhausen
*Michaela Carapadis
===Beta Vehicles===
*School Bus
*Coach (IV)
*Unnamed Bike
*Dodo (IV)
*Beamer (III)
*Diablo Infernus
*Shark (III)
*Unnamed Car
*Deaddodo (LCS)
*Legend 566
*Dyablo (III)
*Army Helicopter
*Enforcer (VCS)
*Cyclone GT
*Buffalo (IV)
*Lancer MF1
*Police (VCS)
*Coastguard Maverick
*Impreza WRX
*Airtrain (SA)
*Beta Releases
===Mentioned Characters===
*FBI Washington (VCS)
*Super Drop Diamond
*Gang Rancher
*Polaris V8
*Infernus (III, LCS, and IV)
*Enforcer (LCS and VCS)
*Leone Sentinel
*Angel (VC, LCS, and VCS)
*Sutan RS
*Hoods Rumpo XL (III and LCS)
*BF Injection (III, VC, SA, LCS, and VCS)
*FBI Cruiser
*Slamvan (SA)
*Diablo Stallion (III and LCS)
*Love Fist Limo
*Sabre Turbo (VC and VCS)
*PCJ 600 (LCS and VCS)
*FIB Buffalo
*Mafia Sentinel
*Sindacco Argento
*V8 Ghost
*Mesa Grande (VC and VCS))
*Stinger (III and LCS)
*VCPD Wintergreen
*Stretch (III, VC, SA, LCS, VCS, and IV)
*Deaddodo (III and VC)
*Speeder (III, VC, LCS, VCS)
*Hellenbach GT
*Deluxo (VC and VCS)
*MR Roadster
*Gang Burrito (VC)
*Sentiel XS (VCS)
*Police Bike
*Buffalo (SA and TBoGT
*Ghost (III and LCS)
*Super Diamond
*Forelli Exsess
*Stretch E
*VCPD Cheetah (VCS)
*Phobos VT
*Squalo (VC, SA, and VCS)
*Cuban Hermes (VC and VCS)
*Bati 800 Custom (TLAD)
*Landstalker (III and VCS)
*Ambulance (LCS and VCS)
*Sultan RS
*Sentinel (VCS)
*Bickle 76
*Schafter (TBoGT)
*Comet (VC and VCS)
*Dodo (SA)
*Yakuza Stinger (III and LCS)
*Banshee (III, SA, LCS, and IV)
*Police Buffalo
*Sentiel (IV)
*Uranus (SA)
*Deimos SP
*Hotring Racer (VC and SA)
*Skimmer (VCS)
*Barracks OL (III, VC, SA, LCS, and VCS)
*Huntley Sport
*Monster Truck (SA)
*Cartel Cruiser (III and LCS)
*Sultan (IV)
*FBI Car (III)
*Prison Uniform
*Gold Watch
*Black Tanktop
*Olive Khakis
*Fingerless Gloves
*Black Leather Pants
*Letterman Jacket
*Black Jeans
*Black and Blue Ski Mask
*Olive Shorts
*Gold Crowex
*Blue suit with black shirt
*Orange Jumpsuit
*Zip Gold Watch
*Black The Lost Jacket with patches
*Dark Blue Sweatpants
*Gold Chain
*Biker Boots
*Gold Dogtag
*Black Leather Jacket
*Olive Cargo Pants
*The Lost Jacket with patches
*Black Slacks
*Blue Skully
*Dark Blue Khakis
*Black Biker Boots
*Gold Cuban
*Olive Pants
*Button Down Black Dress Shirt
*Fingerless Gloves
*Dark Blue Rag
*Olive Chinos
*Blue Jumpsuit
*Dark Blue Shorts
*Black Ski Jacket
*Olive Fatigues
*Blue Sneakers
*Dark Blue Chonglers
*Ski Mask
*Blue Khakis
*Black Moccasins
*Dark Blue Chinos
*Black and Blue The Lost Jacket with better patches
*Dark Blue Cargo Pants
*Black Loafers
*Dark Blue Golf Jacket
*Dollarsign Necklace
*Black Khakis
*Dark Blue Ski Jacket
*Navy Spyde Track Top
*Black Chinos
*Dark Blue Leather Pants
*Skate Shoes
*Dark Blue Top
*Blue Tracksuit
*Green Golf Jacket
*Dark Blue Slacks
*Purple Rag
*Black Boxer
*Dark Blue Pants
*Black Biker Jacket
*Black Ski Mask
*Gimp Suit
*Olive Cargo Shorts
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