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Brave New World is a new video game series which should be released instead
Brave New World Logo

The logo that should be used for the new game (not GTA5)

or after GTA 5. It has nothing to do with Aldous Huxley's book or any other media with the same name. It is a combination of many games and game series, mainly: GTA series, Final Fantasy series, SR (Saints Row), Driver series, NFS, Worms, STH (Sonic the Hedgehog series) etc. It should be made by fans of those games and series. Here can everybody add suggestions. For example, suggestions for new games in the series will be added in the "Games of the series" section.

You should help me while i'm making a plot.

If you don't like the name of the new game (series), you can suggest new name(s) for that game (series) in the next section.

New or Beta Names

Last Fiction

Games of the series

  • BNW: Western State
  • BNW: Spiaggia City
  • BNW: New Liberty City
  • BNW: Anykind City
  • BNW: Allpocalypse Later
  • BNW: The Wuppertalers
  • BNW: Last Fiction


  • BNW: Planetary races
  • BNW: Planetary combat



Earth #2442

Cities and villages

  • Anykind City - a totally fictional city with many themes and styles like: Egyptian, Baroque, Gothic, Grunge, Retro etc.
  • Dealess
  • Donkeywood

Countryside, deserts and forests

  • Kindiak Park




Countryside, deserts and forests

  • Great Sandy Desert
  • Sahara/Kalahari


Sonic the Hedgehog

He arrived at Earth #2442 in the dimension #65 through a video while he was searching for his mods for GTA:SA. While he was searching for his friends, he learned a new move in the sky: The Horizontal Blade.

Boggy B

The famous worm from the Worms series. Near the end of every game (storyline), he would co-operate with Sonic so he doesn't have to beat up the bad guys alone.

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