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May 1, 2013
  • I live in Vinewood, Los Santos, San Andreas
  • I was born on April 5
  • My occupation is Army Gamer, Pirate, Dog Trainer, Martial Artist,
  • I am Alpha Male

Hello Wikia, you may wonder because of my username, but its actualy a codename, that I used once in a military game. Anyways, I'm a "military enthusiast" and im also interested in Weapons, cars, and of course, humor. I like to write on diffrent wikias (even tought I have only 2 on this profile, another one I lost a long time ago), and I like to share interests with pepole. I specifically like GTA because of its freedom, its being who you wanna be, and what do you want to do (even if its totally funny, mad, crazy, or surreal).I live in Serbia, a country somewhere in South-Eastern Europe, its pretty similar to Russia, just its smaller, and has 2 Alphabets (or whatever you call it). I really am a fan of humor, another thing why I like GTA, and I think thats another thing it has that other games dont. Im a Vintage gamer, I play older games that arent HD but are 3D, which include alot of war games, some simulators, car racing games and sci-fi. Im stictly a PC gamer, because I find it difficult to go around with a Joypad (or keyboard only) soo, if it dosent work with a mouse, I dont work with it. I am looking forward to join the military one day, but till that day, i'll keep preparing myself and playing games. My father had half of his left arm lost in war before my birth, soo I've learned to live with it, and I feel sorry forh im because he cant use an arm.

And thats the end of the story, atleast for thoose who didnt skip the whole story till the bottom of the page.

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