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Dimitri Rascalov, Jr. is the son that Dimitri Rascalov and Niko Bellic's ex-girlfriend Michelle had prior to meeting Niko. He is 15 years old, since they had him a few years prior to Grand Theft Auto IV. starting.


Dimitri and Michelle had Dimitri, Jr. when they first met on Hove Beach in the 1990's. He was a nice boy, but at 10 years of age, he got ahold of an AK-47, and wounded Mikhail Faustin badly. Dimitri and Michelle had no choice but to send him to military academy, since DJ did this on purpose (Mikhail had disiplined him earlier that day, and DJ got revenge)

Released from Military Academy


Dimitri, Jr. was released from military academy after the mission A Revenger's Tragedy. He was angry when he found out Niko killed his father and dated his mother, so he got his revenge. On October 5th, 2008, he found Niko talking to Little Jacob about Roman Bellic's sad fate. He brung out not his AK-47, but his RPG! He shot the house up, killing Niko AND Jacob! Feeling he got his revenge, Dimitri, Jr. ran to Michelle's house, but not before being killed by the cops! Michelle missed her son so much. She was running to see his dead body, but then she got accidently ran over by Patrick McReary. At the funeral of Michelle and Dimitri, Jr., the only person that attended was U.L Paper...


Dimitri, Jr.'s fate in the Revenge ending is similar to the Deal ending's events. He found Niko and Jacob not in the Algonquin Safehouse, but in Jacob's Homebrew Cafe. He misplaced his RPG, so he had to bring his knife (Dimitri took away his AK-47 when he was 10). He started stabbing Niko, but Jacob and Roman provided backup and shot Dimitri, Jr. with THEIR AK-47's. At DJ's funeral, Michelle, Jacob, Roman, and U.L Paper attended. Niko feels bad for Michelle, so he started hanging out with her again.

2 Years Later: Niko Bellic, Jr.!


Despite his age, DJ looks more like an adult than a teen.


You do realize this is a work of fiction. Dimitri, Jr. does not exist, and why wouls Michelle date Niko if she "had" Dimitri? GTA IV has 2 different endings, and dependimg on what you "choose" the stuff above will happen (if Dimitri, Jr. DID exist). This category refers to Fan Fiction

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