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Niko Bellic, Jr. is the son of Niko Bellic and Michelle.


In the Revenge ending, Niko felt bad for Michelle since her son with Dimitri Rascalov died. Michelle forgives him, and they start hanging out again. On March 9, 2010, Michelle tells Niko she's pregnant, and Michelle, Niko, Roman, and Little Jacob rush to the hospital, where NJ is born. He is currently alive, and lives with Niko and Michelle (their house is unknown, since it could be one of Niko's 4, or Michelle's).


  • NJ is born only in the Revenge ending. Dimitri Rascalov, Jr. killed Niko and Patrick McReary accidently ran over Michelle in the Deal ending.
  • He and Dimitri, Jr. are half-brothers, as well as NJ being Kate Bellic's cousin. (Their child turned out to be a girl)

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