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The Big Boom Theory is the biggest mission in Grand Theft Auto IV. You will have to kill every member of the Rascalov, Faustin, and Pegorino family. Assisting you are Johnny Klebitz from The Lost and Damned, and Luis Fernando Lopez from The Ballad of Gay Tony.


You get a call from Roman Bellic saying he has seen Dimitri and Jimmy hanging out at Honkers in Tudor, Alderney. He says Niko should kill them, but not by himself. Roman has Mohammed drop off Johnny Klebitz and Luis Fernando Lopez so they can assist Niko. Niko then has Mohammed drop the 3 of them off at Honkers, so he does. Niko, Johnny, and Luis find Dimitri and Jimmy inside, so they pull out their guns. Dimitri and Jimmy quickly run out and call the Rascalov family for backup. You will have to kill every family member. Niko steals a Huntley Sport from a person, and you drive to Star Junction, where Dimitri and Jimmy are hiding now. Jimmy calls the rest of the Faustin family to kill the 3. Now you will have to wipe the entire Faustin family out. Jimmy tricks the 3 to coming to South Bohan, where he calls the Pegorino family to fight them. Kill all the Pegorino family members, then drive to Dukes, where Dimitri calls 911, and has the LCPD kill the 3.Shoot all 7 cop cars (which have 4 cops in each). Then go to Hove Beach, where the NOOSE and FIB will attempt to kill you. After that, the 2 find out they have no more backup, so they quickly take an Esperanto to the Francis International Airport. You will get a 5-star wanted level for entering FIA. Chase Dimitri and Jimmy until they reach the end of the runway. Niko will execute them with an AK-47. After that, Niko calls Roman, and Roman is happy they can now make money freeley. And the game ends there.


In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Go to Honkers where Dimitri and Jimmy are hiding.
  • Kill all members of the Rascalov family.
  • Go to Star Junction.
  • Kill all members of the Faustin family.
  • Go kill Dimitri and Jimmy at South Bohan.
  • Kill the Pegorino family.
  • Follow the 2 to Dukes.
  • Kill the cops.
  • Go to Hove Beach.
  • There are too many cops. Kill all of them.
  • Lose the cops.
  • Follow Dimitri and Jimmy.
  • Go into the airport.
  • Follow Rascalov and Pegorino.
  • Kill Rascalov and Pegorino.


  • Rascalov Family
  • Faustin Family
  • Pegorino Family
  • LCPD
  • FIB
  • Dimitri Rascalov
  • Jimmy Pegorino

All of these people are killed.


  • This is called "The Big Boom Theory" because of the constant explosions happening. It is also a play on "the big bang theory".

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