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Viktor Rascalov is Dimitri Rascalov's brother who came to live in Liberty City in 2008 (Revenge ending only)


Viktor has never loved his brother. They had a huge sibling rivalry. One night Mr. and Mrs. Rascalov walked in on them shooting eachother with pistols. Mr. Rascalov was angry at them finding his pistols in his drawer, and Mrs. Rascalov was angry that the blood was staining their clothes. The father threw Viktor and Dimitri out the house. The two were forced to live outside. Dimitri then met Mikhail Faustin, and he went to live with him. Viktor was angry Dimitri didn't take him with him.

Revenge events

Many years later, Viktor went to Liberty City to get revenge on his brother. He passed the Platypus, and he went snooping aboard it. He then saw Dimitri's dead body lying on the floor. Viktor was happy about this, so he left. Viktor currently resides in an apartment in The Meat Quarter.

Deal events

Viktor was murdered one night by an unknown person, and couldn't make the trip to Liberty City.


  • Viktor is a Russian name, but unlike Dimitri's, it's spelled correctly.

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