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December 27, 2012
  • I live in Malaysia
  • I was born on March 27
  • My occupation is WarCraft 3 Mapmaker
  • I am Male, of course!

I am a fan of GTA San Andreas and C&C Reloaded. I really enjoyed GTA San Andreas and C&C: Reloaded, the mix of Yuri's Revenge and Firestorm.


I am one of the Shadowy Commanders of the Shadowy Legion. I am the creator of the upcoming Ultracraft series (a bunch of Warcraft 3 custom maps). One day, Kane the Shadowy Messiah will take revenge on the GSF busta and GDI idiots and we will take over the Ultracraft Multiverse! (Muhahaha!)

Directive255's Favorite Things

Favorite Characters in any games, including my upcoming Ultracraft series:

  1. Kane the Shadowy Messiah (GTA: San AndreasC&C: Tiberian Sun, C&C: Reloaded and my upcoming Ultracraft series)
  2. Carl Johnson (GTA: San Andreas, well, I can't stop liking him because of his behavior, quotes, etc.) (PS: This doesn't means that I'm a tratior to the Shadowy Legion)
  3. Lieutenant Tarnell (GTA: San Andreas and my upcoming Ultracraft series, also a GSF gangster)
  4. Anton Slavik (Tiberian Sun, C&C Reloaded and my upcoming Ultracraft series)
  5. CABAL, the Nod battle support AI (His voice is more beautiful compared to the GSF Lieutenant Tarnell, I put him below Tarnell because he's also a traitor to the Shadowy Legion)

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