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Alpha Security is a private security firm operating in San Andreas in 2013. As a small company it is not yet listed on BAWSAQ despite being a successful business. Despite its smaller size and range of operation Alpha Security competes with Gruppe 6 and has even taken clients from its larger rival. 


Alpha Security provides a variety of security packages to its clients. The most common is the onsite and property protection package in which armed guards will patrol the client's premises with both night and day shifts as required. If requested guards will also patrol in marked cars and patrol the property with guard dogs. The firm also offers a full range of security technology and products from security cameras to advanced locks and advanced alarm systems. An Armed First Response package is also offered in which an Alpha Security response team will be dispatched should a pre-determined codephrase not be recieved within a time limit. 

A cash collection and armoured transport package is also offered to larger clients. Armed security guards will be dispatched in a Securicar to collect large sums of money for secure transport. This package is popular with banks and wealthy clients. FLEECA is a contract client using this package to service its banks in the Los Santos area. A special VIP package is offered to wealthy or famous clients. If requested the other two packages are bundled into this VIP package to form a multi layered blanket of security. Armed bodyguards equipped with body armour will be deployed to accompany the client as requested, a complex security system will be installed in all selected premises and full perimeter and internal patrols of selected premises will be carried out. 

In addition to these packages Alpha Security can also be hired on an 'as needed' basis to provide security for conferences, public events or political rallies. The firm does not descriminate and takes private, commerical and industrial security contracts from any interested law abiding client. After the collapse of Merryweather Security the firm, and several others, took on clients who had previously held contracts with the defunct Merryweather firm.


Cleared by the US Government to operate military grade weaponry Alpha Security is able to deploy a range of advanced weapons for its higher level contracts. Company policy states that all personnel in the field have ample means to protect themselves and carry out their duties meaning that there are three standard issue sidearms.

Service Vehicles

Alpha Security uses the following vehicles to carry out its operations. The firm operates both marked and unmarked vehicles as required;

  • Declasse Premier (Patrol & Response)
  • Dundreary Landstalker (Patrol, Response & VIP Escort)
  • Vapid Stanier (VIP Escort)
  • Brute Securicar (Armoured Transport)
  • Mammoth Patriot (Armoured Transport Escort)

Anchor Clients

The following are the most significant contract clients of Alpha Security;


  • Alpha Security is a user created business set to appear in the original fan-fictions "Episodes From San Andreas: Brotherhood Reborn" by Enigma24. It is entirely fictional and non-canon, it exists solely for the purpose of the fan-fiction and does not constitue content found in-game.

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