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Angus Martin is a central character in the original fan-fiction "Chronicles of The Lost: New Beginnings" by Enigma24. He is the President of the The Lost MC which, after the events of GTA V, has relocated to Waylon.

Events following GTA V

As of 2013 Angus has regained the ability to walk and ride his motorcycle, thanks to radical surgery and months of intensive physical therapy. He was still recovering when Johnny led what remained of The Lost MC to San Andreas so was forced to remain behind in Alderney City

Upon hearing of the deaths of JohnnyTerry and Clay he gathered three club members who had stayed behind to support him and rode to San Andreas. The now mobile and active Angus has sworn a blood oath of vengeance on Trevor Philips and has devoted all his energy to rebuilding his club from the shards that remain.

Role in "Chronicles of The Lost: New Beginnings"

After riding across the country, from Alderney to San Andreas, with three patched members at his back Angus has settled in the small city of Waylon. An emergency vote sees him replace his old friend Johnny Klebitz as President of The Lost Motorcycle Club. Angus makes two initial moves; calling for any members of the now defunct Blaine County chapter who survived Trevor Phillips' rampage to gather in Waylon and the sanctioning of a new three-piece patch to lead the shattered club in a bold new direction.

As President of his club the now mobile Angus institutes a ruthless recruitment strategy to draw only the best into the fold. The prospecting period is cut down to six months to secure members for the club but prospects are ruthlessly tested and forced to commit acts of serious crime early on. Angus has made it very clear he will not tolerate any rats, traitors or back-stabbers and sees that every prospect is scrutinized very heavily.

Angus has sworn to rebuild his club and under his leadership The Lost will rise again! 

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