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Interior of the Golden Seal (additional seating not in shot)

The Golden Seal is a sports bar located in WaylonSan Andreas. Located at the seedier end of Waylon's waterfront district it is a favourite of the city's less reputable denizens and has seen an unusually high number of brawls.

It offers all the ammenities one would expect from a sports bar offering; PoolDarts and Air Hockey. It also frequently hosts impromptu Arm Wrestling and Hi-Lo competitions which occasionally end in violence as the loser disputes his loss. 

It is a favourite hang out of Devils Chosen MC who took a liking to the bar after setting up in Waylon. Club members and prospects can often be seen drinking in the bar and motorcycles parked out front have become a familiar sight. The Golden Seal is also popular with unaffiliated bikers who visit to drink with members of the Devils Chosen. The owner and staff are on good terms with the outlaws who patron their bar meaning that it has been spared a 'take over'.

Known Employees

Stocked Beverages

Beers (on tap and in bottles or cans)

Spirits (bottles only)



  • The Golden Seal is a user created bar set to appear in the original piece of fan-fiction "Episodes From San Andreas: Brotherhood Reborn" by Enigma24. The bar itself is entirely fictional and in no way constitutes in-game content, it is made up entirely for the fan-fiction. All credit for the above image goes to Rockstar Games, the image has been used for illustration purposes.

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