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Below is a list of locations set to appear in Brotherhood Reborn. Some existing locations from current Rockstar Games titles will be featured in altered forms during the course of the storyline but in their altered and original forms these locations remain the sole property of Rockstar Games. In an effort to expand the state of San Andreas I have created new locations to add depth to the storyline.

These new locations exist solely for the purposes of the fan-fiction and should not be considered as canon content by any means. They have been created to create a more immersive and expanded feel to the plot.



Baxter is a tiny unincorporated community located sixteen miles south of Waylon on the coast. It is home to a population that is so small that it has been deemed of such insignificance as to be left off Census counts. It's only noteworthy feature is Route 65 which passes through it with the community serving as little more than a a highway rest stop. It remains largely undeveloped with only the most basic amenities to cater to the needs of travelers on the highway. It is home to a solitary Globe Oil filling station and scattered low-income housing making it one of the smallest communities in the state. It is irregularly patrolled by the Waylon County Sheriff's Department who, like the residents of the larger communities to the north and south, consider it of little importance. Baxter is based on the unincorporated community of Notley's Landing, California.

Cape Catfish

Original: Cape Catfish

Cape Catfish is one of northern San Andreas' proudest bragging points. Located five miles south of Waylon on the coast it is nationally famous for its spectacular Pacific Ocean views and its easy-going nature. It has an extremely low crime rate making it one of the safest towns in the state thanks in a large part to the highly dedicated Cape Catfish Police Department that tirelessly protects the town's 5,736 permanent residents. Prominent landmarks in town include the El Gordo Lighthouse and a Native American pueblo. It has gained a national reputation as a leisure and recreation community hosting a marina and a seaside campground. Notable businesses in town include a RON filling station, a Checkout! supermarket, a Bean Machine coffeehouse and the famous Cape Motel. it is loosely based on Carmel, California.


Original: Procopio Beach

Procopio is a tiny unincorporated community located fifteen and a half miles north of Paleto Bay in Paleto County near the county border with neighbouring Waylon County. It is patrolled by the Paleto County Sheriff's Department on a semi-regular basis but is generally regarded as a community of little importance in the greater scheme of things. Aside from scattered rural housing the only feature of any importance in the community if the Procopio Truck Stop which serves as a stop-off point for long haul truckers. Farming and logging make up the community's biggest sources of income with most of its residents involved in either. With a population of just fifty it has been downgraded by the state to a minor locality. It is loosely based on the unincorporated community of Harmony, California.

Evergreen State Park

Evergreen State Park is a protected wilderness area and wildlife reserve located five miles southwest of Waylon. As its name suggests it is a state park protected as a pristine state wilderness area policed by the San Andreas Park Rangers. It incorporates a total of five hundred and thirty acres of woodland centered around the three hundred and fifty two foot Evergreen Peak. The park features hiking trails, picnic areas and the carefully monitored Evergreen Peak Campground for the enjoyment of visitors.

It is home to a diverse range of wildlife including squirrels, deer, wild pigs, cougars, hawk, brown bear and a wide variety of bird species. An old brown bear has been blamed for the disappearance of two hikers but Rangers believe something more sinister is to blame. A strict hunting and fire ban has been enforced throughout the park with uniformed Rangers regularly patrolling the area. The park is home to a well-known and beloved brown bear by the name of "Old Brownie" who has become a local icon. Passionate locals have defend the aging brown bear from aggravated individuals who blame him for the disappearance of two hikers. Evergreen State Park is based on Jack's Peak Park.



Original: Hampton Barns

Hampton is a small unincorporated community in Red County with a population of 3,061. It is located on the coast fifty four miles north of Los Santos serviced by Route 65. The state road and rail routes passing through the town play an important part in local life with many residents taking advantage of the passing traffic to make a living. It hosts a small number of local businesses including Earl's Gas Station, Bargain Mart and the Coyote Diner. The only non-local business is a GoPostal freight depot near the railway line on the edge of town. Prominent locations in Hampton include the small Hampton Elementary School, Hampton Water Gardens and Hampton Community Church. It continues to exist as a very small town characterized by ranch-style houses and a small-town community attitude. It is policed by the Red County Sheriff's Department and is serviced by the Red County Fire Department which operates a a small station in town. It is classified as a town and is loosely based on Somis, California.


Hamlin is a small unincorporated community in Waylon County with a population of 3,036. It is located twenty seven miles northeast of Waylon near the county's northern border. Despite its small size it is classified as a town and remains fiercely independent. It is one of the state's safest communities with a complete absence of gang crime and serious crime. It does not have emergency services of its own instead relying on a larger town to the north to provide law enforcement and fire services. It is a patrol and response area under the jurisdiction of the Waylon County Sheriff's Department and the Waylon County Fire Department. It remains largely uninfluenced by the affairs of its larger neighbours hosting a number of small local businesses such as Pizza Palace, Burnscott Propane, Johnny's Gas Station, Johnson Autos, Crispies Chicken and Food Mart. Prominent locations include Hamlin Elementary School and Hamlin Gospel Church. It is loosely based on Las Lomas, California.


Original: Montgomery

Montgomery is a large town in Red County with a population of 65,722. It is located fifty two miles to the northwest of Los Santos near the Red County/Los Santos County border. It is in the process of being reclassified as a city which has become a matter of great pride for its residents. It is policed by the Montgomery Police Department which, like numerous other police departments in the state, uses a similar black and white livery to the Los Santos Police Department. It is served by the Montgomery Herald which remains fiercely independent of the Daily Globe to the immense civic pride of residents. As a growing town Montgomery hosts a wide array of national and regional businesses with a thriving business world. Prominent businesses operating in Montgomery include Globe Oil, Xero, 24/7, You Tool, Bean Machine, Up-n-Atom Burger and Lombank. Places of interest include St. Luke's Hospital which was formerly known as the Crippen Memorial Hospital before being renamed in honour of Saint Luke and a Sprunk production plant. Despite its mostly law-abiding population Montgomery has fallen prey to the gang crime of nearby Los Santos. A police gangwatch report lists a small number of local gangs operating in the area including the Varrios Bravos hispanic street gang, a chapter of the Devils Chosen MC and the Aryan Sons-affiliate White Knights white supremacist gang. Local police monitor these groups closely to ensure the safety of the public. It provides emergency services to the nearby unincorporated community of Hampton on a civil contract level. It is loosely based on the city of Camarillo, California



Original: Dillimore

Dillimore is a city in Los Santos County with a population of 155,631. It is located seventy miles north of Los Santos separated from its famous neighbour by the massive Santos National Forest. It is policed by the highly dedicated and vigilant Dillimore Police Department which employs the black and white colour scheme common across the state. It is was previously listed as one of the largest cities in the state but has since fallen behind faster growing cities to north and south. The city hosts a thriving business world featuring most national chains as well as smaller local and regional businesses giving it a reputation as a business hub. It is heavily influenced by the gang crime of Los Santos with police listing a number of active gangs including; two Mexican street gangs known as the 83rd Street Rifa and the Los Guerreros, a Ballas-affiliated African-American street gang known as the Blake Avenue Rollers, a Chinese crime syndicate known as the Xian Family, the Devils Chosen MC-affiliated Rogue Riders MC and their bitter rivals the Vagabonds MC. It is based on the city of Lancaster, California.

Palomino Creek

Original: Palomino Creek

Palomino Creek is city in Red County with a population of 107,851. It is located sixty seven miles to the northwest of Los Santos on the coast. It is served by Route 47 that makes its way south along the coast towards Los Santos passing through several towns and cities. The city has taken advantage of the traffic passing through on the major state highway with strategically placed amenities used to coax travelers to spend money. It is policed by the Palomino Creek Police Department which uses the black and white colour scheme seen throughout the state. The local police department cooperates with the Red County Sheriff's Department and the San Andreas Highway Patrol on a daily basis. A Gangwatch report has listed a number of gangs a being active in the city including the infamous Angels of Death MC, two Hispanic street gangs known as the 22nd Avenue Vatos and the Los Reyes and the Madrazo Cartel. Palomino Creek hosts a well-developed business world with a large number of national and regional chains known to operate in the city. It is loosely based on the city of Ventura, California.

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