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The Rogue Riders MC is an outlaw motorcycle based in the city of Dillimore in the state of San Andreas. In 2013 the Rogue Riders are a small club made up of eight members with a very small presence in the criminal underworld of the state.


Despite its small size the Rogue Riders MC wears a three-piece patch in the manner of many larger outlaw motorcycle clubs across the world. The club does not claim the state on its bottom rocker and instead only claiming the city in which it is based. The Rogue Riders patch is made up of top and bottom rockers with a black background and a gold outline - the top carries the club name and the bottom declares 'Dillimore' as the club territory. The club logo, or center patch, depicts a grinning skull wearing a reaper's hood.

Though very small in size when compared to other outlaw motorcycle clubs in the state the Rogue Riders MC is very active in Dillimore. The club operates small-time extortion, prostitution and narcotics distribution rackets which it violently and aggressively protects. Club members have been linked to, but as yet have avoided conviction for, violent crimes aggravated assault and armed robbery which are believed to have been carried out in defence of club interests.

Operating out of a Club House in the Glenview neighbourhood of Dillimore the Rogue Riders are highly territorial and have aggressively taken over smaller criminal elements on their immediate turf. Affiliated to the Devils Chosen MC the Rogue Riders are suspected of operating as a support club for the rapidly growing northern San Andreas based outlaw motorcycle club. Members of the two clubs have been observed meeting on several occasions and they are believed to be on very good terms.

Following the example of the Devils Chosen the Rogue Riders have a strict policy of secrecy and refusal to talk to law enforcement. This attitude has helped them avoid overt attention from the Dillimore Police Department and has allowed them to further their interests without pressure from law enforcement. Members of the Rogue Riders often serve as hired muscle for the Devils Chosen and the support club has proven highly successful in "taking care of business". The club recently began a recruitment drive to attract new members in order to grow the club and increase its underworld presence.


The Rogue Riders MC is currently engaged in a bitter and bloody feud with the Vagabonds MC which also operates in Dillimore. This conflict has seen violent confrontations between the two groups and has drawn the attention of larger clubs and criminal organizations. The Rogue Riders-Vagabonds War has so far claimed the lives of one Rogue Rider and two Vagabonds.

The club also has also seen conflict with the 83rd Street Rifa over control of the narcotics industry in the city. The Dillimore based Mexican street gang has attempted to make a move on the Rogue Riders drug rackets several times and each time has been aggressively beaten back.


  • The Rogue Riders MC is a user created gang set to appear in the original fan-fiction "Episodes From San Andreas: Brotherhood Reborn"' by Enigma24. It is entirely fictional and does not constitute in-game content, it exists solely for the purpose of the fan-fiction.
  • The Rogue Riders MC is known to be on friendly terms with the Devils Chosen MC and members of the two clubs have been seen meeting. 

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