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SwiftEx is a small freight and postal company that primarily serves the coastal city of Waylon in 2013. It's name is a syllabic abbreviation of the original company name 'Swift Express' which was replaced by the current brand name in 2010 in an attempt to give the company a more 'modern' appearance. It is inspired by and loosely based on FedEx.

Despite its small size and coverage area SwiftEx is listed as a profitable company on BAWSAQ. Due to its small size it is largely outmatched by its larger rivals Alpha Mail, GoPostal and Post OP. It is listed as a stable and promising company on the stock exchange.

SwiftEx currently operates two locations in Waylon, a warehouse in the Franklin Industrial Park and a retail depot in the central city. It also runs a postal service between Waylon and outlying localities to bolster its freight operations.

Service Vehicles

  • Yankee (heavy and long distance freight)
  • Boxville (light and local freight)
  • Rumpo (postal service)


  • SwiftEx is a user created business set to appear in the original fan-fiction "Episodes From San Andreas: Brotherhood Reborn" by Enigma24. It is purely fictional and in no way constitutes in-game content, it exists for the purposes of the fan-fiction. 

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