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Sup y'all, my name is Epicnoobs, and has been on this wikia since January 2010, im a veteran and has alot of information to share. I play Minecraft, MTA and i also own a youtube channel.


GTA 3 Favourite Character:

GTA VC Favourite Character: Idk

GTA SA Favourite Character: Ryder, Woozie

GTA LCS Favourite Character: I dont know

GTA VCS Favourite Character: Lance Vance

GTA IV Favourite Character: Packie

Favourite Protagnist: CJ

Least Favourite Protagnist: Bubba

Favourite Character of all games: Ryder

A How to's / Tips / Bugs Made by me:

How to find out how tall a building/skyscraper is in Grand Theft Auto IV( In Simple English)

This tip learn you how to calculate how tall a skyscraper is in Gta 4.

Step 1: First you need to go to Stats Menu on the Pause Menu, then go to player. there you find the title which says "Longest Free Fall" ,

Step 2: Be Sure to have the "Longest Free Fall" status to 0m or 0-10m or empty. ( If you dont have 0m on the stat you can change a different save, or make a new).

Step 3: Now you should know that the Longest Free Fall Status shows the longest free fall you've done.

Step 4: Now Find a Skyscraper or Building you want to calculate. i recommend not TO low Buildings, because it only calculate if you die.

Step 5: as you've founded you'r way upon you'r building, Jump down from it, remember to hit the ground, not the stairs, or on a tree, if you fail to hit the ground it wont work.

Step 6: as you now have jumped down from the building, and died. go to the Stats Screen again, then choose Player. then look on the Longest Free Fall Status. it will show you how tall the building you jumped down from,! - This Tip was found by AttackManW on Playstation 3.

Civil Pedestrian Drifting/ Pedestrian Drunk Driving. GTA IV

This is a tip on how to make Normal Pedestrian's car drift.

Step 1: First you need to get a gun ( Pistol/Combat Pistol etc). i recommend you are inside a car when doing this:

Step 2: Start: First you need to drive upon the sides of a pedestrian driving a car, then shoot the tires, ( Only the back tires)

Step 3: The Pedestrian will now be scared and drive away in panic, follow him, after some seconds his Tires will pop.

Step 4: he will lose control sometimes when the tires pop so be careful to stop when his tires pop if not you will drive into him.

Step 5: as the car starts driving again follow him. now he will oversteer and spin around corners. ( This works with all cars ) - Bug found by AttackManW on Playstation 3.

Angry Cop

This is a bug which is about stealing a cop car without getting a Wanted Star Level

Step 1: First stop a Police Car.

Step 2: Car Jack the Police car, then fast use the "Lower Wanted" Cheat. : Now the Police man will car jack YOU and steal the car back, then car jack him again, you wont get a Wanted Level, then he says something like "Give that car back asshole!" - Found by UNKNOWN

Population Estimating

As you might have seen, I have added a several numbers saying the population on alot of pages about places in GTA IV and GTA SA. Those are REALISTIC estimates!, Even tho they might sould low, they are the REAL population!

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