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  • I live in United States Of America
  • I was born on May 31
  • My occupation is Education
  • I am Male
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How Do You DO?

It looks like you found my profile! I have enjoyed Grand Theft Auto for a few years now and decided to mix it together with on of my other favorite things to do, creative writing. Every three weeks I'll be introducing a new character or even side characters from the game itself! Please don't hesitate to head over to my Talk Page and tell me what you'd like to see in my next story. Very soon I'll be doing some character art once I shape up my drawing skills so you can see what this character actually looks like without description!

Custom Characters

For these stories I'll need your help thinking of custom characters for these stories. Like I said before do not hesitate to wander off to my talk page and leave a custom character for me to use in the story, and I'll of course give you full credit for thinking of the character and check with you on any changes I wish to make. For example this is how you'd lay it out.

Gender: Male/Female/Other (Animal, Supernatraul ETC.)

Name: _______ _______ __________

First       Middle    Last

Age: Ex. 29 or Twenty - Nine

Height: Ex. 6'3 or Six Foot Three ( NO METRIC SYSTEM )

Weight: Ex. 175 lbs ( Metric System Allowed )

Race: Ex. Black, Caucasian, Hispanic, Asian

Home: Ex: Los Santos, Alamo Sea ETC

Eyes:  Ex. Green, Blue

Hairstyle: Ex. Afro, Stars, Mullet                               

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