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Auto theft is a game that is currently in production and will be until User:Grauer4life is finished college.


The game takes place in Liberty City in early October 2001 and later on in the game the month passes and it is November 2001. The game has cutscenes of Tommy in Vice City and John in Vice CIty 9 year before.


The year is 1996, John Robren was just released from prison after doing a 9 year sentence. In 1987, Tommy Vercetti framed John for murdering beloved, Bubba. The LCPD did not know this at the time. They did suspect that Tommy had some part of the murder. The truth is Tommy was in Liberty City to meet with Sonny Forelli after he was done playing around in Vice City. Bubba was 48 and was defenseless. John just happened to be walking by. Now in 96' he was released and got met by some unexpectisitors, Tommy and Sonny. They were there to 'Finish him'. He escaped the attacks and got away from them with help from his old freind Donald Vincent. His enemies still wanthim dead, his old associates met up with him to give him deals so they wont kill him and Donald's gang is moving further away from John as he does jobs for his old associates. During this time he: Kills his old friends, Makes enemies, makes new freinds, loses friends, and gives the city torture.

Main Characters

John Robren

Introduced in: The Introduction: Jail Cutscene

John Robren is the protaganist of Auto Theft. He has a long criminal record. He has ties with gangs all over the world. In 1987 he had ties with his best friend, Donald Vincent's gang the San Vincent Mafiya. He got sent to prison after being framed by Tommy Vercetti and his old enemies were stronger and he had to obey some of them so they wouldnt kill them. Donald thought that he was becoming real friends with him and told him to meet him at his gangs hideout. Two goons were there and grabbed John inside. Since Donald took this seriously he tried to kill John. John convinced him to stop and later killed him. John Robren was born in 1963. An associate from the past, Ken, mentioned his age was 33 in the mission 'The ghost of Prison's past'.

Donald Vincent

Introduced in: The Introduction: Jail Cutscene Killed in: Brotherly Love

Donald Vincent is John's childhood freind. They went to school together in Carcer City and were freinds until the events of this game took place. They started getting further away when John was meeting new people before he got arrested and then moved to Liberty City. Donald thought he lost his freind for good. So he moved half of his gang into new territory in Liberty City so he would hopefully meet up with John. He sent some spies out to search for him. They were armed with tape recorders, and notepads. They copied everything, took pictures, etc. and then they brought the results back to Donald. He couldnt beleive it. Donald knew all those people also so he had no choice to kill his best freind before the other gangs get him. Donald sent men out for him and they brought him to Donald, who was aiming a gun right at him. John escaped and later killed his friend. Donald could be heard later on in missions when John goes to the San Vincent hideout to 'get back'.

Saint Ken

Introduced in: Wannabe Can be killed in: Brotherly Love

Saint Ken is An associate of John. He is introduced in the mission Wannabe where he says John's age. He is an old friend who tries to help John track down Donald later on. In the mission Brotherly Love he is seen kidnapped in the room behind where Donald died. You can kill him while he is tied up but then the mission will be harder. The mission after Brotherly Love he gives out a mission called No Brotherly Love. He thanks him for rescuing him but if you kill him the game will be different and you can die because you take time to kill him.

Minor Characters

Tommy Vercetti-Caused all of John's problems in the past. Never seen in-game but is heard on the phone in a mission.

Kidd-Luigi got a man working for him and he only calls him Kid. In a letter sent to John his name is spelt Kidd.

Luigi Goterelli-He is the boss of 'Kidd' and he gives him missions to do. Luigi is seen in a mission from Donald walking with Mickey down the road looking for Kidd after he ran from him in the middle of the game.

Mickey H.-Mickey is Luigi's Right Hand Man and assists him in the search for Kidd. His lastname is never mentioned but in the letter sent to John he said 'Me and Mickey H are goin'

Madd Man Zeke-Madd man zeke is a character seen leaving a warehouse under Cartel control. He just escaped the explosion of the warehouse but had major injuries. He later dies of blood loss. He is heard yelling from Luigi's place, it is suspected that Leone henchmen were attacking him.

Ceasar Vialpando-Ceasar is Catalina's cousin. He is out on a buisness trip to find some new territory because he is trying to restart the Los Aztecas. Donald and John help Ceasar try and find the perfect new base. They go sightseeing but Ceasar doesnt like the rising of the other gangs on Liberty City so he goes back to San Andreas where later on in the game he come back when the Los Aztecas are back on top. It is unkown if the los aztecas ever came between 1996-1998 or between 1998-2001 or 2001-2008.




Donald Vincent

  • Life as it is
  • Don ways
  • Bags
  • Ceasar
  • SPANK Luigi

Luigi Goterelli

  • Kidd Rocks
  • Mickey
  • Henchman
  • As you watch you die

Will finish.

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