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  • I live in England
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*100% in [[GTA IV]]
*100% in [[GTA IV]]
I own a [[PlayStation 3]] so Im waiting on Episodes From Liberty City to come out on the 30th of march!.
I own a [[PlayStation 3]]
==What I think about my GTA games==
==What I think about my GTA games==

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Hello, my name is James but my profile name is Gsf4l (Grove Street Families 4 Life). I am from England. When I joined, I edited quite a lot of things and made many new articles. If you go to my social profile you can find my youtube profile which is this link [1]. Also I will mostly contribute to vehicles on GTA Wiki, and mainly GTA IV, which I play the most as it is the most recent game.

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My GTA accomplishmentsEdit

I own a PlayStation 3

What I think about my GTA gamesEdit

A summary of the GTA games ive played

GTA 1Edit

(cant remember much)

GTA LondonEdit

(cant remember much)

GTA 2Edit

(cant remember much)

  • Favourite vehicle: Meteor
  • Favourite character: Elmo
  • Favourite residential area: Industrial
  • My rating 7/10

GTA 3Edit

(now i can remember more!)

GTA Vice CityEdit

GTA San AndreasEdit

GTA Liberty City StoriesEdit

GTA Vice City StoriesEdit


Why I Like GTA So MuchEdit

I like Grand Theft Auto because it gives you the freedom to do whatever you want. When completing a GTA game, you want to do it again. Discovering the city, driving the vehicles, shooting stuff and even Odd Jobs make you feel like you are in the game. Many other games have tryied to surpass GTA but none of them have accomplished such as Total Overdose and Saints Row. I might be under the age to play this game but, so what? im not really gonna go out, rob a fiesta go for a joy ride, and rob people am i?. It doe'snt influence me, but it is the best game i have ever played and whatever happens, No one can beat Grand Theft Auto.

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