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I no longer own my Silver Porsche due to an accident. To make a long story short I was driving down the highway when some stupid **** driving a wrecker, cut me off and slammed my car against the guard rail.[[File:911_20050903_001.jpg|thumb|My old 911.]]
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[[File:001478_6_vA_640.jpg|thumb|My New Carrera GT. ]]
'''This user has been blocked from the GTA Wiki for sockpuppetry and vandalism.'''</div>
Hi. I'm Gtacrzy. I have a Playstation Network account of the same name. I enjoy plying GTA IV, GTA EFLC, and Red Dead Redemption as well.
I am currently a resident in Bonita Springs FL and am the owner of a few pretty desirable cars. 3 of which include A Ferrari F430, a Pagani Zonda and A Ferrari 458 italia. All of which turn heads and occasionally cameras. I do have a flaw in my garage which is the possession of a 2011 Cadillac Escalade.
If you would like to add or play with me on PSN just send me a friend request!
==My Babies.==
<gallery captionalign="left">
IMG_0607.jpg|Perhaps one of my Favorite Cars to cruise in, the quick and agile Ferrari F430
Ferrari-458-italia-68637-27145.jpg|My Sleek and Sexy Ferrari 458
pagani-zonda-72295-7086.jpg|My pagani Zonda at a family reunion.
lamborghini-gallardo-22595-26197.jpg|My one and only Lamborghini, a sleek black gallarado that can't park anywhere with out a picture of it being taken
IMG_5470.jpg|My 2011 black escalade. A rather bad decision to purchase.

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