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August 1, 2013

Hey there!

My name is Sam, and I have been playing and 100 percenting GTA games since I was 8. I have always loved the game, and I pride myself on knowing most of the easter eggs, car names, and fun shit in most of the games.

Games I have 100 percented so far:

  • III (1 on each, first GTA game)
  • Vice City (1 on each except for the PC, did that twice)
  • San Andreas (7 times, 2 on the PS2, 2 on the Xbox, 3 on the PC)
  • Liberty City Stories (1 time on the PSP)
  • Vice City Stories (1 time on the PSP)
  • IV (2 times on the PS3)
  • Chinatown Wars (1 time on the iOS)
  • V (2 times, both on the PS3, I don't know why on this one, it wasn't worth it compared to the others)
    Son of a

    My face when I realized all you got for 100 percenting V was a damn T-Shirt.

Non GTA About Me

In real life I enjoy listening to Katy Perry, Lana Del Rey, and 2pac (I get funny reactions from people when they hear me say that haha)

Other series that I enjoy are:

  • The Just Cause series
  • The Saints Row series
  • The Mercenaries series
  • Some of the Tony Hawk games
  • The Assassin's Creed series
  • Red Dead Redemption
  • The MLB The Show series
  • The Sims, especially the Sims 3. I fucking love the Sims 3.
  • War Thunder
  • Pirates Online and Toontown Online (R.I.P)

Questions? Need Something?

If you ever need any help on GTA Online or with GTA stuff in general, feel free to message me on here, Skype (gtafan4l) or add me on PSN (sammyboy2297). I'm always looking for people to play with, and I play clean. 

So, now ya know me! Hope to talk to you in the future!

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