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This conversation occurred on April 14th, 2013, GTA Wiki's chat.

The Conversation

[5:39. Administrator Ilan xd enters the chat. The only user on chat beside him is Patroller Cloudkit01.]
  • Ilan: Hi Cloud.
  • Cloud: Hi Ilan.
[After a short pause, patroller continues.]
  • Cloud: I know that was stupid for me to do that.
  • Ilan: Tell me what happened. <pause> I need to know all details of this situation. <pause> Just if you want to know, I pretty much know the whole story, but it is important for me to hear it from you as well.
  • Cloud: Well, I hope I can try to remember though, well one day, I was here, I was away, but I was still here, I was working on a Youtube show and when I came back here, Tony30000 was here, but left. And I saw the word bastard and that really got me off the edge Ilan, so I blocked him for that, I'm trying to remember Ilan, my memory is not waking up today.
  • Ilan: OK, I understand. Anything else?
[5:50, Njk230 enters the chat, but remains silent for the most of the conversation.]
  • Cloud: I know it dumb for me to do that Ilan, and I'm sorry about.
  • Ilan: OK, so hear my opinion; It is 100% UNDERSTANDABLE that you were pissed off by the insults this guy threw at you (and other users). Really, I fully understand what happened to you when this guy insulted you. I had such things too back to the days when I was a patroller - when a guy insulted me, I often responded by insulting him too before reporting him to an admin. God, I felt so bad for letting myself to lose my edge. BUT, you are a patroller, you are a Staff member; you have to act like a role model for other users, and never lose your edge. <space> You are the newest patroller on this wiki, and I do NOT blame you for what happened. Just promise me to keep your head cool everytime you deal with such guys. And if they continue to insult you, ignore them and report these users to either me or other admin.
  • Cloud: Okay Ilan, I won't lose my edge, I'll act like a role model for the other users, and I won't abuse my position as a staff member here. I'll keep my head cool Ilan.
[6:03, Patroller Dodo8 enters the chat. After checking that the issue was resolved, he leaves the chat.]
  • Ilan (to Cloud): And remember this (taken from the Staff page) "The ideal GTA Wiki staff member is just someone who is trusted to have a few extra buttons and to use them for the benefit of the GTA Wiki community." So, tell us, Cloud. Do you think you can be trusted enough to regain your chat mod tools? Personally, I think "yes".
  • Cloud: Yes Ilan, I think I can be trusted enough to regain my chat mod tools.
  • Njk: yep I think so too :)
  • Ilan: Good. I'll have a conversation with Dan and Jeff regarding your chat mod rights. Oh, and I have another issue to talk with you about.
  • Cloud: Yes Ilan
  • Ilan: "And btw, I told you to leave a neat message, you didn't even captialize the first word, if that happens again, I have to delete it everytime until you get it right alright."-Your message to Tony30000. <space> Can you tell me what is wrong about it?
  • Cloud: Well, Tony didn't do it good like we do on other user's talkpage Ilan. Like, ==RE:== this and didn't add his signature Ilan.
[6:17-6:20, Admin LS11sVaultBoy enters the chat, remains silent (except for saying hello) and leaves the chat shortly afterwards.]
  • Ilan: That doesn't mean you can remove a user's message. Unless the message was a spam/insult, you are not allowed to remove a user's message.

If he didn't put a signature, you can easily put the template "unsigned" after his message.

  • Cloud: Okay, I'll do it next time Ilan.
  • Ilan: Good. I believe all issues are done, right?
  • Cloud: Yep. It's done Ilan, the issues.
[6:26, Cloudkit leaves the chat.]

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