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The big moment has arrived: the official GTA Wikia review for Grand Theft Auto V.

Lads and gents, after almost five years in development and two years of waiting, a gift falls upon us, one that was given by the same guys behind masterpieces like Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto IV, Red Dead Redemption and Max Payne 3. That gift is called Grand Theft Auto V, one of the most anticipated games of the year (if not the most anticipated game). How good is it, you ask? Very, very good.

You ready guys? Let's start...


This is probably my favorite video game story ever...

GTA V is the first game in the franchise to include more than one playable character in its story. The game follow the tales of three guys: Michael De Santa, a very successful bank robber in the past, but a poor family man today; Franklin Clinton, a young wanna-be gangster who works as a repo-man; and Trevor Philips, who is best described as a psychotic, fucked-up, insane, drug dealer who was once Michael's partner. And so, due to several fateful events, they start a business partnership of robbing, killing, blowing up, and fucking different things.

For people who don't what GTA is all about, let me explain: Grand Theft Auto, or GTA if your lazy-ass like me, is a franchise of crime action-adventure games set in open-world cities/states in which the player is a small-time criminal who slowly becomes a powerful driving force in the city's/state's underworld (most of the time; in other times the main lead just wants some moeny).

GTA V is a step forward by including three guys who want to become successful, although out the trio, only Franklin is a wanna-be; due to his miserable family life, Michael simply wants to make enough money so he could die like an old rich fool. Trevor, like Mikey, is a veteran bank robber, and has his own little "business" of drug dealing. The story itself starts with an explosive bank robbery, which I won't spoil mainly because I find it to be one of the best intros in gaming.

While the story often acts as the usual Rockstar crime satire, the more you play it, the darker it becomes; Michael's actions in the past nine years up to the game's actual start (yes, the intro is a prologue *Captain Obvious strikes again*) surfaces after his tense reunion with Trevor, which leads to an ongoing conflict between the two until the game's ending(s). Franklin remains mostly silent during that time. Well, atleast he tries to cool up the tension.

The main twist in the story telling comes in the form of changing between three protagonist; you see, while there are many missions in which the trio works together, each has his own story, missions, friends and enemies: Michael has troubles with his family, Franklin seeks to become someone in the city and Trevor attempots to expand his business, while also trying to save an old friend from prison, which ends up with a shocking revelation.

I see this section is getting really long, so I'll stop here and simply tell to expect many plot twists, colorful characters and three endings that can blow your mind (I recommand choosing "Deathwish", as it is the most satisfying ending).



GTA V uses an improved RAGE engine (an engine Rockstar uses since 2008), which is known for creating very detailed environments. Overall, I don't have a lot to say about the game visually-wise, except that it is beautiful to look at, and the world is simply gorgeous.

Character models have also been improved since GTA IV and feel more alive than ever, and I was very surpirsed at several of the animations the character do in the game.

Not to mentioned this game runs smoothly on a six-year console.



As excepted, GTA V features both excellent voice acting and a variety of radio stations with different genres for us to enjoy. I don't have some to say about the radio stations, aside that they are really enjoyable, so I'll head up to the voice acting.

I'm saying it here and now, GTA V has some of the best voice-actings in the history of video game; each actor voices their character so believable you want to punch the same character if it's too annoying, or jerking off because of how freakin' awesome the character is voiced (Yes, shut up.)

Special mentions come to Ned Luke and Steven Ogg, who both perfectly capture the looks and personality of their characters to the point you think they are real people (the characters). Shawn Fonteno also does a good job as Franklin, but he doesn't reach the same level of performance as Ogg or Luke.

GTA V is also the first game in the series to include original score during certain missions or events. And how is it? It's cool, and catchy, and you'll have almost the whole soundtrack stuck in your brain for hours (or maybe it's just me).



Lasting Appeal

Final Verdict

  • + Well-written and well executed story
  • + Colorful and funny set of characters
  • + Breath-taking world and visuals
  • + Excellent voice acting
  • + Great soundtrack
  • + Improved gameplay in almost every way
  • + Missions are funny and vary
  • + Lots to do
  • + Simply put it, the best of the generation

  • Story: 10
  • Graphics: 10
  • Sound: 10
  • Gameplay: 10
  • Lasting apeal: 10

10 out 10

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