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Yeah, I know, once again I'm late for the party, but who the fuck cares?

The Metal Gear franchise is well known for its staelthy gameplay, deep characters, complax plot and beautiful visuals. The series' most known protagonist is Solid "Badass Motherfucker" Snake, who made his debut in the 1987 Metal Gear - the original.

But who the fuck cares about this franchise's histroy, eh? :P Today I'm talking about Metal Gear Rising... Revengeance (Christ, that name...), a spin-off made by Platinum Games after being asked so by Kojima - the creator of Metal Gear. When it was first revealed back in 2009-2010 that Kojima is going to make a new Metal Gear without Snake__ everyone said "No Snake???! SNAKE?!".

The game was to feature slow-mo (i.e. Bullet time) swordplay with the ability to mix stealth and fast-paced action, starring a character called Raiden, who served as the main dude in Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Stupidity and a major NPC in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of Pussies. Wanna know how good this went? Not very much; Kojima's team didn't know how to mix two different worlds, and so they called up Platinum, who wiped out the stealth in favor of fast-paced, insane action.

The result? Pretty much the greatest hack n' slash game of this generation.


Metal Gear Rising: Redumbass is set four years after the events of MGS4, circa 2018. Since the events of this game, the world's nation began to use PMCs (private military companies) for many reasons. Those companies have also started to use cyborg tech to make their soldiers stronger.

You play as Raiden, who's also a cyborg... ninja (just. don't ask...) - Just play MGS2 and 4 if you want to know his history.The premise tells you that Raiden returns to the battlefield in desire of providing money for his family, as well as... "SAVING THE WEAK". I can mock on and on the story for being a big hole in the ass at first sight, but after replaying it several times, checking many aspects of the narrative and going to laugh a few hours at the game's final boss (SPOILER) Uncle Sam, I can safetly say, this is INDEED a Metal Gear game.

I wouldn't spoil the story that much, but it does has several twists that left me with a wide open mouth, most notable the discovery of the main villians AKA Uncle Sam and the Bald Santa of the brains. But overall, in the end the whole plot made sense - they just wanted to use war as business AKA starting a party!!!!!

Now, there are several reasons I consider Rising's stroy is inferior compare to its older brothers:

  • It lacks emotional impact
  • It feels rushed at the first moment, too long at the second.
  • Most characters receive short screen-time.

But don't get me wrong, Rising features a well written story that includes dark themes that really makes it feel like Metal Gear such as: revenge (doesn't really hitting the bull's eye), usage of child soldiers, war as business, effects of high-tech gear on people's life, and effect of murder on the main character.

And I must admit this possibly one of the best stories ever in terms of coolness and badass-ness. Even if this IS the weakest plot in the series, it still have the Metal Gear spirit within it!



For years the Metal Gear franchise was known for being a visual masterpiece, being the most detailed and beautiful among its peers. For the first time ever, Metal Gear has lost this title.

Yes, Rising is not as good looking as other games in the game, but it's still one of the better looking action games, especially when it comes to the action scenes. Each action scene looked... EPIC. They all were much more detailed than other things in the game, with a clever usage of different angles that made Rising feel like an action film... more than a REAL action film!




Lasting Appeal

Final Verdict

+Story with a Metal Gear feel... -...but lacks emotional impact +Badass and cool Raiden +Awesome boss fights +Best soundtrack ever? +/-Voice acting +Blade mode + -Several glitches


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