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Brian Jeremy is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series who appears as a main character and the tertiary antagonist of The Lost and Damned.

Brian Jeremy is a high-ranking member of The Lost Brotherhood outlaw motorcycle club located in Acter, Alderney. Brian is a loyal follower of the club's president Billy Grey, and a bitter rival of the club's vice-president Johnny Klebitz.

Brian Jeremy was voiced by Adrian Martinez.



Brian Jeremy was born in Acter, Alderney, circa 1969. At some point during the 1980's, he joined The Lost Brotherhood MC gang, eventually rising within the club's ranks until he became a lieutant and the Secretary of the gang. During his time in The Lost, he became a loyal follower of Billy Grey, who eventually became the leader of the gang. Brian developed a rivaly with Johnny Klebitz, Billy's right-hand man, disliking him as Billy favored him over Brian.

Brian's criminal record goes back to 1985, when he was 16 and was arrested for grand theft auto. In the following year, at the age of 17, Brian was arrested for grand larcen. In 1989, at the age of 20, Brian was arrested for murder. Billy's criminal recordsows that he too was arrested at the same year, for the same crime, indicating that the two commited the murder together. Brian's last crime written on the database occurred in 2005, at 35, when he was arrested for possessing Cocaine.

After Billy was incarcerated circa 2007-2008 for possessing drugs, Johnny became the acting leader of The Lost MC, and formed a truce with The Lost's mortal enemies, The Angels of Death. Brian became unhappy with the truce.

Events of The Lost and Damned

Billy's return

"We missed you, Bill."
―Brian at the clubhouse's bar.

Brian drinking at the clubhouse after Billy's return.

Brain and other members of The Lost ride to meet Billy after the he is released from his rehab. At the Lost MC Clubhouse, Billy and Johnny argue on Billy bike, which is no longer at The Lost's hands. During the argue, Brian comments that he said to Johnny to get the bike, leading Johnny to get angry on him, only to be stopped by Billy.

Brain, Billy, Johnny and the rest of the senior members of The Lost ride to Pretty Boy's garage, finding out that the bike was sold to the Angels of Death, who took it to their hideout at Northwood, Algonquin. The group launches an attack on the AOD, killing all the members at the hideout and taking back the bike. Brian then rides back to the clubhouse along with the other members, where he withnesses a conversion between Billy and Johnny regarding Billy's next actions.

War with the Angels of Death

"Hey, deadbeats!"
―Brian taunting AODs.

After his return as The Lost's leader, Billy throws a party at the clubhouse, along with many senior Lost MC members, including Brian. Minutes later, an AOD lieutenat and his thugs arrive to the clubhouse, confronting Billy for his assault on their hideout. As the lieutenat walks away, saying that their truce with The Lost is over, Billy kills him. The AOD members try to escape to their clubhouse, telling that the gangs' truce is over, but they are all Killed by Johnny and Jason Michaels. During the arguement between the gangs, Brian kept himself behind, near Billy.

Billy later launches an attack on a few locations where the Angels of Death are hanging out. Brian, Johnny and three more bikers drive along with him, serving as a support. During most of the ride, Brian and Johnny kept argueing, holding very negative thoughts toward each other. After finishing off the last members, Billy reveals that Jason was killed in Broker, saying that he was killed by a Serb sent by Jason's girlfriend's father. Brian enters to Billy's speech, saying that he thinks that the hitman was a Polac, only to be shutted by Billy.

Action-Reaction (scene in the basement)

Brian, Billy, and Johnny at the AOD's clubhouse.

Wanting the AOD's Heroin, Billy sets an attack on the Angels of Death's clubhouse, caliming that they are Jason's true murderers. After arriving, Brian, under Billy's orders, gives Johnny a Grenade Launcher. After Johnny puts a grenade to the clubhouse's window, a large gunfight begins between the gangs, resulting the deaths of every single AOD member at the cluhouse. Brian then take a bag full of heroin, and flees the clubhouse along with other members.

Elizabeta's Heroin deal

"I don't know why Billy got you to handle this and not me. I mean what's up with that, eh? I guess you Semites are good at sniffing out a deal, ain't that right, Johnny?"
―Brina questioning Billy's reason of choosing Johnny for the heroin deal.

Brian speaking with Johnny.

After stealing the Heroin from the Angels of Death, Billy and his associate Elizabeta Torres set a drug deal with a man named Charlie. Johnny is in charge of the deal, while Brian is tasked with giving Johnny the heroin prior to the deal.

During their meeting, Brian says to Johnny that he cannot understand why Billy trusts Johnny over him with the drug deal, throwing a racial note in the middle. Johnny simply takes the heroin from Brian, stating that Brian would have be robbed should Billy had chosen him for the job.

Deal with the Triads

"You set us up! You always wanted to be the one! The man! Billy was right! You're a gimp, Johnny! A gimp and a fucking Judas!"
―Brian blaming Johnny for Billy's arrestment.
This Shit&#039;s Crused 1

Brian along with other members of The Lost, at the Dragon Heart Plaza.

With the deal with Charlie failed as it turned out to be a police ambush, Billy decides to sell the heroin to its original owners, the Triads, with his true intentions were to set Johhny's death.

Prior to the deal, Brian sits in the clubhouse's bar alongside Billy and Jim. He briefly warns Jim when the latter talk disrespctfully with Billy. After a conversation between Johnny and Billy regarding the deal, the four bikers ride to the Dragon Heart Plaza. Brian also participates in a small race suggested by Johnny as they drive to the meeting.

As they stand at the entrance of the Plaza, Billy sends Johnny and Jim to meet the Triads, telling he and Brian will wait for them to return. In a sudden twist of plot, resulting in Billy's arrestment, Brian phones Johnny and learns about the situation. The duo meets up with Brian and they escape the area back to the clubhouse.

Arriving at the clubhouse, Brian blames Johnny for selling out Billy to the police, claiming that Johnny wants to be The Lost's president. Enraged by Brian's words, Jim shoves Brian for blaming Johnny with false accusation. The Random Biker comes for Brian's aid, believing Brian's word.

Fed up with Brian's complaint, Johnny and Brian leave him alone, telling him to stay away from them.

Causing a civil war

"You're the one taking a nap. Put these assholes in the ground, brothers!"
―Brian betraying his friends.
End Of Chapter

Brian and his gang confronting Johnny and Jim.

Brian leaves The Lost along with the Random Biker and other members of the gang who too believe that Johnny ratted Billy out, forming the Jeremy Biker Gang inside his own house. Brian then plans to murder Johnny and Jim under the deception that he wants truce.

Johnny, Jim, Terry and Clay meet up with Brian at the docks of Alderney. Brian continues with blaiming Johnny and Jim, only to be ignored by the duo who calls him a "baby" for not getting over with Billy's arrestment.

Brian then tells his men to gun down his former friends, whilst he escapes the gun-zone back to his house. However, Johnny and the Lost members who are still loyal to him manage to kill Brian's gang.


End of his faction
"Lost MC forever, my brother. Don't do it. I'll leave the city. I promise you, man. You swore an oath, Johnny. Don't do this to your brother, man. I'll get out town."
―Brian begging for Johnny to spare him.

Brian the his remaining men are forced back into Brian's safehouse. Thinking Ray Boccino to be his ally in his struggle with Johnny, Brian reveals to the Mafia Capo his whereabouts. Ray, however, knowing that the civil war between the two factions of The Lost will harm his business with the gang, reveals in turn this information to Johnny, a half and hour after his conversation with Brian.


Brian in his safehouse, moments before Johnny's assasult.

At first, Johnny hesitates on trusting Ray, but eventually decides to do trust him as Brian is the Los MC's primary problem. Locating Brian's safehouse, who was taking in the phone with an associate, Johnny, with an optional help from Terry and Clay, assaults Brian's safehouse. All of Brian's men within the safehouse, including the Random Biker, are gunned down by Johnny.

At the second floor of the safehouse, Brian is found by Johnny; he begs Johnny to spare him, promising he will leave Liberty City and Johnny will never hear from him again. Johnny then walks aside and let Brian to run away, claiming Brian is already dead within his heart.

Alternatively, Johnny can execute Brian with a deadly shot at the neck, telling him to "be a man" for once in his life. Following his death, Brian's picture is hanged on The Lost MC Memorial Wall, cracked for his betrayal.

Either choice, the civil war of The Lost MC is ended and Johnny takes Brian's safehouse for himself.

Last encounter

Note: Brian's random encounter is available only if the player spared Brain in Bad Standing.

Brian: "Heh, heh, heh! You didn't expect this one, did you? Fuck you, Klebitz-o-witz!"
Johnny: "I hope you die scared, Brian. You little bitch. That's the last insult, motherfucker. You're dead, Brian!"
―Brian's final trap for Johnny, moments before the former's death.

A few days after leaving his safehouse, Brian is encountered by Johnny again in Alderney. Johnny confronts Brian for not keeping his promise leaving the town permanently, but Brian attempts to reason with him claiming he did wrong, going far to blame Billy for the latest events and that he was just another soldier following the leader.

Johnny, however, is not pleased and orders Brian to get out of his sight. Brian begs Johnny to forgive him, saying he is ashamed of his deeds and asking Johnny to follow him. Johnny finally agrees to come with Brian after the latter claimed he can save the gang, but threatens Brian he would be killed should Brian cross Johnny again.

A skeptic Johnny follows Brian to his destination, who calls for his men telling them they are coming to their way. The two arrive to an ally full with armed bikers, which is proved to be a one final trick of Brian. Fortunely, Johnny guns down all of Brian's men.

Brian then gets on his motorcycle, trying to escape a similar fate. Johnny chased down Brian and kills him, finishing him for good.




Brian Jeremy, senior member of The Lost Brotherhood, circa 2008.

Brian, above all, is extremely loyal to The Lost MC president Billy Grey, performing any objectives given by him with no hesitation or refusal. Brian even goes so far to mimic Billy's personal traits, throwing racial insults at Johnny Klebitz in a similar manner to Billy's. His loyalty went even further when he betrayed The Lost MC after Billy's arrestment, blaming them for Billy's fate.

Despite being a member of a biker gang, Brian was, at heart, a coward. Immediately after his betrayal, Brian escaped the gunzone while his men fell during a failed attempt to murder Johnny. When his own safehouse was attacked by Johnny, Brian kept himself away from the shootout, letting his men to deal with Johnny; when he was finally confronted by Johnny, instead of fighting, Brian only begged for his life.

However, his last actions also indicate a cunning personality. This is clearly shown in his random encounter; Brian has Johnny follow him to a meeting point, claiming he wants to show to him something - this is turned out to be one final trap in order to kill Johnny. With his all men are dead, Brian turns back to his cowardly persona and tries to escape, only to meet a similar fate.

Brian was also racist and anti-Semitic, insulting Johnny's heritage on various occasions in the game, often calling him "Klebitz-o-witz".


Brian is a man of medium size who appears to be a little overweighted. Brian is bald (or, rather, shaved) and has brown eyes. Brian has a few tattoos over his body, most notably a demonic face on the back of his head and the right side of his neck. Brian is a bearded man with a gold earring in his left ear. He wears glasses.

Being a member of a motorcycle club, Brian has his own biker jacket, which he wears over a long-sleeved jacket.


Brian's jacket, like any outlaw motorcycle club member's, has a lot of patches in it. Here they are, and what they mean:

  • Loyal - Due to his loyalty to Billy Grey and (formerly) the gang.
  • Secretary - Brian is the gang's secretary.
  • Brown Wings - Indicate that he has performed oral-anal sex on a woman.
  • Yellow Wings - Indicate that he has drank a woman's urine.
  • I Rode Mine Los Santos 2004 - He, Terry and Johnny are the only members who have got this patch.
  • B.J. - Either stands for his initials, or "Blowjob". This patch seems to be a Lost MC custom one, as there are no similar patches in any real Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs. Some of Lost MC members make fun of him because of this.





Brian on his Diabolus, as seen in a promotional screenshot.

  • Diabolus - a chopper-tyle motorcycle made by Western Motorcycle Company, commonly used by members of The Lost MC. Brian owns a Diabolus with unique crimson paintjob.
  • Gang Burrito - a gang variant of the Burrito van, often used by the Angels of Death. Brian obtained it prior to "Buyer's Market", probably stealing it from AOD bikers so he could deliver Heroin to Johnny.

LCPD Database record

Surname: Jeremy

First name: Brian

Age: 39

Place of birth: Acter, Alderney

Affiliations: Member of the Alderney Chapter of the Lost OMG.

Criminal record:

  • 1985 - Grand Theft Auto
  • 1986 - Grand Larceny
  • 1989 - Murder
  • 2005 - Possession Controlled Substance: Cocaine


  • Senior member of the Alderney Chapter of the Lost MC.
  • Believed to be fiercely loyal to the incarcerated head, Billy Grey.
  • Rumored to be unhappy with the Lost's uneasy truce with the Angels of Death MC.




  • Brian never had a girlfriend, explaining that he has "No time for that crap", leading Johnny to question his sexual orientation.
  • Brian's phone number remains in Johnny's cellphone even after he is killed. It is used exclusively in "This Shit's Cursed".
  • If Johnny chooses to chase Brian in Bad Standing he will shout taunts at Johnny, saying things like: "Billy Grey fucked Ashley Butler and I watched" or "There are videos of Ashley on the internet".
  • Brian shares a few similarities with Darko Brevic from Grand Theft Auto IV:
    • They both serve as the tertiary antagonists in their respective games.
    • They both betrayed the protagonist, trying to kill Johnny and Niko via an ambush.
    • They both can be either spared or executed.
  • Brian is one of only two characters that can be killed in both a storyline and random encounter mission, the other being Clarence Little in the Grand Theft Auto IV "Holland Nights".
  • Both Brian and Billy Grey were arrested for murder in 1989, hinting that they may have been working together to commit the murder. This could explain Brian's fierce loyalty to Billy.
  • In Action/Reaction, Johnny asks Brian if he was ever tough enough to do time, Brian says; "The only ones who do time are the ones dumb enough to get caught". Ironically, he was charged with Murder in 1989 when he was 20.
  • Johnny has a clear disliking of Brian, even before his betrayal which causes the disliking to turn into a open hostility. This can be seen as Johnny and Brian often argue during Billy's missions, and if the mission Buyer's Market is failed with Brian's death, Johnny will call Billy and say that he has good and bad news, mentioning the bad news is that they lost a brother and the good news is it was Brian.
    • Brian and Johnny Klebitz have matching tattoos of a demonic face on the right side of their necks, implying that Johnny and Brian were closer at one point.
  • Brian is the only character in the GTA IV games that pronounces Johnny Klebitz's last name Klee-bitz instead of Kleh-bitz.
  • If the player chases Brian on his bike during his random encounter, he will ride normally, as if no one were chasing him.
  • If the player looks closely in the introduction, one can see that Brian is missing all of his patches except his B.J. patch. This is probably a minor mistake due to the fact he removed those patches after the mission "End of Chapter".
  • As a way of promoting GTA IV: Episodes from Liberty City, a special trailer was released focusing on the characters of Brian, and Armando Torres & Henrique Bardas from The Ballad of Gay Tony.


GTA Episodes from Liberty City Trailer - Meet Armando & Henrique Brian01:14

GTA Episodes from Liberty City Trailer - Meet Armando & Henrique Brian

GTA IV: Episodes from Liberty City trailer for Brian, Armando Torres and Henrique Bardas.


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