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"Gotta make hay while the sun shines."
―Gordon Sargent, "Waste Not Want Knots", GTA IV.

Gordon Sargent, also known as Gordo, is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series, appearing as a supporting character in Grand Theft Auto IV.

Gordon "Gordo" Sargent is a high ranking member of the Irish McReary crime family, serving as a captain and enforcer for the family. He is a partner of Patrick McReary, a the underboss of the McRearies, and "Saint" Michael Keane, and the trio often worked together in robberies and hijacking.

Gordon Sargent was voiced by David Conley.



Gordon Segant was born in Dukes, Liberty City, circa 1979. He was born into an Irish[1] family, probably one associated with the McReary crime family. This may be how he met Patrick McReary, the youngest son of McRearys and the younger brother of Gerald McReary (the leader of the family), and Michael Keane, with whom he'll continue to be friends in their adult years.

His criminal record dates back to 1999, when he was 20 years old, for possessing stolen property. It is assumed that by this point in his life he was already a member of the McRearys. In the following year a 21 years old Gordon was arrested for petty larceny; his fellow member, Michael, was arrested too, for grand larceny.

Around this time, he appeared to develop some gambling habits, and in 2002 he was arrested for possessing gambling records. A year later in 2003, Gordon was arrested for kidnapping. He was not arrested again, but he, Packie and Michael are suspected in a number of robberies and hijakcings.

Gordon frequented several bookmakers, often using the money he earns from criminal activities to pay them.

It is also known that at some point in his life, Gordon did some sort of a favor to the Russian crime lord Kenny Petrovic. [2]

Events of GTA IV

Main article: 2008

Robbing the Ancelottis

Gordon: "So, are you in, big guy, or are we gonna have to kill you?"
Niko: "Well, since you put it that way... I'm in."
―Gordon to Niko in their first encounter.

Gordon at the McRearys' residence.

Gordon and Michael Keane are present with Packie and Kate McReary at their mother's house, joking and laughing from Packie's joke when Niko Bellic, an associate of Packie's, enters the living room. Packie handles Gordon and Michael a pump-action shotgun and an assault rifle, respectively, before explaining them and Niko his plan to rob out a warehouse belonged to the Ancelotti crime family.

After Niko agrees to help the trio, they drive to the Ancelotti warehouse, during which Gordon criticizes the backstory of the McRearies Packie told to Niko. When the arrive to the warehouse, they jump off the warehouse's fance and shoot at the Ancelotti guards around the warehouse. Once the scene is clean, they enter the warehouse, when they encounter and engage with more Ancelottis.

In the warehouse, Niko finds a bag full of money - their target. Packie tells Niko to get on a boat while he orders Gordon and Michael to hold the Ancelottis back from chasing them. Gordon and Michael are able to return to the McReary house while Niko and Packie secure the money.

Oddly, Gordon doesn't join the McRearies when they decide to rob the Bank of Liberty, an incident in which Michael dies. This was probably because along with Niko and Packie's brother Derrik, he already had a four-man team for the job.

Kidnapping of Gracie Ancelotti

Niko: "Guys, the bitch better be worth the trouble."
Gordon: "Her pa's got some serious cash, and he pissed off Gerald. That's reason enough for me."
Niko: "Well he better pay quick. I hate to think of the fight she'll put up if you try to cut her fingers off."
—Niko and Gordon following Gracie's kidnapping.

After a series of events against the Ancelottis, Gerry is arrested and taken to the Alderney State Correctional Facility. However, Gerry still needs to retrieve some certain diamonds to the Pegorinos, thus he and Packie plan the kidnapping of Gracie Ancelotti - Don Ancelotti's daughter - so they'll make an exchange for the diamonds, with Gordon being one of the kidnappers.


Gordon takes Gracie Ancelotti into the warehouse.

According to the plan, Niko kidnaps Gracie under the disguise of a person wanting to purchase her pink Feltzer and brings to a safehouse in Leftwood. Gordon and his associate, Stevie come out the safehouse to greet Niko. Gordon tells Stevie to take and dump the Feltzer while he takes Gracie from Niko. Afterwards, Gordon ties Gracie up in a small apartment in the safehouse.

Gordon is then told to look out for Gracie until the deal. He is visited by Niko on Packie's orders to get a picture of Gracie to confirm the kidnapping to her father. He is shown to be somewhat annoyed with the job he was given, claiming he was "jonesing" for fries for about five hours.

Moving Gracie

"Catch you around, Niko."
―Gordon, after putting Gracie inside a car's trunk.

Gordon about to place Gracie in a car's trunk.

After the location of the safehouse in which Gracie is held up was dicovered by the Ancelottis, Gerry decides to move Gracie to northen Algonquin until the exchange with them.

Nearby the safehouse, Niko gets in Packie's Vincent with Gordon coming out with a tied up Gracie. Upon Niko's request, Gordon puts Gracie in the trunk of the car, who struggles with Gordon and even bites him after he spanked her. He then removes knot around Gracie's mouth before closing the trunk.

With the deed is done, Gordon bids farewell to Niko, and thus, his role in the kidnapping, as well in the whole storyline, is concluded.

GTA IV Multiplayer

"Two bit Irish gangster named Gordon wants to go out whoring. I would tell him to screw himself but he did me a favour."
Kenny Petrovic.

Gordon asks Petrovic to go out whoring with him. As he owes him a favour, Petrovic cannot decline the offer and asks his men - the players - to escort Gordon.



Gordon: "Another fucking story..."
Packie: "Shut up, Gordon!"
―Gordon shows his dislike for Packie's stories.

Gordon is shown to be a witty and sarcastic, yet brave and loyal, member of the Irish Mob. He enjoys throwing jokes and insults at his friends, Packie and Michael, who more than often return him the same favor. He also tends to complain about the current status of the McRearies, primarily because of the stories Packie repeatedly tells about the gang's history. He appears to be somewhat apathetic to the downfall of McRearys by the Itlian crime familes, simply claiming he heard the same story "a million times".

While he often insults both Packie and McRearys as a whole, it appears Gordon holds a lot of respect for his boss, Gerry McReary; Packie claims Gordon won't be able to tell Gerry that the background story of the McRearys is boring.[3] In addition, After Gracie is kidnapped by Niko, Gordon tells him that one of the reasons he helps with the kidnapping is Gerry being "pissed off" by Don Ancelotti, saying "that's reason enough for me".

Money also appears to be a big motivation in Gordon's life, as he is a gambler who frequents bookmakers, with another reason (apart for his loyalty to Gerry) for kidnapping Gracie being the Ancelottis' money.


Gordon is a Caucasian man of average height. He has a short, golden-brown hair and beard, as well as grey eyes. Gordon wears a black, sleeveless jacket on a white hoodie with an orange caption on it. He also wears fern green pants with matching shoes.




Gordon firing his shotgun, with Niko by his side.

"They're clean as a fuckin' whistle. One previous owner... safely driven... ready for action."
―Packie on Gordon and Michael's weapons.
  • Pump-action shotgun - based on the Ithaca 37 'stakeout' model. Gordon is given this shotgun by Packie before attacking the Ancelottis, during "Waste Not Want Knots". According to Packie, both Gordon's shotgun and Michael's assault rifle are clean for use and safely driven.

LCPD Database information

As of 2008

Surname: Sargent

First Name: Gordon

Age: 29

Place of Birth: Dukes, Liberty City

Affiliations: Known associate of the McReary family.

Criminal Record:

  • 1998 - Possession Stolen Property
  • 2000 - Petty Larceny
  • 2002 - Possession Gambling Records
  • 2003 - Kidnapping



GTA IV Multiplayer


  • Gordon is an old English name meaning "large fortification". Sargent is a medieval English and old French surname meaning "sergent" or "servant".
  • According to Michael Keane, Gordon lost a large bet over a previous night's Liberty City Swingers game in which they were defeated in the ninth after the opposing team's worst hitter hit a three-run walkoff homerun. Gordon called the ending of the game "bullshit" and that it was only bad luck and not a bad bet to make. Packie agrees and they proceed to berate Michael.
  • Gordon is one of the several GTA IV single-player characters to be associated with Kenny Petrovic from the multiplayer mode of the game. Others being Little Jacob and Brucie Kibbutz.



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