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"Under this ravaged, drug-addled exteriror lies the heart of a reactionary prick, so I thought I'd fit right in here."
―Johnny Klebitz.

Jonathan "Johnny" Klebitz is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series, appearing as a supporting character in Grand Theft Auto IV, as the main protagonist of The Lost and Damned, and once again as a supporting character in The Ballad of Gay Tony.

Johnny Klebitz is a senior member of The Lost Brotherhood biker gang, serving as its vice-president at the start of TLAD under the leadership of Billy Grey - the main antagonist of the game, before becoming the gang's leader after Billy's arrestment.

In all of his appearances, Johnny Klebitz was voiced by Scott Hill.


Early years

Johnny Klebitz was born in Acter, Alderney, circa 1974, to a Jewish family. He had one brother, Michael, who, by 2008, was serving in the American army. Johnny had tensions with his parents, with his mother believed Johnny would end up as a bus driver. On the other hand, Johnny had a much more positive relationship with his brother, though he would end up critcizing him for his future life style.

In 1984, a ten years old Johnny was introduced to Billy Grey, a friend of Johnny's older brother Michael, who were 13 and 15 years old, respectively. Upon introduction, Johnny and Billy became good friends (Billy refers them as best friends in "Clean and Serene"), growing next to each other. However, Billy had a negative influence on Johnny, driving both of them to the lives of crime.

Joining The Lost

The Lost Insignia

By his late teens, Johnny was already a member of The Lost Brotherhood.

Johnny's crime records date back to 1991, when he was arrested for Grand Theft Auto. It is assumed that by this point, Johnny was already a member of The Lost Brotherhood, as Billy's police record dates back even earlier during the late 1980's. He was arrested twice two-three years after his first arrestment - in 1993 for assault and in 1994 for Manslaughter.

After joining The Lost MC, Johnny and Billy quickly rose in ranks within the gang, becoming its vice president and president respectively. Inside the gang, Johnny met severel people; he met Jim Fitzgerald, Terry Thorpe, Clay Simons, Angus Martin and Jason Michaels - all which became close friends with him, and Brian Jeremy, with whom he had a mixed relationship due to Brian's jealousy over Johnny's importance to Billy.

Despite being higher in rank, Johnny often took advices from Jim, who was one of the older and more mature members of The Lost, who was older in 12 years than Johnny, who likely saw Jim as a role model. Along with Terry and Clay, the four of them often hanged out with each other.

Becoming good friends with Angus, the duo often talked with each other on their lives, and together they built a motorcycle for Billy - a black Revenant, which would serve as Billy's main bike in later years.

Johnny was later arrested in 2000 for a parole violation, meaning he did up to six years for all of arrests. Johnny never got a job afterwards. Johnny, Terry and Brian were in Los Santos in 2004, and they all have a patch reading "I Rode Mine Los Santos 2004".

At some point before 2008, Johnny was romantically involved with Leila Sharpe and Ashley Butler. Ashley soon became drug addict and started cheating on Johnny with Billy, leading Johnny to break up with her.

The Angels of Death

Being a senior member of The Lost MC, dealing with wars against the rival Angels of Death MC gang was nothing unusual for Johnny, and while disliking the AODs for their racist and antisemisitic nature, Johnny wanted to have peace between the two gangs.

Billy on the other hand, wanted to crash their rivals through violence and bloodshed, leading to tension feelings between Johnny and Billy. Billy also commited unspeakable acts against the AODs' relatives, including chopping "that girl's legs off" and putting Joseph Johnson's (the AOD Road Captain) nephew into comma.

In early 2008, Billy was arrested for his Heroin addiction and was taken to rehab. With Billy's arrestment, Johnny was appointed as an acting president. In his new position Johnny formed a truce with The Angels of Death. In exchange for the truce, The Lost received money from the AOD, who in return kept Billy's motorcycle as deposit, giving it to Pretty Boy.

Events of GTA IV & TLAD

Vice-President of The Lost

Billy's return

"Brothers for life, Lost forever!"
―The Lost MC's maxim.
Billy: "Get my bike!"
Johnny: "What am I? Your fucking dog!?"
―Billy and Johnny arguing over Billy's Revenant.

Johnny, Billy and Brian having a drink at the clubhouse, after Billy's release.

Johnny leads the senior Lost members to pick up Billy from a rehab facility in Alderney, giving Billy his jacket and position back. The group drives back to The Lost Clubhouse. At the clubhouse, Johnny and Billy start arguing with each other over Billy's motorcycle, with Billy demanding his bike back from the Angels of Death, much to Johnny's chargin.

After cooling things down, the group rides to Pretty Boy's garage. Confronting the mechanic, Johnny and Billy learn that the bike was taken to the Angels of Death's hideout at Northwood. The Lost members raid on the hideout, killing the AOD bikers there and claiming the bike for themselves, and Billy takes back the lead.

The gang returns back to the clubhouse. At the parking space near the clubhouse, Johnny asks Billy to get rid of drugs before continuing with their activities. Billy ignores Johnny's words and asks him to call Ashley in his name.

Warring with the Angels of Death

Billy: "See, Johnny? I told you this truce meant nothing!"
Johnny: "You're the one who wiped his ass on the truce to start with!"
Billy: "Free-emptive strike, my brother. And fuck me if it wasn't the right move!"
—Billy and Johnny discussing the truce between them and the Angels of Death.[src]

Returning to the clubhouse, Johnny is greeted by his friends, who are having a party for Billy. A brief arguement between Johnny and Billy starts, with Billy being angry at Johnny for "judging" him. The duo is stopped by Jason, who tells the gang that severel members of the Angels of Death wait outside the club.


Johnny and Jason in the aftermath of the chase.

Outside the club, Billy greets the Angels of Death, led by a lieutenant who asks The Lost wether the truce between the two gangs is still on. Receiving negative answer, the lieutenant is killed by Billy. The other AOD biker get on their motorcycles and ride back to their clubhouse in attempt to warn their brothers that the truce is off. Not wanting that the AOD will know that the war has started, Billy sends Johnny and Jason to eliminate the escaping bikers.

With the deed is done, Johnny and Jason meet up with Billy. He bids farewell to Jason as the later drives to meet his girlfriend, not knowing it will be the last time they will see each other.

It&#039;s War (end of mission)

Johnny hears about Jason's death.

Johnny arrives at the clubhouse, seeing Billy talking with a new member of The Lost, Dave Grossman, a part-time lawyer. Johnny gets annoyed by Dave's appearance at the clubhouse, questioning Billy about the people he deals with. Billy, however, asks Johnny to put their differences of opinion aside and enjoy their lives, to which Johnny agrees. Before they can continue their conversation, Billy receives a message telling him that the Angels of Death has been attacking severel Lost members in southern Aldernay.

Johnny, Billy and Brian, with the help of several other Lost MC bikers, manage to fend off the Angels of Death from their turf. Despite being successful with the objective, Billy gathers up the Lost MC bikers to tell them sad news: Jason was murdered in Broker, being targeted by the father of his girlfriend, who sent an assassin after him. After giving a speech on Jason, Billy reminds his fellow bikers to follow him, pointing his words towards Johnny, as well as telling them they will avenge Jason's demise.

Action-Reaction (Intro of mission)

Billy orders Johnny to attack the AOD clubhouse.

Back at the clubhouse, Johnny is introduced by Billy to Ray Boccino, high-ranking member of hte Pegorino crime family. After Ray leaves, Billy tells his fellow bikers to follow him to the Angels of Death Clubhouse. During the ride, Johnny suggests a race between them. Standing near the clubhouse, Billy orders Johnny to launch a grenade at the club's window via a Grenade Launcher, and in order to encourage him, Billy lies to him by saying that the Angels of Death are the ones behind Jason's death. Motivated by vengeance, Johnny assaults the clubhouse, killing any AOD biker he encounters.

Aided by Billy, Johnny enters the AOD clubhouse, eliminating the remaining members within, taunting them by saying he never was in an AOD club or by asking them if they knew who Jason was. At the AOD's basement, Johnny is surprised when Billy commands Brian to take bags full of heroin, as by doing this kind of act, The Lost MC will be targeted by various Angels of Death chapters outside Liberty City. Billy ignores Johnny and the gang escapes the burned clubhouse as the police arrives.

Helping Jim

Jim: "Now, business is business. And the Angels, they're the Angels. So do it for the memories."
Johnny: "Okay it's been a little while since you and me been on a prank like this together, hasn't it?"
Jim: "Too right, brother too right. Who knows, it might be fun."
—Johnny agrees to help out Jim.

Jim explaining his job to Johnny.

Following Billy's return, Jim contacts Johnny, asking him to meet him over Aspdin Drive in Acter. Upon meeting with each other, Jim asks Johnny to help him in stealing a couple of Angels and Freeways belong to the Angels of Death, telling him he is in a contact with a dealer who will pay for the motorcycles and ship them to Japan. At first, Johnny declines the job, as he believes it doesn't help with anything, but he agrees to help Jim as it has been while since the two worked together.

The two ride over Tudor to get a flat-bed Yankee left for them by Jim's associate. Driving to a RON station in Westdyke, Johnny begins to load the bikes on the truck, while Jim look out for him. Before they manage to finish the highjacking, the duo is attacked by several AOD bikers who were hanging out near the station. In Jim's advice, Johnny calls Terry and Clay for backup, who help them to fend off the bikers. With all the bikes on the truck, Johnny and Jim drive back to Tudor, were they unload the bikes. They are soon intimidated by Ed McCornish and Jimmy Matthews, two police officers who were watching over the Angels of Death, attempting to blackmail them into paying them off.

Annoyed by the blackmail made by the cops, Jim asks Johnny to help him getting rid off them. Armed with Automatic 9mm given by Jim, the duo meets up with McCornish and Matthews nearby the Lost clubhouse, where Jim taunts the cops in order to lure them for an ambush. Leading the cops to Trinity in Acter Industrial Park, Johnny and Jim are surprised by a large backup sent for McCornish and Matthews. Despite being outnumbered, Johnny and Jim manage to kill all the cops in the place, before escaping from the area.

Meeting Elizabeta and Niko

Elizabeta: "Hey, hey, Johnny! The big, bad biker man!"
Johnny: "Liz Torres, the meanest bitch in Bohan!"
―Johnny meeting Elizabeta Torres for the first time.

Shortly after stealing the heroin from the Angels of Death, Johnny receives a message from Billy telling him to meet one of his associates who can help The Lost sell the stuff, infamous drug baron Elizabeta Torres, located in Bohan. Johnny meets Elizabeta in one of her parties, where she gives him details on the upcoming deal, telling him that he will be accompanied by one of Elizabeta's friend, Playboy X, and a new associate called Niko Bellic, who, unbeknownst to Johnny, was Jason's murderer.


Johnny discussing the heroin deal with Elizabeta and Niko.

After Niko's arrival, Johnny is introduced to him by Elizabeta. Johnny then leaves the party to pick up the heroin from Brian. Having the stuff, Johnny arrives at a building in Schottler, where he meets up with Niko and Playboy. The trio meets Charlie, the supposed buyer, but Johnny sees through his cover that he is actually a cop. Charlie is killed by Niko, whilst he and Playboy get seperated from Johnny, who escapes downstairs.

After the escape, Johnny is called by Billy, who is siappointed because of the deal's failure. Johnny is also called by Elizabeta, who finds the whole set up entertaining. Finally, Johnny is contacted by a senior FIB agent known only as Agent Jones, who attempts to bribe Johnny into giving him details on The Lost, but Johnny igonres him.

Working for Stubbs

Stubbs: "Oh, and Klebitz, trust me... I am what I am, but I look out for those who help me."
Johnny: "A blackmailer with a conscious, beautiful."
―Stubbs and Johnny.

Thanks to Dave Grossman's connections with US senator Thomas Stubbs, Billy tell Johnny to work for him for a while.


Johnny meets Stubbs.

Johnny arrives at the Jousters Gentlemen Club, where he mocjs the club's maître d', Leavis, for his attidute. After clearing things up, Leavis brings Johnny to Stubbs, who is having a massage. Stubbs then asks Johnny to eliminate the head of the Stubbs family, his uncle Arthur, and threatens Johnny that he will imprison Johnny and his gang, should the biker refuse the job. Stubbs also tells Johnny to make the murder appear like a terrorist act, and gives him a rocket launcher.

Johnny rides to the Francis International Airport, Dukes and assassinates Arthur before escaping the police. A happy Stubbs thanks Johnny for making the deed, much to Johnny's dismey at the senator's schemes.

Later on, Johnny meets up with Stubbs again when the latter relaxes at a steam room. Stubbs sends Johnny to release several dangerous criminals - including cannibalistic Curtis Stocker - from LCPD custody, as Stubbs views them as important people to support him. Johnny steals a Prison Bus containing the prisoners, subduing the officers on the bus with the help of Stocker. Johnny then drives the prisoners to Acter Industrial Park, where they take several boats and escape throughout the coast.

Saving Ashley

Ashley: "You're my habit, Johnny."
Johnny: "And your'e... ridiculous."
―Ashley and Johnny, after saving the former.

Between his missions for Stubbs, Johnny receives a phone call from his ex-girlfriend, Ashley Butler, who asks him to save her. At first, Johnny refuses to help her, but once Ashley reveals to him she was taken captive by several drug dealers in northen Algonquin, he rushes to save her.

Arriving at a crackhouse in Wardite Street, Johnny whipes out the single drug crew located there, and finds a dizzy Ashley. Upon defending her from the remaining drug dealers, Johnny drives her back to her home, after refusing to her request on "teaching her a lesson". At Ashley's place, she tries to seduce Johnny, but Johnny just leaves her alone.

President of The Lost

Triad Heroin deal

Eventually, Billy arranges to sell the heroin to the Algonquin Triads, much to Jim's dismey, as the Triads were the original owners of the drugs until they lent it to the Angels of Death. Unknown for Johnny and Jim, this deal was actually a plan made by Billy to have Johnny and Jim killed by a Triad captain and his men.

Alliance with the Uptown Riders

The Lost civil war

Later jobs for Elizabeta and Malc

Malc's random encounters

Working for Ray and Ashly

Betrayal at Ray

Ending his troubles





Johnny Klebitz received mostly mixed reaction by critics for his role as a protagonist. IGN sayed that "Johnny's not a likeable guy", comparing him with Niko, stating that "though [Niko] does bad things, he never comes off as a bad guy. The same can't be said for Johnny." The critic also compared Johnny to previous protagonists, saying that "GTA has always starred men doing bad things, but all of the other lead characters were likeable in some way". IGN did said that "Johnny has one major advantage over Niko -- he's been in the city pretty much his entire life. He doesn't need to make friends. Sure, you can call up your biker buddies to shoot some pool or play air hockey, but you don't need to in order to attain their services. They're already your homeboys".[1] GameSpy had a similar opinion on Johnny, with the reviewer stating " I couldn't help but wish I was controlling a more endearing character. While Niko was a generally likable shlub just trying to get ahead, Johnny is basically just a brooding, thuggish biker with very few redeeming qualities."[2] was more positive with Johnny, with the site's main disappointment about him was his rather slow development in the game, stating "Johnny only comes into his own later in the story, but by then the eight-hour adventure has already started to draw to a close". The site also liked Johnny's involvement in the GTA IV missions, stating "it was cool to serve as the catalyst for others like Hostile Negotiation and Taking in the Trash".[3]

Eurogamer praised Johnny and Billy's characters, stating that "Johnny and Billy are entirely empathetic leads - the former gruff yet care-worn, the latter gently terrifying, but somehow touching - and their performances set new standards for videogame naturalism".[4] Destructoid also liked Johnny, stating that "apart from Klebitz, very few [characters in the game] are really all that likeable".[5]

Missions appearances

  • As the protagonist, he appears in every mission



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