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Michael De Santa is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series, appearing as a central character and one of the main protagonists in Grand Theft Auto V.

Michael De Santa, formerly known as Michael Townley, was a successful bank robber with a long career, alongside his partner and best friend, Trevor Phillips. After a bank robbery gone wrong, he changes his surname and moves to Los Santos with his family.



Michael Townley was born in the Midwest during the 1960s. His early years were rather harsh, with his father being physically abusise towards him due to alcohol drinking. During his time in high school, Michael was a quarterback for an all-state football team; Michael would often put on a well placed performance during games and also had his face in the local newspaper. However, due to his temperament issues and constant injures, he was ultimately forced to quit while he was ahead.

Michael started his criminal career in 1988, when he stole $10,000 in a Carcer City bank. During the same year, however, he was arrested twice. In prison Michael was able to master several skills, including tatooing. After he was released, Michael was able to raise his reputation as a criminal, to the point he has appeared on the Most Wanted list of the Federal Investigation Bureau.

At some point while escorting cargo, Michael met a man by the name of Trevor Philips; the situation ended up badly, but both men realized how well they could work with each other, with Michael being the brain while Trevor being the muscle. The two robbers continued to work together, developing trsut and close friendship between each other

Events of GTA V


Michael: "T, you gotta get out of here!"
Trevor: "Aint's gonna leave you, Mikey!"
―Michael and Trevor during the police ambush.

In 2004, Michael, Trevor and Brad rob a bank located in Ludenndorf, North Yank. The trio, wearing masks, forces a group of hostages to enter into a room while they blow up the bank's safe. As they come out the safe with bag full of money, a security guard catches Michael, pulls off his mask, and threatens to kill him, only to be shot by Trevor.

The trio manages to get out the bank and into a getaway car, but the driver is shot by the police; the car crashes and the trio continues on foot, only to be heavily ambushed by the police, with Michael and Brad get shot. Trevor manages to single-handedly hold off the police, despite Michael's beggins to leave them.

Trevor is forced to escape into a snowy forest while. After making a deal with the FIB, Michael's death is faked and he changes his surname to "De Santa".


With a new name and on assumption that Trevor has died, Michael and his family moves to Los Santos.

Meeting Franklin



Michael is a relaxed and somewhat laid-back middle-aged man. Most of the time he is seen to be cold and calculated, often serving as the voice of reason among his partners. He appears to have a dry sense of humor, going to sit and enjoy the sun while his wife is arguing with their daughter.


Michael is a man of average size and height. He has a short black hair and blue eyes. His casual outfit consists a gray suit.


Mission apearances



  • Michael is the very first protagonist in the franchise to have a family consisting a wife and children.
  • Gameplay-wise, Michael and Trevor are the oldest protagonists in the whole series, beating Tommy Vercetti, who was previously known as the series' oldest protagonist, aged 35 during Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.





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