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Niko Bellic is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series who appears as the main protagonist of Grand Theft Auto IV, and a supporting character in The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony.


Early life

Niko Bellic was born to Milica Bellic and her husband in a small village located in modern-day Serbia, and had at least one brother. His family lived near to his paternal uncle's family. Niko grew up closely to his uncle's child, Roman, and the two would often play with each other, becoming best friends in their adult years.

Both Niko and Roman suffered from their fathers' sadisitic, violent behavior, who also used to beat their wives. According to Roman, their fathers stopped beating them once they were too drunked to do so. As a child, Niko once had a dream of becoming an astronaut.

The village Niko grew up in was very poor, and did not have electricity until Niko was twelve, circa 1990.

Yugoslavian wars

"When I was in the army... we were going on a mission... to ambush a squad who had killed a lot of innocent people. They were our enemies... But we never did it. There were fifthteen of us, all boys from the village. But one of us betrayed the group. It was a setup... for money! Twelve people died, three escaped. I know the traitor was not me. So for ten years I've been searching for the other two."
―Niko retelling the events of the war, to Roman.

When the Yugoslavian wars started in the early 1990's, Niko and his older brother were two of the many child soldiers that joined the army, much to their mother's dismay of her sons being raised in such a harsh environment. Roman, on the other, decided to move to the United States of America in order to escape the war, receiving help from his mother, who sent him money to start a new life.

Niko, now a teenage soldier, was joined into a fifteen man squad consisting fourteen other children from his village, including Florian Cravic, Darko Brevic, Goran (the squad's leader), Dragan, Mijo, Dmitar and eight additional soldiers. According to Niko, eight people from the deceased squad members were his personal friends.

During one of the squad's missions, they were sent to ambush and kill an enemy squad that murdered several civilians. Unfortunely, they were discovered and all but Niko and two other members of the squad were killed. Knowing that it was impossible for his enemies to know about the ambush, Niko understood that they were betrayed in-side the squad. The same night after the ambush, Niko went back to the place; he started digging through the bodies, noticing two missing members: Florian and Darko. It was then where Niko vowed revenge on the traitor, although he didn't know which of them was the one.

On one occasion in the war, Niko bore withness the mass murder of fifty children in a small village by enemy soldiers. On another, Niko found his aunt - Roman's mother - murdered. Horrified, Niko lied to Roman and told him she died in a house fire, keeping the truth for himself for the next decade.

Ultimately, all events in the world scarred Niko for ever, earning him his infamous sceptical and dry on world-view.

Working for Bulgarin

After the war was finished in the mid 1990's, Niko, like most veterans, had difficulty finding a stable job. Having no other choice, Niko decided to turn on illegal human trafficking for the Russian buisnessman and crime-lord, Ray Bulgarin. Niko was successful in his job, but unfortunely, during one smuggling run into Italy, the ship was busted and Niko had to swim for his life. Despite Niko couldn't do nothing to save the ship, Bulgarin nevertheless blamed him the loss, attempting to hunt him down.

Niko, having no other choice, escaped Earope on a boat, the Platypus, after joining a merchant navy, as way to escape Bulgarin's influence in Earope. By the time he arrived Niko in America in mid 2008, he spent seven months on board the ship, meeting and befriending fellow passengers like Hossan Ramzy and Dave Bosoy.

Events of Grand Theft Auto IV

First days in Liberty City

Arriving in America

Niko: "This is the mansion?"
Roman: "Just a temporary place. The mansion's coming, cousin. That's the dream."
―Niko discovers about Roman's lies.

As the Platypus arrives in Liberty City, Niko and his friend Hossan make preparations to dock the ship. On the ship's deck, Niko and Hossan oversee Liberty City; Hossan asked Niko if ever been in the city, to which Niko replayed no. The two then walk across the ship, with each telling what he would once they arrive at the dock.


Niko, fresh off the boat, reunites with his cousin Roman, for the first time in ten years.

Off the ship, Niko waits for his cousin. After a few minets, Roman finally arrives to pick up Niko. Excited to see each other after a period of ten years, the two cousins embrace, with Roman welcoming Niko to America. As Roman is slighty drunk, Niko decides to drive them back to Roman's "mansion" in Hove Beach, where they also pass Roman's business, a taxi depot.

Arriving at Roman's place, Niko is shocked and angry to discover that Roman's "mansion" is actually a small apartment; despite Roman has been telling him for years after his departure that he had "lived the American Dream", lying about him having many houses, women and cars.

As Roman questions Niko's reasons to leave their old home, Niko begins to tell his story, but Roman briefly falls asleep before running back to his car depot after receiving a phone call from an associate, not before directing Niko to the depot.

Confilct with the Albanians

Dating Michelle

Little jobs

First clash with the police

Meeting Little Jacob

First job with Jacob

The Russian Mafia

Working for Vlad

Murder of Vlad Glebov

Meeting Faustin and Dimitri

Working under the Russians

Last days in Broker

Meeting Brucie Kibbutz

Early works for Brucie

Assassinating Faustin

Dimitri's betrayal

Leaving Broker

Life in Bohan

Final missions for Brucie

Working with Manny Escuela

Helping Elizabeta Torres

Playboy X and Dwayne

Construction site

Hunting traitors

Helping Dwayne

The Holland Play

Early works with McRearies

Francis' blackmail

Befriending Packie

Bank heist

Murdering Goldberg

United Liberty Paper

Hunting Russians

Helicopter chase

Saving Roman

Primary works for the McRearies and the Pegorinos

Working for Gerry

Helping Derrik

Blood Brothers

A McReary funeral

Getting the Diamonds

Museum deal

Hunting The Lost

Whiping out the Jewish Mob

Confronting Florian

Kidnapping Ancelotti's daughter

Helping Florian/Bernie

Killing the hater

Problems with the Russians

Later tasks for the Pegorinos

Working with Phill

Meeting Jimmy Pegorino

Drug theft

Diamonds deal

Last tasks

Working for Jon Gravelli

Silencing a traitor

Murdering Boccino

Closing the circle


Last request


Working with Dimitri
Roman's wedding
Hunting Dimitri

Revenge on Dimitri
Roman's wedding
Hunting Pegorino






Mission appearance


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