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"I am just a businessman from Sicily. I have made a few mistakes, and perhaps I have not always followed the law to the letter, but I always believed in its spirit. The police associate me with my brother, but I never do these things they blame me for."
―Salvatore Leone as reported in the Liberty Tree article, "Just a Business Man".

Salvatore Leone is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series, appearing as a main character in Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, and as a central character in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories.

Don Salvatore "Sal" Leone is the head of the Italian-American Leone crime family, based in Liberty City. Since his rise to power during the 1980s, Salvatore has became one of the most powerful men in Liberty City's underworld, owning several businesses and politicians in the city.

He plays a major role in three '3D Universe' games - GTA III, GTA San Andreas and GTA Liberty City Stories - the first one in which he becomes an antagonist to protagonist Claude, while in the last one he acts as protagonist Toni Cipriani's main ally and friend.

In all of his appearances, Salvatore Leone was voiced by Frank Vincent, an actor best known for his roles in GoodFellas and The Sopranos.



Early years

Salvatore Leone was born and raised in Palermo, Sicily.[1] Most information on his early years remains unknown, although it is known he had a brother, and he was close to one of cousins, who would be killed by the Sindacco crime family.[2][3] He rose to power during the mid 1980s, after a bloody power struggle.[4] probably against his uncle, as the two of them would later be involved in a massive gang war circa 1998. Salvatore's parents were dead by 1992. [5]

Life in the USA

Salvatore immigrated to Liberty City with his first wife and the couple had a son by the name of Joey. Salvatore's wife died at some point prior to 1992. Prior the same, Salvatore bought a mansion, which he named "Salvatore's Gentlemen's Club".

By the 1980s, Salvatore has became a powerful mobster boss and the undisputed Don of the Leone crime family; as a result, he also became a bitter rival of both the Forelli and Sindacco families, the former being in control of Sonny Forelli while the latter is led by Paulie Sindacco. It appears that Forelli's demise in 1986 has contributed to Salvatore's rise to power.

Events of GTA San Andreas

Share at Caligula's Palace

"I'm the job! Me and my money. And I want it back, and I want it back fast. Johnny fucking Sindacco even so much as blinks at you, I want to hear about it. You find a way to get my money and fast. Understood?"
―Salvatore to Ken Rosenberg.

Salvatore in his office, during the meeting with Johnny Sindacco.

Circa 1992, Salvatore is visited by Paulie's son, Johnny Sindacco, in his mansion; Johnny offers Salvatore to join him and the Forellis in Las Venturas to co-manage the Sindaccos' Caligula's Palace, by loaning 5 million dollars to the casino.

Salvatore is somewhat skeptic and angry at the Sindaccos' offer of giving him a stake of the casino in exchange for his money, going as far as to insult Johnny's parents. However, Salvatore finally accepts Johnny's offer, but with one condition: to get the controls on the casino. As Johnny can't accept that one condition, Salvatore comes up with an idea; the three families will hire a third-party guy who will manage the casino while the families will manage him. He also tells Johnny to eliminate the current manager.

After Johnny orders the manager's death, Salvatore offers to hire Ken Rosenberg for the job, an ex-lawyer of the Forellis, as he is a guy that "[they] can all push around", to which Johnny accepts. Salvatore then makes a call to bring Rosenberg, before moving to the casino.

At the casino, Salvatore intimidates Rosenberg, telling him that he works solely for the Leones, and not the Sindaccos, nor the Forellis. Threatening the ex-lawyer with a pistol, Salvatore orders Rosenberg to get his money back fast and keep an eye on Johnny. He then calms down the frightened Rosenberg before asking him to get a drink.

Hiring Carl Johnson


Salvatore Leone at Ken's office, after meeting Carl Johnson.

In a series of events, Johnny Sindacco enters into a shock and later dies due to a heart attack.[6] Following his death, Salvatore decides to make a move of taking over the casino after learning of the Forelli's plans to assassinate him.[7] He ties up Rosenberg's associates Kent Paul and Maccer out of Ken's office's window so if Ken will get off his couch, they'll fall.

At Ken's office Salvatore meets Maria Latore - his future second wife - for the first time, at the time a waitress working at the casino, who brings him the sandwich he has ordered. He take an interest in the woman and orders his bodyguard to pay her for the service.

After Maria leaves, Salvatore encounters Carl Johnson, another associate of Rosenberg, who reveals to him he was working with the Don's son, Joey, back in Liberty City. Pleased to hear that, Salvatore tells Carl of his situation with the Forellis and asks him to assassinate the hitmen before their arrival. Carl succeeds in stopping the hitmen and begins to work with Salvatore, with the latter not knowing of Carl's plans to rob the casino.

Later on, Salvatore continues to flirt with Maria, teaching her how to throw knives (using Maccer as a target). As Carl enters the office, Salvatore greets him for successfully doing the job. Angered at the Forellis' attempt on his life, Salvatore sends Carl over Liberty City to attack Marco's Bistro, the Forellis' turf. Carl uses this as an opportunity to free Ken, Paul and Maccer from Salvatore by asking them as a backup (while in reality he tells them to get out Las Venturas).

Unexpected betrayal

Salvatore: "You're dead! Your friends are dead! Your family's dead! I'm gonna fuck you up, and your children and your grandchildren!"
Carl: "Well, it's been nice talking to ya, but I got some money needs spending on some expensive trash, so if you'll excuse me."
Salvatore: "You're dead! DEAD!"
—Salvatore threatening Carl over the phone.

Following the elimination of the Forellis at Marco's Bistro, Carl executes his plan to rob out Caligula's Palace, gaining support from the San Fierro Triads, owners of a rival casino, Four Dragons. Breaking into the casino, Carl and his allies steal millions of dollars, including Salvatore's very own loan. In the aftermath of the bank heist, Salvatore phone-calls Carl, threatening him and his family for his actions and eventual betrayal, only to be calmly dismissed by the younger gangster, who shows no remorse or fear for stealing from the Leone Don.

Post-San Andreas

Following his betrayal by Carl Johnson, Salvatore moves back to Liberty City. Between 1992 and 1998, Salvatore marries Maria, despite her father's disapproval. It has been strongly suggested that Maria married Salvatore solely for his money, while Salvatore married Maria solely for her looks, to act as his trophy wife. Their marraige was an unhappy one, resulting in Maria moving to an apartment of her own at some point prior to 1998.

By 1994, one Leone member in particular, Toni Cipriani, caught Salvatore's eye. A promising find, Toni was sent by Salvatore himself to assassinate a Made Man of a rival family; despite a successful assassination, Toni has decided to lay low and leave Liberty City. At some point after the assassination, Salvatore promotes fellow Leone mobster Vincenzo Cilli, into a Capo.

Around this time, the Sindaccos move into Liberty City in an attempt to expand their business and eliminate both the Leones and the Forellis. The Sindaccos take over the Luigi's Sex Club 7, a Leone-owned club managed by Salvatore's trusted man Luigi Goterelli. The club is renamed to Paulie's Revue Bar, and Joseph Daniel O'Toole, an Irish associate of the Sindaccos, becomes its manager. However, O'Toole begins to secretly work for Salvatore, being promised to be made.

Events of GTA Liberty City Stories

Toni's return

Salvatore: "Hey... So there he is, huh? So listen, Toni, I know you did a good thing for us, and I know you've been lying low for a long time, so I want you to take it easy a while, huh? Vincenzo will look after you. You need some money, ask him. You need a job - Lucky will take care of you. What more could a family guy ask for? Even my son don't got it so good."
Toni: "But, Mr. Leone, I thought we got history, I mean I've done a lot for this family. And now, you're expecting me to take orders from this... this... this... Well, it just doesn't seem right."
Salvatore: "Toni, I know what you did, and no one is more grateful than me, honestly, but the idea that you walk here and start to question my leadership right away is, quite frankly, out of order. Capiche?"
—Salvatore to Toni following the latter's return from hideout.

Circa 1998, four years after disappearing from the city, Toni returns to Liberty City, first arriving at Salvatore's office. Inside the office, while greeting and thanking his subordinate for his deeds, Salvatore forces Toni to work for Cilli, who, despite being younger, holds a higher rank in the family due to Toni's long absence.

During his first days since returning home, Toni mostly works for Vincenzo under Salvatore's orders. Salvatore remains oblivious to the hatred between his two subordinates, and almost never interects with Toni during that time period.

This norm is changed following an incident at O'Toole's club; Salvatore arrives at the club to hang out with its women, before O'toole receives a tip-off that the LCPD plans to raid on the club. Under O'Toole's suggestion, Toni drives Salvatore off the scene. Back at Salvatore's mansion, he thanks Toni, admiting he has always liked Cipriani's "style" in dealing with problems.

Believing that Toni is spending too much time with Vincenzo, Salvatore asks him to start taking orders directly from the Don himself.

Conflict with the LC Trade Union

"I got a union boss - a broad no less - that I need to do me a favor, and she asks for money? All I wanted was 24 hours access to the docks, while the strike was going on, strikes that I helped organize, so my boys could offload some drugs, and now I get this horse shit! I mean these people are people that I personally fought for, people I've killed for, honest people. And this is how they repay me?"
―Salvatore to Toni, on his conflict with Jane Hopper.

Salvatore becomes furious after Jane Hopper, the leader of the Liberty City Trade Union, refuses to let Salvatore use Portland Harbor for his drug shipment, despite the fact Salvatore himself helped to build the docks; Salvatore's mob intimidation does not seem to affect Hopper, who stays on her refusal and asks Salvatore to pay her if wants to use the docks.

Understanding that he has no other choice, Salvatore concedes defeat and sends Toni - who he further sees as a trusted ally - to pay Hopper for the dock usage. Gaining the money, Hopper is still not satisfied and, as an act to show she doesn't play the Mobsters' "game", leaves Toni to be assault by her men. This act greatly annoys Salvatore.

Salvatore realizes that while Hopper might not be on his side, he can make her strikers pre-occupied; Toni achieves this by bring prostitutes to the strikers, keeping them busy from working against Salvatore. Continuing with his scheme, Salvatore then orders Toni to scare off two union bosses who have been angering Salvatore since the beginning of the conflict. Scaring them off, Toni gets the union bosses into doing what Salvatore orders.

Finally, after hearing the Union boss' air-on insults over the radio, an angry Salvatore decides that the only way to beat Hopper is by sending her a clear message that he is tired of her stubbornness; under Salvatore's orders, Toni terrorises Hopper by driving her maniacally throughout the city until she finally agrees to call off her strike.

With the Union on his side, Salvatore asks Toni to make sure that the drop of the drug shipment goes off okay. Around the same time, Salvatore confronts Maria of her affair with another man, and the couple argues during Toni's short stay at the mansion prior to the drug deal. Ultimatly, Toni manages to rescue the drugs and bring them to Salvatore.

Early Clashes with Rival Gangs

Toni, under O'Toole's orders, attacks and thwarts the Sindaccos and their plans to harm the Leones. Enraged, the Sindaccos manage to kidnap Salvatore, planning to have him crushed at the Harwood Autocrusher and Junkyard. Toni locates Salvatore, driving him for safety. Salvatore, furious at the attempt on his life, thanks Toni for saving him.

Growing angry and paranoid, Salvatore leads an attack on the Sindaccos at Paulie's Revue Bar, wishing to wipe them out. Aided by Toni's sniping, Salvatore annihilates every singl Sindacco member around the club, eventually taking over the Sindacco bar which was once his assest.

Through O'Toole, Salvatore hears that the Sicilian Mafia, headed by his uncle, sends Massimo Torini to broker peace between the threecrime families of LC. However, Salvatore doesn't trust the Sicilian, and O'Toole sends Toni to investigate Torini's plans. Later on, despite O'Toole proved himself as a loyal associate, Salvatore suspects him to be a rat due to his past connections with the Sindaccos, sending Mickey Hamfists to assassinate him during O'Toole's presumed making ceremony, much to Toni's shock.

Shorty afterwards, it appears that Salvatore has heard about the fall-out between Vincenzo and Toni, telling the former to call a truce with Toni. This turns out to be Cilli's final trap for Toni, ordering the men loyal to Vincenzo to kill him. Despite this, Toni overpowers both Vincenzo and his men; Salvatore himself shows no care for the incident, instead being busy with his family's rivals.

Due to Torini's earlier meeting with the Diablos, the Latin street gang attacks Leone members on both Hepburn Heights, leading Salvatore to send Toni as backup, who correctly assumes that Sal will lose this territory someday. Salvatore then sends Toni to pick up money from a Leone warehouse.

As time passes, Salvatore grows even more paranoid, even holding Toni at a gunpoint. Calming himself down, Salvatore realizes thatthe Forelli-allied mayor, Roger C. Hole, wants to blame Salvatore for all the trouble in the city, promping the Leones to move to Staunton Island for sometime. Salvatore later orders the assassination of Hole, planning to replace him with the Leone-allied Donald Love.

Sometime after the assassination, Salvatore has come to view Toni as his closest and most trsuted ally, organizing a making ceremony for. Toni finally becomes a Made Man once more, and remains to be Salvatore's most loyal man.

Italian Wars

With the mayor dead, Salvatore decides to weaken both the Forellis and the Sindaccos. As the first piece in his plan, Salvatore and Toni interrogate Hole's former assistant, finding out that Hole took orders from Forelli Don Franco Forelli, who in return takes orders from the Sicilian Mafia.

Salvatore continues to investigate the Forellis' ties with the Sicilians, spying on them at Fort Staunton. Shortly afterwards, the Sindaccos arrive, soon starting a gunfight between the two fictions, with Salvatore in the middle of it. Salvatore phone-calls Toni, who quickly arrives and rescues the Leone Don.

News that the Sindaccos call for a truce with the Forellis come to Salvatore, who soon has men make alterations to Paulie Sindacco's car, allowing to control it from a special Pony van. With Toni's help, Salvatore ruins the truce meeting, running over any Forelli in the way. Salvatore later has a wiseguy killed for attempting to tell Franco of the Sicilians' role behind the Forelli-Sindacco war.

Between missions, Salvatore also asks from Toni to work with Leon McAffrey, a corrupted LCPD officer secretly allied with the Leones. McAffrey, for some payment from Salvatore, has Toni kill members of the rival crime families.


Love loses to Miles O'Donovan in the mayorship race due to his connections with the Leones. Subsequently, the Sicilians - thanks to O'Donovan - manage to have Salvatore arrested, putting the blame of every crime in the city on him. Due to this, McAffrey cuts his ties with the Leones once telling the news to Toni.

In their first meeting since Salvatore's arrestment, Toni poses as a lawyer named Lionel. A vengeful Salvatore is unsure of which of families ratted him out, so he sends Toni, backed up with the Southside Hoods, to kill Forelli mobsters at Wichita Gardens. He later sends Toni to kill Paulie, finally wiping the Sindaccos out of Liberty City.

Despite the Sindaccos being finished, Salvatore is worried of the Yakuza led by Kazuki Kasen, and orders Toni to destroy their weaopns. Ironically, they find a surprising ally in Toshiko Kasen, Kazuki's wife who wants to see him destroyed. Along the way, Toni is told by Love to blow up Fort Staunton, thus crippling the Forellis.

Release from Jail

"...I got this notion that the Sicilians don't want me to make it to court. With me in here, who's stopping them from taking over?"
―Salvatore, regarding the Sicilians.

With the Sindaccos gone and the Forellis crippled, Torini and the Sicilians remain as the only serious threat on Salvatore, Toni and the Leones. Shortly after Love's departure from Liberty City, Salvatore is to be taken to the court, with the Sicilians believing he'll be released.

Fearing that the Sicilians would attempt to kill him during the ride to the court, Salvatore asks Toni to protect him while he is in the Securicar. Salvatore manages to reach the court, where he is found not guilty. Outside court, he meets up with Toni, telling him to meet him at the mansion.

Taking over Liberty City

Salvatore: "Torini... It figures. Give him up! The mayor is mine! THIS CITY is mine!"
Torini: "Salvatore... Sicily never wanted questo schifo di citta. But when tribute dried up, what could we do...? It was nothing personal."
Salvatore: "NOTHING PERSONAL? After what you've put me through! I'm gonna tear your fuckin' heart out!"
—Salvatore confronts Torini.

As Toni walks into Salvatore's office, the Leone Don finishes a phone call with the Sicilians; Salvatore explains to Toni that while both sides want peace, he wants peace only by his terms. Salvatore then decides to pay Mayor O'Donovan a visit, to force him dropping the charges against Salvatore; he also correctly assumes that the Sicilians will take action against the mayor.

Arriving at the mayor's office, Salvatore and Toni find out that the Sicilians have already kidnapped, and the two decide to chase the kidnapper - Torini - down. When he reaches the top of Portland Rock, Salvatore confronts Torini over control of the city; Torini attempts to escape via his Maverick, only to be gunned down by Toni. Salvatore then takes O'Donovan to his office.

Back at Salvatore's mansion, Salvatore reminds O'Donovan that he works for the Leones from then on, much to O'Donovan's dismey and fear. After making sure that the mayor works for the Leones, Salvatore and Toni head to Momma's Restaurante, where they meat Salvatore's elderly uncle - Torini's boss and the leader of the Sicilians, who has personally arrived to make peace with his nephew. After Uncle Leone leaves, Salvatore thanks Toni for his hard work, rewarding him with half a million dollars.

Post-Liberty City Stories

"Salvatore Leone walked free from a federal court yesterday, as the case against him collapsed. Leone, who had been on trial for tax evasion, a case that the state prosecutor intended to turn into a racketeering charge, smiled as he walked free from the courts in downtown Liberty City. Leone had been on trial after Inland Revenue experts found serious accounting irregularities in the Leone books, including $450,000 of undeclared income."
Julius Cohen from Liberty Tree, regarding Salvatore's latest trial.

Since the first trial Salvatore had in 1998, he had been tried in court another four times, winning each case. In April of 2001, the final trial, he was accused of tax evasion - having $450,000 in undeclared income - before his lawyer, Maurice Goldberg, successfully convinced the court that Salvatore is dyslexic and struggled with taxes. He was only found guilty of importing tomato sauce from Sicily without a license and fined.

Events of GTA III

Leone meeting

By October of 2001, Salvatore is still in war with the Diablos and the Triads, while he also had Paulie's Revue Bar renovated and renamed Sex Club 7, with Luigi Goterelli in charge. The same month, Luigi, Joey and Toni have hired a man named Claude to do several jobs for them.

Eliminating threats

Betrayal at Claude






GTA San Andreas
GTA Liberty City Stories




GTA San Andreas

GTA Liberty City Stories


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