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"This ain't new age shit, it's fact. You get what you give, fool."
―Stretch to Franklin and Lamar, "The Long Stretch".

Stretch is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series, appearing as a main character and a secondary antagonist in Grand Theft Auto V.

Stretch, real name Harold Joseph, is a senior member of the Chamberlain Gangsters Families, who has been released from prison by the events of GTA V. He is a friend of Lamar Davis, but strongly dislike protagonist Franklin Clinton. Stretch is also associated with the Ballas.

Harold "Stretch" Joseph was voiced by Hassan Iniko Johnson, an American actor best know for his appearance in The Wire.



"You know, when I went away, you punks was little homies, and I was a big homie."
―Stretch to Franklin and Lamar.

At some point in his life, Harold Joseph joined the Chamberlain Gangsters Families, eventually becoming a veteran, high-ranking member of the gang, achieving the title 'OG' and gaining the nickname "Stretch". It was also hinted he was much older than a regualr member of the gang.[1]

During his time with the Families, Stretch met and became friends with a younger member of the gang by the name of Lamar Davis; he also met Lamar's friend, Franklin Clinton, but the two couldn't get along, with Franklin showing little to no respect for Stretch.

Stretch was later arrested and taken to prison for unknown crimes, serving there several years. He told D he spent his time there with several members of Ballas.

Events of GTA V

Release from prison

Franklin: "I missed you, dog."
Stretch: "Oh, oh, you missed me, huh?"
Franklin: "Nah, I ain't missed you. Your ass could have stayed gone for good. So I fucked your girl, mugged your moms, and better yet, I ain't thought about your ass in years."
—Franklin to Stretch after the latter's release from prison.
Franklin meeting up with Stretch and Lamar

Stretch and Lamar meet up with Franklin, shortly after the former's release.

In 2013 Stretch is released from prison and reunites with Lamar. The two head towards Franklin's house to recruit him for a drug deal with Balla member D, who was previously kidnapped by Lamar and Franklin.

Nearby Franklin's house, Franklin ignores Stretch, who asks him to give the senior OG respect. Franklin also throws insults at Stretch, telling him he could've have stayed in prison even longer. Annoyed by Franklin's insults, Stretch tells Lamar to leave Franklin so they could go to the deal alone. When Franklin tries to cool things up with Stretch but throw another insult at Stretch, leading Stretch to push Franklin aside and return insults at him, telling Lamar that Franklin "gets on [his] nerves". Lamar calms down both sides, and recruits Franklin for the job. The trio stops at Ammu-Nation to buy a flashlight for Franklin's pump shotgun.


Stretch executes D.

At the meeting place with D, Franklin, Stretch and Lamar discover that the meeting is actually a Ballas ambush to kill Franklin and Lamar (with Stretch being the one behind it). Stretch executes D to keep him out of suspecion, which leads to a massive shootout between the trio and the Ballas. They manage escape from both the Ballas and the LSPD back to Franklin's house.

Set ups

Some time after the failed deal, Stretch sets a drug trade between Lamar and a Ballas dealer; the deal would involve the exchange of a big amount of moeny and a package of cocaine. Lamar picks up Franklin for the deal, as well as Franklin's new associate, Trevor Philips. Near the dealer's house, Lamar is about to do the exchange, but Trevor reveals that the cocaine brick is just a drywall piece, which leads to another ambush from the Ballas. Franklin suspects that the deal was a set up made by Stretch, but Lamar ignores his accusations.

Stretch manages to set Lamar up a second time, selling him over to the Ballas, who take him to a hideout at Paleto Bay, where the Ballas do several drug operations. However, Franklin is informed of the situation by his ex-girlfriend, and with some aid from Michael De Santa and Trevor, rescues Lamar.

Stretch can be called by Franklin afterwards, and becomes angry when accused by Franklin of possible set up. He is also asked about the set up by Lamar on his Lifeinvader account, but denies that he was involved with kidnapping Lamar.


Notice: Stretch's death occurs only if the player, as Franklin Clinton, chooses option C, "Deathwish".

At the ending of Grand Theft Auto V, if Franklin decides against killing Michael or Trevor, he and his partners will devise a plan to assassinate each of their enemies, including Stretch, as Trevor wants to have all their "loose ends" closed, with Franklin agreeing Stretch has been a "liability".

"Hey, who this shakey white dude?"
―Stretch as he sees Michael.
Michael killing Stretch and Ballas

Stretch's death in the hands of Michael De Sabta.

Each of the trio departs to finish each other's enemy, and Michael decides to eliminate Stretch (so no one will link Stretch's death to Franklin), while Franklin drives off to assassinate Trevor's enemy Wei Cheng and Trevor heads to kill Michael's enemy Steve Haines.

Around the same time, Stretch meets up with several Ballas at a basketball court, discussing with them about Lamar. The group is confronted by Michael, who attacks Stretch and the Ballas, resulting in Stretch's death.



Stretch pushing Franklin

Stretch pushes Franklin for insulting him.

A senior member and OG of the Families street gang, Stretch holds respect towards veteran members like him in high regard. He is easily angered when someone disrespect or insult him, which is one of the reason behind the tensions between him and Franklin, who is known for disliking Stretch.

Stretch often voices his disappointment at the current status of the Families upon his return, and the lack of effective gangsters in and around the gang's turf. These issues, coupled with Franklin, and, in his eyes, Lamar's disrespect towards him, appear to what being his reason to affiliate with the Ballas.

He is also shown to be a rather aggressive person, pushing Franklin aside when the latter joked on him, and executing D for either setting him up or to not blow his cover. He is also shown to be very capable during combat and gunfights.



Stretch in GTA V.

Stretch is a bulky man of African-American descent; he appears to be around the same height as Franklin. He has numerous tattoos covering his body, particularly his arms.

Stretch wears white t-shirt and baggy jeans, along with a gold chain. As a member of the Families, he wears a green hat with the gang's logo on it. During the mission "The Third Way", when he meets up with the Balls, Stretch doesn't wear his hat.

Mission appearances



  • Stretch subtle betrayal at the Families in GTA V appears to be a reference to Big Smoke and Ryder's betrayal at the Grove Street Families in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.
  • In "The Third Way", Stretch mentions that Lamar has disrespected him. He apperently references to a message Lamar left him on Lifeinvader, in which Lamar asks Stretch if he setted him up.


  1. Franklin Clinton: "Damn, man. I gotta spend my day with another middle-aged fool trying to recapture his youth?"
    "The Long Stretch", Grand Theft Auto V.


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