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"Vercetti. Remember the name!"
Tommy Vercetti, "Shakedown".

Tommy Vercetti is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series who appears as a central character and the main protagonist of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. He is also mentioned in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

Tommy Vercetti is an Italian-American mobster who, after he was released from prison, was sent to Vice City under the orders of his then-boss Sonny Forelli, but quickly decides to take the city for himself.

Tommy Vercetti was voiced by Ray Liotta, best known for his rle in Goodfellas.


Early years

" old man used to work on these [print works]. I used to spend the evenings with him, cleaning the rollers... I was going to follow him in his trade, but... I lived a different life."
―Tommy to Earnest Kelly, reflecting on his early life.

Born 1951, Tommy Vercetti was raised in Liberty City by an Italian-American family. His father owned a printing shop, and a young Tommy used to help him. Tommy planned to follow his father's footsteps, but he was driven into crime life, claiming he lived a different life.

Joining the Forellis

At some point between the late 1960's to the early 1970's Tommy joined to the Italian Liberty City-based Forelli crime family, led by Don Sonny Forelli, a childhood friend of Tommy. Over his short in the organzation Tommy rose within the family's ranks, becoming one of its most fearsome hitmen. However, this caused a one-side rift between him and Sonny, and the latter became jealous and angry at the former's rapid rise.

The Harwood Butcher

Sonny: "How many was it? Ten, no, eleven men. That's how you get to be called The Hardwood Butcher. Hah-hah-hah-ha-ha."
Tommy: "You sent me to kill one man. One man! They knew I was coming, Sonny!"
―Tommy recalling the Harwood ambush.

Afraid of Tommy's growing reputation, Sonny plotted to have Tommy killed; he sent Tommy to eliminate a high-ranking mobster who is located in the Harwood district of Portland, whilst eleven hitmen were waiting for him. Arriving at the place, Tommy found himself surrounded by the hitmen but he managed to kill all of the hitmen. This event earned Tommy the nickname "the Harwood Butcher".

Tommy was soon arrested by the LCPD. He was convicted of eleven counts of murder, but since he kept quiet and turned no evidence on the Forelli Family, they used judicial connections to spare him the death penalty or life imprisonment. Tommy remained in prison for the next fifteen years, until 1986, never informing the LCPD of any Forelli secrets.

Events of GTA: Vice City

Release from prison and the drug deal

"Tommy Vercetti... Huh! Shit. Didn't think they'd ever let him out..."
Sonny Forelli talking with his associates about Tommy's release from jail.

In 1986, Tommy is released from prison, decisive to work with Sonny and the Forellis once again. Sonny, annoyed by the news of Tommy's release, decides to send him to Vice City, referred to as "twenty-four carat gold" by the Forelli Don, to play a part in a drug deal with the Vance crime family, buying Cocaine in the cost of two million dollars. Sonny's main reason to send Tommy to Vice City was that the latter was too well known in Liberty City, which would be "bad for business" in Sonny's words.


Tommy at the Forelli-Vance drug deal.

Tommy flies to Vice City accompanied by fellow Forelli mobsters Harry and Lee, meeting Sonny's contact in the city, lawyer Ken Rosenberg, at the Escobar International Airport. From there, the group drives to the city's docks, meeting up with the Vance brothers. As Tommy, Harry and Lee meet up with one of the dealers, Victor Vance, to exchange the goods, they are attacked by several hitmen, leading to the death of all but Tommy, Ken, and the other dealer, Lance.

Tommy and Ken escape the attackers and drive back to Ken's office, with Tommy telling Ken to rest as they would start investigate the ambush the following day.

Tommy then arrives at the Ocean View Hotel, entering his room and calling to Sonny. Tommy reveals Sonny that the deal was ambushed, and both the drugs and the money were lost in the shootout, but promises Sonny that he would find the men responsible.

Investigating the ambush

"Shut up, sit down, relax. I'll tell you what we're gonna do. We're gonna find out who took our cocaine - and then, I'm gonna kill them."
―Tommy ensuring Ken that they will find who is responsible for the ambush.

Tommy speaks with Juan Cortez on the latter's yacht.

Back at Ken's office, Tommy is questioned by a paranoid and nervous Ken about their next move after the deal went wrong. Tommy calms him down, telling him they would find the responsible ones, and kill them. Ken then suggests Tommy to meet up with the retired Colonel Juan García Cortez, the man who helped out to set up the deal, giving Tommy his invite to one of the Colonel's yacht parties.

On the yacht, Tommy meets Colonel Cortez, who is also investigating the ambush. Cortez introduces Tommy to his daughter Mercedes. Mercedes then proceed to introduce all the party guests to Tommy, including her father's right-hand-man Gonzalez, film dircetor Steve Scott, Love Fist lead singer Jezz Torrent, pornstar Candy Suxxx, congressman Alex Shrub, football player BJ Smith and others. When another guest, Ricardo Diaz, shows up, Mercedes asks Tommy to drive her to the Pole Position Club.


Tommy gains information from Kent Paul.

At Ken's office, Tommy tells him that they need "lead from the streets", prompting Ken to send him to the Malibu Club, where he can find Kent Paul, who may know something about the ambush. At the Malibu Club, Tommy threatens Paul into telling him that a chef named Leo Teal, who is working in the Ocean View Hotel, might had a part in the hit.

Tommy confronts Leo at the back ally of the Hotel, killing him him and taking his cell phone. Tommy then meets Lance Vance, one of the drug dealers in the ambushed deal, who wants to helps Tommy with the search so he could avenge his brother's death. The duo is assaulted by Leo's friends, but they manage to escape to an Ammu-Nation shop, where Lance tells Tommy he'll keep an eye on the released mobster.

Tommy is lated told by Ken to intimidate two juries that have been convicted Sonny's cousin, Georgio, as a minor favour for the Forellis for not finding the money or the drugs yet. Tommy locates the two juries in both Vice Point and Ocean Beach, damaging their cars with a hammer as a threat.


Tommy meeting Avery Carrington at Ken's office.

Afterwards, Ken introduces Tommy to the capitilistic businessman Avery Carrington, whom he once met in Cortez' party, though they had no interactions back then. Avery asks Tommy to help him with the delivery company Spand Express, who owns a prime land but has refused to sell; Avery agrees to help Tommy with the "greaseballs that giving [him] a hard time" if Tommy would help Avery with his own problems.

Tommy agrees to help Avery, and drives to Spand Express' depot, where several workers are protesting against the company. Tommy causes a riot by starting a fight with a couple of workers. In the continuing chaos, Tommy destroys the company's trucks.

Working with Cortez

"Tommy, you are like a pampus breeze that has freed me from the stench of corruption, although, I must appear to mourn his passing and carry on with business as usaul."
―Colonel Cortez to Tommy after Gonzalez' demise.

Tommy confronting Gonzalez.

Meanwhile, Cortez has found up that his right-hand man Gonzalez, might had a part in the ambushed deal. Tommy meets up with the Colonel on his yacht, with the Colonel asking Tommy to take care of Gonzalez, giving a chainsaw.

Tommy finds Gonzalez speaking with two gangsters at his penthhouse at Vice Point. Upon seeing the chainsaw wielding Tommy, he flees out to the streets, screaming and yelling in fear while his bodyguards are killed by Tommy, who then manage to catch up with Gonzalez, and slay him.

The Colonel then asks Tommy to meets up with a French courier named Pierre La Ponce, who is in possession a valuable merchandise - guidance chips used in French missile technology - meant to be delivered to the Colonel. Tommy meets Pierre at the mall, but the deal is turned out to be an ambush set up by the GIGN and DGSE; Pierre attempts to escape with the chips, only to be killed by Tommy, who takes the chips back to Cortez, successfully escaping the French agents.


Tommy and Lance meet up with Diaz.

Tommy's third and most significant mission for Cortez, yet, is to provide security in a deal between Cortez' associate and friend Diaz, and Diaz' associates, the Cubans. Tommy leaves to get a powerful Ruger assault rifle located in Vice Point's multi-story car park. There, he meets up again with Lance, agreeing to help Tommy with the extra security. The duo arrives at the alley where the deal would occur and go in position, whilst Diaz and the Cubans make the deal.

The deal is soon assaulted by the Haitians, who kill both Diaz' men and the Cuban dealers. Tommy and Lance fight the Haition alongside Diaz, but two Haition bikers steal Diaz' money, leading Tommy to chase them down. Tommy then brings the safe of money to the impressed Diaz, who is thanking Tommy and telling him they may meet again.

Post-Vice City

Personality and trats







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