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July 1, 2011
  • I live in Israel
  • I was born on July 27
  • My occupation is Soldier, Writer and Artist
  • I am Alpha Male
So, school - 12th grade - starts. Don't you guys think I'll be any less active! I'm watching YOU!
"When you're stuck in a foreign country and you don't not know the words for reverse charges, and you're in some lonely skin joint in the middle of some poor slum having just had every last cent robbed from you, and you call yourself a "bodyguard", then you know that you're a loser."
―Max Payne.
Ilan K
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Hello everyone, my name is Ilan xd, and I serve as an admin on this Wiki since April 2012. I also served here as a Patroller from August 2011 until my promotion to an admin.

About me


Nothing special to say here. I personally believe that every person has his/her own free will to shape his/her future. I dislike conflicts, but I'm not above violence, although I often keep myself in check when I'm involved in arguements.

I dislike in-family arguements, including those who are outside of family, and whenever I hear a parent yelling at their child or a child cursing his/her parents, I tend to keep myself from hitting them.

I'm Jewish, but apart of keeping Kashrut and celebrating holidays, there's nothing else to say.

While I think people should choose to do whatever they want, I do believe in rules. I don't like 'em, but I follow them regardless.


Same as previous section, nothing special here. Apart from video games, I enjoy writing and drawing. I also trains in a gym about three-five days in a week. I used to go to Karate and Contact Combat (Krav Maga).



As most of you already know, I greatly enjoy the Grand Theft Auto franchise and most games made by Rockstar Games. I was dragged into GTA at the age of 6 thanks to my brother and GTA3.

Other games I like are Uncharted, Assassin's Creed (love-hate), Bioshock, Metal Gear, Infamous, Resistance and The Last of Us. I'm also involved in a love-hate relationship with Call of Duty.

I really enjoy games with epic boss battles (like MGS1), or those with the 'old school' difficulty (Resistance 3, and Bioshock).

As for my favorite game of all time, I guess it is Red Dead Redemption.

BTW, no fucking Mario games, capishe?

Ratings for GTA

  • GTA 1 (7/10) - good. funny and big, but lacks story and presentation, as well as having outdated graphics for its time.
  • GTA L (6.5/10) - OK. two packs set in London, but don't change too much to the core gameplay. Worse presentation.
  • GTA 2 (7.4/10) - good. bigger than previous titles but still has common problems and at its core, the same game with a little update.

  • GTA3 (9.5/10) - outstanding. Amazing storyline and strong cast of characters mixed with beautiful world and deep gameplay. Minor graphical/sound issues.
  • GTAVC (9.6/10) - amazing. deeper and somewhat darker story despite being set in the sunny Miami-based Vice City. Awesome 80's feel.
  • GTASA- TI (7.5/10) - very good way to learn about the events leading up to GTSA. Two problems: too short, and very low resolution (360p at best).
  • GTASA (9.8/10) - masterclass. Great build up for the story, which is a marvel by itself. Huge and rewarding. Minor graphical issues hold it from being a masterpiece.
  • GTAA (9/10) - great. will never understand why people dislike this game. Well written story mainly held back due to its platform. If it was a home console game, it would have reached true perfection.
  • GTALCS (9.2/10) - amazing. a well made story that just doesn't the same heights of 3 & VC. Beautiful graphcis considering its platform (PSP). Characters could've used a little more development & why can't I swim?
  • GTAVCS (8.9/10) - very good, but its story takes ups and downs. empire building is also a double edged sword.

  • GTAIV (10/10) - masterpiece. excellent in any aspect; from story and characters and visuals and gameplay. Dark presentation works perfectly with the complex plot.
  • TLAD (9.6/10) - amazing. fixes the bikes problems from previous games. brings a unique view on GTAIV from a different hero. Story is very well written with its mainly drawback being its length. AWESOME soundtrack includes some good rock/metal songs.
  • TBOGT (9.3/10) - beautiful. weak story compare to the other two but otherwise has some memorable moments and characters. Gameplay shines with helis and over-the-top action, but music is somewhat annoying.
  • GTACW (9.2/10) - special. Has one unforgetable story. Unfortunely suffers from being on handheld consoles. Has no voice acting and the camera is dumb at times, but really lives up to the GTA standard.
  • GTAV (N/A)


I was the first one on this wiki to make a friends list, but I'm really disappointed of how it turned out, becausoe apparently, people become friends as soon as their leave their first messages on each other's page, which will often be 'Hi there, let's be friendz'. They also always put the "he's a good <somthing>" description next to the names.

On this wiki, my closest friend was Bunnyjoke, a former admin who left the wiki. I'm still talking to him on other wikis, as well as playing together on PS3. Other two editors (who, again, left) who I truely considered them as friends were ExtremoMania and Russelnorthtop, who again, left the wiki, each with his own reasons. Another one was Dunewolfz, who was a patroller here for several months, but then.

As for the bureaucrats... Well, when I first arrived here, I didn't think of them too much, just saw them as "bossy". Of course my opinions has changed since then, and I respect each one of them; they all helped me on many occasions. I also see my fellow senior admin Winter Moon as a good friend.

As for the staff. Well.. the only guys I can really view as good friends are Dodo8, Tony, Vaulty and Mikey Klebbitz. I also hold JBanton with high regard, and think he does excellent work. As for the other patrollers, I consider them as friends, but I don't know them wel enough.

Other honorable mentions: Ray, Haruhi (yes the one from the anime..), Niko, Mr. Boccino, the Banana guy and Rhem.

Favorite shows/films


Well, I have good memories from The Dark Knight and Spider Man 2. I also liked Team America. My fav one, though, is Godfather 1. Seriously, it was epic. And GoodFellas.


Castle, Under Development, South Park, Burned Notice, Rookie Blue, etk...

Baccano!, Cowboy Bebop, Attack on Titan, Trigun, When They Cry and much more.

Anything else/Trivia

Nothing special.

Where you can find me?

  • On this page, as a start.
  • Trolling around the blog posts.
  • Character pages.
  • On chat.


Doing the very first guestbook on GTA Wikia. Leave your name (~~~~) so I'll know who's the stalker. You are also required to leave a message, something funny, a joke, a proclaim of love (women only), a request, etc.

  • cough* First one will get a cookie *cough*


  1. Yo, Ilan, 'sup?. ~~~~

The Book:


GTA III - GTA Vice City Stories


Ilan (the first letter is "i")
I fear no man. But that... thing... it scares me.
~ Heavy Weapon Guy, TF2.

Hello guys, and girls, and whatever you are :D
My name is Ilan, and I am from Israel. I am an active user since June 2011.

I am a long-time fan of Rockstar Games, as you can that I'm mostly editing at Wikis that are 'bout Rockstar's title: Max Payne, Red Dead, L.A. Noire, and GTA (duh!). Other games that I like: Assassin's Creed, Metal Gear, Uncharted, Bioshock, Half-life, etc.

You can see me at various Wikis, expanding articles, cleaning some mess, visiting some friends, or just trolling around.

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