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Comments by friends etc occur:

  • Darts: you take too long, you score a bullseye, you bust, you get 180, you get 140,you need just one dart to win, you win, they win, you miss the board entirely
  • Bowling:Win, lose, tie

Driving: hit pedestrian, hit object, car on fire, car overturned, going fast (specific locations?), going slow

Dates: car she likes, car she doesn't like, car she's seen before, get bored, abandon date because took too long, accept proposal to come inside, reject proposal gently, reject vehemently, comment on radio station after 5 mins, "get in the car Niko" - not quite sure when

Brucie's races

  • Coquettes, Feltzer, Sultan RS
  • Contenders, Cavalcade FXT, Rancher
  • SuperGT, Infernus, Comet, Turismo
  • Futo, Blista, Fortune SR


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