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{{Template:Infobox character
|name = Instulent
|image = UnseenCharacter.jpg
|games = [[GTA III]]<br>[[GTA Vice City]]<br>[[GTA San Andreas]]<br>[[GTA IV]]<br>[[Grand Theft Auto V]]
|aka = Instu
|status = Alive
|family = Un-named family
|vehicles = [[Willard]]<br>[[Vader]]
|voice = Clay Davis, shiiiiit}}
'''Banana guy is watching you...'''
'''Hello, Instulent here.. Please don't hesitate to leave a message, as I'm happy to talk about anything and I'll happily respond! :D'''
[ Click me if you dare...]
== About me ==
Hello, my name is Instulent (well not in real-life) and I'm from the EU and I love [[Grand Theft Auto]]!
So.. Your probably wondering how I started with GTA? If so then good news for yous! Many moons ago when I was 13, I went to a friends house & I noticed he was playing a game called '[[Grand Theft Auto III]]' and I started playing it.. little did I know, I had played it for 5 hours straight.. And that's where the story started...
== Friends ==
=====''In no particular order:''=====
*[[User:Mikey Klebbitz|Mikey Klebbitz]] - I sold him a [ LeNewYork] . IIIIIIt's briiiilliiiiant!
*[[User:JBanton|JBanton]] - What ever you do.. don't call him JB!
*[[User:Ilan xd|Ilan xd]] - The <nowiki>"</nowiki>''Old Timer''<nowiki>"</nowiki>
*[[User:LS11sVaultBoy|LS11sVaultBoy]] - aka [ Sex Bomb] Tom.
*[[User:WildBrick142|WildBrick142]] - Mr. Nice guy
*[[User:Thomas0802|Thomas0802]] - What do those numbers mean..? :o
*[[User:Tony 1998|Tony 1998]] - He secretly works for the A-Team..
*[[User:Dodo8|Dodo8]] - The latest <small>(and only)</small> Miley Cyrus fan!
*[[User:AK-28|AK-28]] - You don't want to mess with him!
*[[User:Cloudkit01|Cloudkit01]] - Only on Tuesdays and Saturdays.. :D
== Favorite Grand Theft Auto Vehicles ==
*[[GTA III]] - [[Stinger]]
*[[GTA San Andreas]] - [[Flash]]
*[[GTA Vice City]] - [[VCPD Cheetah]]
*[[GTA IV]] - [[Willard]]/[[Schafter]]
*[[TLAD]] - [[Rhapsody]]/[[Angel]]
*[[TBoGT]] - [[F620]]
*[[Grand Theft Auto V]] - [[Vader]]/[[Premium Executive Sedan]]
== My favourite pages ==
* Everything Grand Theft Auto V related.
* [[Willard]]
* [[Schafter]]
== Random Crap :D ==
[[File:Pisswasser Radio Ad.ogg|Audio file of the first jingle.]]

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