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The Liberty City Mafia (Russian: Свобода Сити мафия; commonly abbreviated as LCM) is the largest criminal organization in the world. Liberty City Mafia originated in Liberty City as a small crime syndicate with only about 300 members, but within one decade, the crime syndicate grew up to around 5,000,000 members from around the world, then up to about 21,000,000 by 2052. Before the Mafia's formation, it started out as a small Russian group that worked for the Russian Mafia, until a man named Victor Cutter murdered everyone in the group.

The Liberty City Mafia was founded to fight the Russian Mafia and become wealthier as well as more powerful than them. Today, the two Mafias are still at war, hoping too defeat each other. Law enforcement around the world are trying to detain members from both Mafias to end the war and both Mafias. The war has been recognized by the United Nations and they have taken actions against this.

Today, the Liberty City Mafia has more money than anyone in the world, with a total of about $20,000,000,000. The Mafia's investments began when Victor Cutter led the criminal organization. With all member's profits' combined, the Liberty City Mafia makes about $10,000,000 a year.


Before the Formation (2023-2024)

Originally, the Liberty City Mafia began as a small group of people who worked for the Russian Mafia. They were sent to Liberty City to kill a man named Victor Cutter. Victor Cutter was being hunted down by the Russian Mafia after murdering Vladimir Dmitri Castrov III in Yugoslavia.

Victor Cutter took a flight from San Fierro with his girlfriend, Katelynn Candace, to Liberty City. When they got there, Cutter told Katelynn to stay while he goes to the restroom, but once he came out of the bathroom, Katelynn was kidnapped. Cutter realized that this was the Russian Mafia's plan on how to kill him.

A few weeks later, the Russian Mafia kidnapped Victor's brother, Sean Cutter and received a call from Dmitri Castrov Sr.:

Castrov: Hello, Victor Cutter, my name is Dmitri Castrov.

Victor Cutter: You asshole! Give me my brother and my girlfriend!

Castrov: Look! If you don't shut up and listen, I'll kill both of them!

Victor Cutter: Okay, fuckhead! Go on!

Castrov: I'm the brother of the man you killed in Yugoslavia, and I want my revenge. Go to Columbus Ave in Lancaster of Algonquin. Go to the north-eastern building of the Columbus-Barium intersection. Top floor. Make sure to come alone, or else they die. And, you have until Monday at midnight.

Victor Cutter: Fine, but if you kill them, I'll kill all of you scumbags!

Once Victor got to the destination and confronted Castrov, he tried negotiating, but Castrov refused. Cutter then attempted to pull a gun, but Castrov then shot him in the chest. However, Victor subsequently kills him with Sean and Katelynn still alive. The three then starts the Liberty City Mafia at the time that Victor and Katelynn married.

Formation and Rise (2024-2034)

Once the three Cutters' form the Mafia, Victor calls his cousin, Christian Cutter, and asks him if he wants to join the Mafia, in which he agrees. And so, the four of them recruit over 5,000,000 members within a decade.

Sean Cutter's Health Problems (2030-2031)

In 2030, Sean Cutter was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He decided to do what's right for his family and children and leave the Mafia. One year later, Sean died in Vice City. Before his death, he told Victor, his brother, to take care of his children, but Victor told him that it's better to let their parents raise them.

Victor Cutter Leaves and Katelynn's Death (2031-2033)

In 2031, Victor Cutter leaves the Mafia, because his wife urges him to do so because of their child, Katelynn Victoria Cutter. However, two years later, Dmitri Castrov Jr. murdered Katelynn Candace as revenge for killing his father back in 2024 and threatens Victor that he will kill him.

Russian Takeover (2034-2052)

Dmitri Castrov continues his revenge as he kills Victor's cousin, Christian Cutter, by cutting his head off with a knife and recording it for Victor to see. Castrov also takes over the Liberty City Mafia on the Russian Mafia's behalf.

Nikolai Ivanovna (2040-2042)

The leader of the Russian Mafia tells Castrov that he will be co-leading the Liberty City Mafia with Nikolai Ivanovna a very popular member of the Russian Mafia for being a serial killer. However, Castrov believed that Ivanovna was there to take control over him, so he murdered Nikolai in 2042.

Post-Russian Takeover (2045-2052)

Leo Dmitri Cutter, the son of Katelynn Victoria, and grandson of Victor Cutter, goes after his grandfather's money as well as wanting to takeover the Liberty City Mafia from Dmitri Castrov. After stealing weapon's from his grandfather's vault, he holds his grandfather and Dmitri Castrov hostage in Liberty City. Leo forces his grandfather to give him the code to the banking account with all of his money, which is his wife's birth month and year: 0798. He also forces Castrov to give leadership of the Liberty City Mafia to him. However, Victor told him that he has to use his full name for access, Victor Castrov Cutter. He talks about how his mother's maiden name was Castrov (full name: Natalya Castrov) and realized that she had two brothers (Two males, one female in the mother's generation). Those two brothers names were: Vladimir Dmitri Castrov III and Dmitri Castrov Sr., making Cutter and Castrov cousins.

Second Liberty City Mafia (2052-present)

Katelynn Victoria Cutter knows where her son has held Victor and Dmitri hostage and notifies the LCPD. The LCPD then rescues Victor and Dmitri, but doesn't find Leo. Dmitri and Victor soon shake hands in forgiveness (not completely though) and they then become blood brothers.

Now, the Liberty City Mafia is led by Leo Dmitri Cutter.

Leaders and Members

Russian Mafia group

The Russian Mafia group that was sent to Liberty City were members of The Castrov Family.

Known members:

  • Dmitri Castrov Sr.

First Liberty City Mafia

The First Liberty City Mafia was led by The Cutter Family.

Known members:

  • Victor Castrov Cutter (Co-Founder and Co-Leader)
  • Sean Michael Cutter (Co-Founder and Co-Leader)
  • Christian Cutter (Co-Leader)

Russian Takeover

Dmitri Castrov Jr. took over the Liberty City Mafia and led it.

Known members:

  • Dmitri Castrov Jr. (Leader)
  • Nikolai Ivanovna (Co-Leader)

Second Liberty City Mafia

Leo Dmitri Cutter forced Castrov to hand over leadership to him.

Known members:

  • Leo Dmitri Cutter (Leader)


There are many fronts of the Liberty City Mafia.

Known fronts in Las Venturas:

  • Liberty Airport
  • Liberty City Casino

Known fronts in Liberty City:

Known fronts in Los Santos:

  • Los Santos Liberty Tours Center

Known fronts in San Fierro:

  • Liberty Autos
  • Liberty Hotel
  • San Fierro Liberty Taxi

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