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 Jeansowaty's Emperor is a variant of the Emperor.



Jeansowaty's Emperor is a pimped up version of the Emperor, with a lot of rust and graffiti. It isn't debadged, but the badges are modified, such as the Albany logo has now a face of Suicide Squidward and the usual EMPEROR badging at the front now is moved more to the side, so there is place for the JEANSA writing. It's license plate is also modified, not being the default LIBERTY CITY one, rather now reading CLONE.

The car features a lot of graffiti, mainly advertising of the Clone's Corporation and Drum and Bass songs. As such, notable graffiti's on the car include:

  • CORP.
  • JM
  • SUPER SHARP SHOOTA (not seen fully, only parts of it are seen on the fender)


Despite the fact that many people tend to dislike the car because of it's hard handling, it is very well loved by Jeansowaty. The performance is identical to the beater Emperor. Sometimes, just like other beaters, it may shift-fire burned out fuel out of the exhaust pipe.

Notable owners



  • As it is the unique vehicle of Jeansowaty, it can only be found at a house in Westdyke, formerly owned by Bucky Sligo, alongside the Fiat.


  • Jeansowaty's Emperor plays the following radio stations by default when entered:
  • There is a picture inside the car, which can't be identified what it shows.
  • It's internal name is ​emperorc, because of it's affliation with the Clone's Corporation.
  • It shares the same game name and handling as the beater variant of the Emperor.

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