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Radio Clone's also known as Clone's Radio is a custom radio station in GTA San Andreas made by Jeansowaty. The headquarters of it are located in San Fierro.


Clone Radio DJ is a cloned radio DJ, a clone of Jeansowaty, modded to have a special fondness in music. He refers his segment to as Audycja Clone's Radio (Clone's Radio audition). Most of his tracks are coming from the game Mario Forever.

  • Buziol - Yky
  • Buziol - Interfence Ending
  • Super Mario Bros. - Metal Remix
  • Yasiex0r - Jep Jep
  • Buziol - Sirens
  • Buziol - 9-2

Jeansowaty himself, also appeared as the DJ of this radio station. He didn't voice himself, just inputed the music he wanted.

  • Tengen Tetris - Bradinsky
  • Buziol - The Golden Ages
  • Buziol - Fart Castle
  • Chip 'n Dale 2 Rescue Rangers - Freezer
  • Chip 'n Dale 2 Rescue Rangers - Future World
  • Chip 'n Dale 2 Rescue Rangers - Fatcat's Factory
  • Chip 'n Dale 2 Rescue Rangers - Final Boss Battle
  • Okkun Medaka - Adventure Island Boss Battle
  • Okkun Medaka - Mystic Maze
  • Okkun Medaka - Lost Woods
  • Okkun Medaka - Shipwreck Salvage
  • Okkun Medaka - Thunder Clash
  • World of Goo - Kaptainpolka
  • Mario's Keytastrophe - Andante Causeway


  • The themes by Buziol were used in the game Mario Forever.
  • Okkun Medaka's songs were used for the games Adventure Island II and III.
  • The Metal Remix and the Andante Causeway are coming from Super Mario World hacks.

Known Fans

  • Most of the clone's created by Clone's Corporation (a fictional cloning corporation led by Jeansowaty)

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