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Liberty Upstate is a city in the State of Liberty, bordering Liberty City to the south, and Carcer City to the north.


The city is mainly a residential area, as well as industrial in the north-western part. The city is one and a half as big as the normal Liberty City. While people classify the area as another island of Liberty City, it is untrue, since it is a completely new town surrounded by the countryside called Les County. The local gangs in the city are:

  • Yakuza (includes Clone's Corporation) - They moved in 2002 into Farnsworth, you know them in III
  • Upstate Triads - They are working in shipping business, and are led by Wu Lai, a person who likes thinking he's a pirate. They don't do much drugs, and merely smuggle weapons and fake materials. They control Waterfront Promenade and Ghost Town. They drive red Triad Beamers and have black jumpsuits.
  • Downtown Yardies - Not as traditional as the Uptown Yardies, they are enemies to all the other gangs in the state. Led by an Italian-Jamaican man named Federico Harrison, they have good weapons and cars (Yardie Esperantos). They rarely dress up in Yardie attire and talk in a faint British accent. They are holed up in the Industrial Park
  • Purple Nines - After their demise in Wichita Gardens, the members which survived went to Swaghousing Projects and sat up a base of operations, and recruited more members there. They drive Nines Hermes' and look similiar to how they looked like in III, but have also fat members and guys with pink hoodies.
  • Suicide Bombers - They, alongside the Innocentz, Loonies and Smileys were once a big criminal organisation terrorifying most of the midwest. The Suicide Bombers work for the Colombians, and are dangerous, they carry Rocket Launchers and Grenades, but they mostly won't hit you. They drive dark green Bomber Pony's with red 666 written on the sides. They consist of many races. They control Swanksville.
  • The Chinks - Not only Chinese, but also Korean, Vietnamese, Japanese and Mongolian street gangbangers who are smuggling stuff in their turfs of Obbeburgh and Port Obbeburgh. They dress like the Red Jacks, but asian and have commonly glasses. They drive Chink Maurices.
  • Yong Pongs - Made up of Hindu people, they are a violent, but small street gang holed up in the Kittyskillers mountains. They drive yellow Gang Ranchers and carry Tec-9's on most occasions. They are on very bad terms with The Chinks, and are fought back to the mountains by Alex.
  • Russian Mafia - A mix of the Russians from GTA2 and GTA SA. They are heavily into weapon smuggling. They are neutral with most other gangs, but some members are said of being allied with the Yakuza, but it's never proven. Despite all this, they don't hesitate to deal weapons to other gangs, except the Zaibatsu. Found in the Andante docks, might drive Bulwarks if we remake them.
  • Liberty State Ballas - A small street gang. Only 20 members are left. They don't spawn anywhere but were said to be seen around the Clock Tower.
  • Zaibatsu Corporation - Very small in Upstate, they do here only legitimate business, but in Anywhere City, they are a big time criminal organisation.



Terrain of the hills surrounding Upstate Liberty.

Upstate is surrounded by hills from the local Shoreside Vale. The hills are located above Cedar Grove as mentioned before. There are two layers of hills. The first layer is under the observatory. And the second layer is at the same level as the observatory although some of it stretches out above it. A wall also stretches around the western part of the hills near Cochrane Dam, and the western part of the hills. It is worth noting that some of the hills on the first land mass can be used as ramps to jump onto, and through the second hill mass. Behind the hills, the hills are very steep. Behing them, the player will see the Swaghousing Projects, teritory of the Purple Nines, which are similiar to Wichita Gardens, even containing the same apartments. To the east, the area ends in a patch of water. To the west, roads continue to Farnsworth, which is the Yakuza's main base of operations in the city, and also a safehouse exists there. It is somewhat similiar to Acter from GTA IV. At the west end of the area, a bridge called the Westside Bridge exists for the player to drive in the Industrial Park area. Controlled by the Downtown Yardies, carrying AK-47's and pistols, making it a pretty hazardous area. The Sewer runs under the Waterfront Promenade and Ghost Town and is connected to the Liberty City Bank in it. Most of the other areas are just residential. Some areas:

Aaaronsville - upper class residential area, downtown. Has lots of rich houses, restaurants and fast food outlets. In this district The Restaurant is located.

Adamton - suburban. Here are the headquarters of Radio Clone's, a radio station owned by the Clone's Corporation which in turn owns most of Upstate. The hospital is here too. It shares some buildings with Pike Creek.

Chris's Town - small village near the Ghost Town area. Something like a normalized version of a Minecraft villagers village

Garystown - borders Carcer City. Sparta FM headquarters, police station and docks with some large red-white chimneys covering the area with black smoke

Les County - countryside with some farm houses and lots of fields. One house has an interior and some bloody corpses are hung in the cellar.

Woodcounty- reference to Back o' Beyond from GTA SA. Lots of trees, a decaying river with withering trees near it.

Obbeburgh - run down gang riddled area akin to Mile End from GTA London. Many homes have their windows nailed in, some are looking like they were once torched. You can find here a church.


  • Swaghousing Projects (Purple Nines turf)
  • Farnsworth
  • Ghost Town (Upstate Triads turf)
  • Industrial Park
  • Westside Bridge - Bridge from the Industrial Park to the mainland
  • The Sewer
  • Swanksville (Suicide Bombers turf) - mainly residential with some poor building like the Bucky Sligo Mansion in GTA4, however it has several factories too. A sawmill with a serial killer residing in it, abandoned buildings and an asylum full of mental crazies, Smileys and Loonies.
  • Aaronsville
  • Garystown
  • Obbeburgh (The Chinks turf)
  • Adamton
  • Chris's Town
  • Waterfront Promenade (Upstate Triads turf)
  • Woodcounty
  • Les County
  • Hickmay Tunnel - The tunnel you see when you are in Cochrane Dam/Cedar Grove
  • The Hills - The hills close to SSV.
  • Mała Warszawa - Residential polish district.
  • Legato Highlands - Grassy area with almost no buildings. A small porch and a wrecked ship are there.
  • Andante - Mentioned by Jack Sorrowsong on his radio, the place is an endless winter. Still has lots of snow from the latest snowfalls. A tunnel leads from LH to this part of the mainland.
  • Staccato Jungle - A foresty area with lots of trees, vines and is surrounded by swamps.
  • Moderato Mountains - Mountains located in the north-eastern corner of Liberty Upstate. Mildly steep.
  • Synthsite Badlands - Big scrap yard bordered by the 4 aforementioned districts. Still, it has some apartment blocks located there.
  • The Restaurant - A small restaurant in Aaronsville, during the story it has a bomb wired inside which really was a fake bomb.
  • Andante Docks - docks located in Andante. Some warehouses are there, one being accessible. Controlled by Russians.
  • Warehouse - a warehouse resembling a mansion and it's surrounding areas at the border between Aaronsville, the Amusement Park and Obbeburgh.
  • Amusement Park - just as it's name says, an amusement park close to the Warehouse. It consists of four enclaves:
    • Clock Tower - A clock tower
    • Western World - A western styled "building", with a mine and carts, has no doors and no windows whatsoever.
    • Future World - Dark, cheery and beautiful. A big factory-like building spiked with robots and new defenses.
    • Control Room - The control room of the owner of the park. Just a factory, later blown up.
  • Berchem - the most crime riddled area in the entire state. Homeless people, decaying buildings, everyone riots there...
  • Port Obbeburgh - An area similiar to Portland Harbor, but has a more "woody" atmosphere with lots of trees. Home to the Yong Pongs and The Chinks during their wars. Despite the area being Chinks turf, their friends, the Upstate Triads control a ship here.
  • Butchers - A building located in Adamton. It was owned by Ricky, a Liberty City Terrorist, but he was killed by Alex and the Yakuza took it over for itself.
  • Northern Beach - a batch of sand close to the Kittyskillers. It's very close to Port Obbeburgh too. Rarely, beachgoers can be found here
  • Orzesz Beach - Another beach found in between Kingston City and Liberty City. Some ramps are found here. People almost never spawn here.
  • Acme Fields - Big farming fields used by farmers. Nothing much unusual.
  • Denton International Airport - A small airport.


  • Lazlow Jones - Lazlow is said to reside in Upstate.
  • Fernando Martinez - Fernando also says he is from Upstate; he is also accused of being "a cheap pimp from Upstate".

Local radio stations

Cosmic 104.5 - Jungle, hardcore Jungle, Ragga Jungle. From Carcer City. DJ's are 4hero. WIP.

Radio Clone's - music from Mario games, Techno from Mario Forever, 8-bit, etc. The DJ's are Clone Radio DJ and Jeansowaty himself. Needs extending.

Keytastrophe 99.5 - music from Mario's Keytastrophe, SMW Yeah and some Chillout. Hosted by Jack Sorrowsong. Well, those games had a nice ambient setting that's why it was made. Need to add one more song.

Genocide 127.4 - Death Industrial and Power Industrials exclusively performed by Genocide Organ. This one is liked by the Innocentz set in Swanksville, known as the Suicide Bombers... - the host is Andrew "Spikey" Spikeman. Not started yet.

Sparta FM - music from movies, disturbing music, some Techno, Christian Pop, Sparta remixes and other Internet fads. Dean Frantz from GTA2 hosts the station, alongside his brother, Eric Frantz, however here he is an alcoholic, a drug addict and is suicidial. He rarely reads Creepypastas every now and then, more commonly it's his brother. It's a throwback to Lithium FM as it does not have a real main genre and is hosted by two loonie weirdos. Needs extending.

RMF FM LC - Polish music directly sent from Mała Warszawa (Little Warsaw), located in eastern Liberty Upstate... however no Disco Polo! Hosted by (currently I have no idea) Not started yet.

Kasta Redio - music of the Internet caste, a Polish troll group. Includes "The Boar is Wild", "Olien" and "Kula Daje Fula". The station is hosted by The Skate, who pokes fun at the Caste and thinks they are fools. Not started yet.

Rucznews FM - a radio station despised by almost everyone in the State of Liberty, hosted by Jeansowaty's arch enemy Michał Ruczkowski. Plays Disco Polo, Dubstep, Funk and some of the worse ones from games... after a bunch of missions, the station will go out of air, and you will find a burned down building in East Los Albos in Carcer, with a plate reading RUCZNEW. This implies that people hated that station so much that they chose to burn it down. Not started yet.

Moving Shadow FM - Reference to the cut station from GTA3's alpha... this time it has no DJ and is just the Moving Shadow 99.2 mix blazing from some apartment blocks in Belleville Park. The Southside Hoods favor that one. I mentioned it here, as I would include it in-game if I could... Done.

Labolatory of Epic Song Liberty City - Again an European radio station... the DJ's are MC Ziemniak (MC Potato) and DJ Żyrafa (DJ Giraffe). This station is rather a fusion station, as it plays a randomised amount of genres, including Drum and Bass, Techno, both East Coast and West Coast Rap and some classic Rock. The DJ's are abnormal alcoholics, almost like their russian counterparts... it's a homage to Lithium FM (randomised genres) and KGBH (drunk DJ's). You're gonna hear here some familiar songs you have heard in other GTA Games! WIP. Might not appear in the mod.

Rock 53.7 - A Rock, Heavy Metal and 80's Breakbeat station. Currently no more info, the station is still WIP in ideas. Didn't start yet.

Upstate's Public Radio - This radio station is hosted by various people who have their own segments. Current segments include Clone's Opera hosted by Musical Clone, Funkalistic Time with Chris Ryan, Dancehalling Reggae All The Time with Dylan "Djangoo" Burns, 80's Groovy Beats hosted by Stan Parkinson, Jazz - It's a Modern Thing with Richard Kelly and Patriotic Community Hour presented by Big Clone Human B Military. Didn't start yet.

Free-Tech FM - A radio which debuted in GTA Advance, where it was unnamed. Here it plays classic Techno and some other electronica. The DJ is Mama Jane, who is a normal housewife having many private problems, these include being in debt with some serious guys and having an affair with someone younger... Didn't start yet.

Radio Maria - If you are religious, this station is ideal for you. Hosted by the rector of Jesus Saves in Liberty Upstate, William Crucian, it does not play normal music. Instead it's a non-stop praying station where you can rest your soul while driving. Didn't start yet.

RZK Radio - Hosted by MC Omen, plays rap, darkstep, drum and bass, techno and all these kinds of music, kind of an experimental station. Didn't start yet. 

Upstate's Local - This radio doesn't play music. Instead it's a serial killer killing people on air. Full of static and weird noises, it's soon taken over by the police.

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