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Upstate Liberty is a city in the State of Liberty, bordering Liberty City to the south, and Carcer City to the north.


The city is mainly a residential area, as well as industrial in the north-western part. While people classify the area as another island of Liberty City, it is untrue, since it is a completely new town surrounded by the countryside called Les County. The local gangs in the city are:



Terrain of the hills surrounding Upstate Liberty.

Upstate is surrounded by hills from the local Shoreside Vale. The hills are located above Cedar Grove as mentioned before. There are two layers of hills. The first layer is under the observatory. And the second layer is at the same level as the observatory although some of it stretches out above it. A wall also stretches around the western part of the hills near Cochrane Dam, and the western part of the hills. It is worth noting that some of the hills on the first land mass can be used as ramps to jump onto, and through the second hill mass. Behind the hills, the hills are very steep. Behing them, the player will see the Swag Projects, teritory of the Purple Nines, which are similiar to Wichita Gardens, even containing the same apartments. To the east, the area ends in a patch of water. To the west, roads continue to Farnsworth, which is the Yakuza's main base of operations in the city, and also a safehouse exists there. It is somewhat similiar to Acter from GTA IV. At the west end of the area, a bridge called the Westside Bridge exists for the player to drive in the Industrial Park area. Controlled by the Downtown Yardies, carrying AK-47's and pistols, making it a pretty hazardous area. Just after some streets, the Sewers appear, being just a very small portion of area with a big pipeline. Most of the other areas are just residential.


  • Swag Projects
  • Farnsworth
  • Industrial Park
  • Westside Bridge
  • Sewers
  • Swanksville (Suicide Bombers turf)
  • Aaronsville
  • Garystown
  • Obbeburgh (The Chinks turf)
  • Adamton
  • Chris's Town
  • Waterfront Promenade (formerly Ghost Town)
  • Staunton Bridge
  • Woodcunty
  • Les County
  • Zaibatsu Bridge
  • Hickmay Tunnel
  • The Hills


  • Lazlow Jones - Lazlow is said to reside in Upstate.
  • Fernando Martinez - Fernando also says he is from Upstate; he is also accused of being "a cheap pimp from Upstate".

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