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June 1, 2013

Hello, GTA wiki users. Name's Gean but I operate under the name John York. Might you see any John York out there, maybe its me! GTA has been not only a game for me, but a reference for life. And, I gotta tell you, nothing in this world can be better than being in Bone County on a rainy night hearing Young Turks... Personally, I love Lazlow. Even remember half Entertaining America! Its all in my head! Well, thanks to GTA I learned english, and I owe Rockstar Games a huge part of my childhood. So here I am, at probably the best wikia at world, where users are nothing but enthusiasts, full-time addicts, and society at large. Real cool people. I discovered much of what I know about GTA in this wiki. I mean, you guys are genius, and that llanxd guy, he's too cool! Well, out of wikia I'm just a brazilian student, and after girls, gaming is my favorite way of fun. I don't have a Xbox 360 or PS3 but I'm almost on it! Once I get it, I will tell you guys. I'm too learning CPP programming language and 3ds max, I wanna be game developer, you know? Well that's it. KIFFLOM and KIFFLOM!

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