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'''GTA IV- '''was by far the best video game I have ever come across and is truly an amazing masterpiece.
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'''GTA SA- '''for it's time was an amazing game for it's time and the myths that made the desolate areas of the game interesting.
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'''GTA V-''' hopefully will be a remastered version of SA and include all the original cities and even more but in an up to date virsion which will truley be amazing.
==Best System For GTA==
XBOX 360 no comparison.
==GTA Games I Have==
*Grand Theft Auto IV
*Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
*Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City
==Favorite GTA cities (so far)==
#Liberty City
#San Fierro
#Las Venturas
==GTA V Expectations==
*High quality graphics & detail
*Multiple cities and towns
*More enterable buildings
*Able to fly planes

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