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Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport, Belgrade, Serbia, June 3, 2011, 12:00PM:

Niko Belic and Roman Belic arrive in Belgrade, Serbia, back in the homeland. In Liberty City, terrorist attacks around the city and government loses control to terrorist groups. Niko and Roman have no choice. Live in danger in the United States with their apartment destroyed by terrorists, or take a plane back to Serbia, the Old Country. The announcer says: Dobrodosli putnika u Beograd! Literally translating to: Welcome passengers to Belgrade! Niko and Roman still carried citizenships to Serbia, so they could immigrate to Serbia legally. They decided not to take a boat, as it would take months, not to mention Niko and Roman could afford a plane. Roman was back in Serbia mainly to avenge the death of Mallorie Belic. His wife. He was told by Little Jacob that the terrorist responsible for the attack on the apartment was hiding in Belgrade. Roman was already raising a daughter, Kate. And Roman is forced to tell Kate that her mother is dead. Niko and Roman narrowly avoided death as they were at a party with Little Jacob, Brucie, Dwayne and Packie. Mallorie was at the wrong place at the wrong time. For Niko, it's a opportunity to re-unite with his mother and father. It was hard saying goodbye to his friends and love interest. As they arrive, they find out the country has changed, dramatically. Instead of farms, its buildings. Instead of communism, its democracy. Instead of car bombings and buildings on fire, its peace, order and progress. Niko did not know all the changes. Roman tells Niko he rented a apartment in the Slavija suburb of Belgrade.

Chapter 1

Slavija Neighborhood, Belgrade, Serbia, June 4, 2011, 9:00AM:

Roman wakes up Niko for breakfast. He brings a bag of Burger Shot breakfast.

Niko: I didn't know they had fast-food joints in the Old Country!"

Roman: "They got them here! C'mon Niko let's eat!"

They both eat breakfast at the table, talking about issues. Niko says:

"Should we visit my parents, I really have missed them!"

"It's what we should do, cousin. I've missed my father too. We can see out parents!" replies Roman.

Soon, Niko and Roman decide to turn on the TV, watching the morning news.

Newswoman: "(speaking in Serbian) Today, another bombing hit the United States. This time it was the Vinewood sign blowing up. Terrorists are attacking every major landmark in the US. If that wasn't enough, the president was assassinated by terrorists, with the vice president taking office. By the day, the government loses control with rebels in every corner. If you are planning to go to the United States, please be cautioned or not go at all, the Serbian government is encouraging citizens to limit travel to the United States. The Canadian, European, and Mexican governments are also announcing to provide shelter in their countries to any Americans fleeing their own country".

"It seems like America is getting worse by the day", replies Roman. Soon, they decide to forget about the crisis and change the television to cartoons and watch the Penguins of Madagascar. Roman, traumatized by the attacks, naturally would change the channel.

Soon, a few hours pass. Niko is making international calls to his friends to check if they are okay. He calls Packie and he says that he, his remaining brother (Derrick/Francis), and his mother are leaving to Ireland. Little Jacob has plans to flee to Jamaica, Brucie is attempting to flee to Israel, and Dwayne is also planning to flee to Canada. Niko's love interest (Alexandra/Carmen/Kiki) is paranoid so much that she is too scared to say where she is going. Niko is somewhat afraid, but glad to know his friends are all okay. His also happy he is in Belgrade, knowing he is safe. He also makes a surprise call to his parents.

Hey mother, it's your son! Niko!"

"It's good to here from you, Niko! Where are you, are you still in America? Are you okay?"

"No, mother, I'm in Serbia. I am planning to meet you again. See you soon."

Niko never knew his father much. He never even knew his name. He knows he is Serbian, and his mother is Croatian (which explains why his name is Niko, as his mother named him). He hopes a good reunion with his mother, father and Roman's parents.

Slavija Neighborhood, Belgrade, Serbia, June 5, 2011, 10:00AM:

Niko watches the morning news, nervous to find out what's going on in the United States.

TV Announcer: (speaking in Serbian) More violence escalates in the United States today as military is being called in to the cities of Los Santos, San Fierro, Las Venturas, Liberty City, Vice City, Chicago, Seattle, Phoenix, Orlando, and Washington DC as violence continues to spread. In Dallas, a car bombing killed 4 and injured 20 as a man was unlucky to turn on his car in front of a office building. In Oakland, a city east of San Fierro and south of Las Venturas in the State of San Andreas received a unlucky bombing in the Downtown district, killing almost 100 and injuring 143. More military officers are to be sent to Dallas, Oakland, Boston, Atlanta, The Carraways, St. Paul, St. Louis, Columbus, Raleigh, San Diego, San Jose and Buffalo within the next week to handle violence. Meanwhile, the new president announced that if any leaders in these attacks were caught would be sentenced to death. The US government has announced a state of emergency. The European Union, Canada, Mexico, Latin America, China, Japan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Russia and South Africa have announced that they would cancel ALL flights to the United States. Airports in the US are also in heavy security and mostly closed to protect citizens from attacks.

"Sh*t," Niko replies while watching the TV. Knowing his freinds are all in danger of getting killed by bombings.

"Hey Niko! I got great news! I bought a taxi depot in Downtown Belgrade! We are going to make money! I got more great news, I got some insurance money from the apartment!"

"Great Roman!", Niko says to his cousin.

"Also, we need a talk", says Roman.

"What is it?"

"Niko, I am a spy now."


"Niko, I'm working for the BIA (the BIA is Serbia's intelligence agency)"

"Roman! Why are you working for the government! You got a daughter to raise!"

"And let more innocent people die? I am going to get my revenge on this piece of sh*t terrorist! I'm not letting these f*ckers get past the US."

"I'm surprised you want to protect people. I can understand but this is too risky, I can't imagine losing you."

"Sorry Niko, I am a spy. I may work late, but I am still your cousin, Mallorie is getting justice."

"I guess I have to accept what I can't change. Anyway we are going to meet my mother in just a few minutes. They still live on the same farm on the outskirts of town. C'mon let's go."

(soon, Niko and Roman get in their car. While driving, they discuss about what they talked about)

"So Roman, when's your first day as a spy?"

"Tomorrow, cousin."

"You sure you want to be a spy?"

"I thought about it. I am. Not to mention it has high pay!"

(Soon, they arrive at the farm. This is Niko's big moment.)


"Ok cousin, this is your big moment."

"I know Roman, it's been a long time since I saw my mother. I am scared, but happy"

(he knocks, and hears a open. Suddenly, Niko smiles and is happier than a kid on Christmas morning)



"Why are you here in Serbia? I thought you were living the American Dream!"

"Me and Roman was until terrorists destroyed our home", Niko replies

"My... you must be horrified. I've heard about the Crisis in the US."

"Where's my father?", Niko says

"Your father is in the house. I will tell him you are here!"

"Hey! Dejan! Your son! He's here!"

(Niko waits anxiously.....)

"(Replies in Serbian) My son..... Its you! I can't believe you're back! I remember the days of the war, we were separated. I served. Welcome back.... Niko."

"(Replies in Serbian) I's good to see you too. After all these years seeking, I have finally found you."

"(Replies in Serbian) Want to come inside, son?"

"(Replies in Serbian) Sure, father."

"So, how has life been here, mother?" Niko says to his mother.

"It's been normal. We have a mix of modern and old life. We still farm, we still have a barn, but we have a television, radio, and other basic essentials."

"Can I see my room?"

"Sure, son"

(soon, Niko's goes up the stairs, and opens up the door)

"My room.... it's.... it's like the old days. I have some fond memories.... also some bad ones. Everything is the same."

"How do you feel, son?"

"I feel touched."

(soon as Roman and Niko drive home, they say their goodbyes)

"I feel happy, Roman."

"Niko, I know it was a very personal moment. I wish I could see my father. My mom is dead. At least you still have a mother and father."

"After I saw my room, it reminded me of those fond memories... very touching. Remember the time we fought over a chocolate bar?" Niko says.

"I still remember your mother coming and spliting the bar in half" Roman replies.

"Those were good days before the war affected us." Niko says.

"I will try to find my father. I know he is out there." Roman says.

"He served and never came back to his home. Your mother says he's living in a apartment in another part of the city. I will go there". Roman says again.

to be continued

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