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Hello fellow GTA-ers (yeah that sounded lame, but oh well.)

I have recently been thinking about what I would personally like to see in the latest incarnation of the GTA series, GTA V!

1. I would like to see some more hand-to-hand combat (kind of like Sleeping Dogs)

2. Gangs (the epic multiplayer feature from Red Dead Redemption & Max Payne 3, but expand on it a little more, for example; You could be stuck in a real tough single-player mission, and you could get a buddy to help you out or vice-versa.)

3. Has anyone seen the trailer for Watch Dogs? The way the clothes look alive (umm it's kinda hard to explain, but here's a link if you wanna see what I mean )

4. A past character returning, as an Antagonist!

5. The main character can get injured (for example; if your fighting someone and they shoot your leg, you'll get a bullet-wound on your leg and you might limp)

6. After the main story has been completed, A post-story will start! (which could include; revenge, death, traitors and a few surprises)

7. Freerunning (yes I know Assassin's Creed and Sleeping Dogs have it covered, but heck it would be fun to get rid of cops "Ninja-Style")

8. A Clint Eastwood-style character (takes no sh*t, shoots first asks questions later, ya feel lucky punk!)

9. Bouncing cars (cause their pimping!)

10. More custom features (clothes, cars, guns, etc.)

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