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aka Kingrhem aka Rhem aka Рахим

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May 16, 2013
  • I live in Najaf, Iraq
  • I was born on January 28
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male

Hi, my name is Rhem (Abdul-Rahim) and this is my user page. I'm from Iraq and I'm 16 years old, and I'm a big fan of the grand theft auto series.

AK-28 aka Kingrhem
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In Alphabetical Order

Games Played

GTA games

Game Status Played on Rating (/10) Notes
GTA 1 Logo Transparent Unfinished (freeroam only) PC 8/10 Really fun game at the time.
GTA 2 Logo Transparent Unfinished (freeroam only) PC 7.5/10 The same as GTA 1 for me.
GTA III Logo Transparent finished (82%) PC • Android Phone 8.5/10 Was a really fun game.
GTA Vice City Logo Transparent finished (100%) PC • Android Phone 9/10 One of my most favorite GTA games of all time.
GTA SA Logo Transparent finished (100%) PC • Android Phone • PS2 • PS3 • Xbox • Xbox 360 9.5/10 I love GTA SA. I'm still playing it and installing crazy mods on it.
GTA IV Logo Transparent finished (92%) PC • PS3 • Xbox 360 9.0/10 I liked it, not as good as GTA SA though. I'm still haven't got the 100% because I'm too lazy to find flying rats.
TLaD finished (100%) PC • PS3 • Xbox 360 8.5/10 The game had amazing bikes gameplay. Story was too short, though
TBoGT finished (100%) PC • PS3 • Xbox 360 9/10 The game was amazing...
GTA CW Logo Transparent.png finished (60%) Android Phone 8.5/10 The car physics in the game are awesome. I'm still playing it
GTA V Logo Transparent N/A PC • PS3 • Xbox 360 • PS4 N/A Played it with my friends and liked it



  • GTA III Logo Transparent:

Banshee-GTA3-front Stinger-GTA3-front Rhino-GTA3-front Dodo-GTA3-front

  • GTA Vice City Logo Transparent:

PCJ600-GTAVC-front Banshee-GTAVC-front Infernus-GTAVC-front Freeway-GTAVC-front Cheetah-GTAVC-police-front

  • GTA SA Logo Transparent:

Hydra-GTASA-inflight Hunter-GTASA-front SuperGT-GTASA-front FCR-900-GTASA-variant2-front NRG-500-GTASA-variant2-front

  • GTA IV Logo Transparent:

Cognoscenti-GTA4-front Feltzer-GTA4-front SabreGT-GTA4-withstripes-front PMP600-GTA4-front Freeway-GTA4-Stevie-front

  • TLaD:

Bati800-TLAD-front Hexer-TLAD-front Slamvan-TLAD-front

  • TBoGT:

SuperDropDiamond-TBOGT-front Buffalo-TBOGT-front F620-TBOGT-front


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