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January 3, 2013

I live in

Istanbul, Turkey

My favourite protagonist is

Carl Johnson, Tommy Vercetti and Niko Bellic

I am a

Really big GTA fan

I played

  • Gta 2 (on my pc, i deleted it just after download because I don't liked it)
  • Gta III (on my pc, ipad and android phone, finished 3 times)
  • Gta Vice City (on my pc, ipad and android phone, finished 2 times)
  • Gta San Andreas (on my pc, ipad and android phone, finished 4 times)
  • Gta Advance (via emulator on my android phone, finished once (f*king smackdown mission, f*ck you digital eclipse!)
  • Gta Liberty City Stories (on psp, finished once)
  • Gta Vice City Stories (on psp, finished once)
  • Gta lV & EFLC (on my pc, finished twice for each)
  • Gta Chinatown Wars (on my ipad, android phone, my sister's ds, and on my cousin's psp, finished once)
  • Gta V (best game ever!!!. Played on my cousin's xbox 360, and on my pc, finished 2 times)
  • Gta Online (still playing on my pc)


  • Watched the introduction.
  • Watched Gta 2: movie.
  • Hopes war drum will port LCS and VCS to mobile.
  • Thinks that Rockstar must record a Gta movie.
  • Waiting for Gta V story DLCs, like EFLC.
  • Waiting for Gta games in Vice City, San Fierro and Las Venturas. Maybe London.
  • Waiting for a Gta game in whole new city (Istanbul!!!)
  • Thinks only good veapon in Gta Advance is shotgun, other weapons are piece of sh*t. Even AK-47 cannot kill people as fast as shotgun.
  • Hopes will see Niko again
  • Thinks that Rockstar should release more games in 3D universe for mobile.

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